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  2. The comment said were considered. Average as the main calculation goes back to the 19th century. IIRC, Henry Chadwick wrote an article establishing the first box score (or thereabouts) in 1859. The Knickerbocker rules of base ball didn't have a rule for hit by pitch- that didn't exist until 1887 in the National League. It took until 1878 before the modern "all pitches are balls, strikes, or foul/contacted" rule was in place. Prior to that, a called ball or called strike was an optional rule enforced at the umpire's discretion.

  3. I am curious how Singer got more votes than Bieber.

  4. Not sure why I'm getting downvoted for asking a question, but the reason I asked is that Singer didn't lead in any category. He had a great couple starts, but typically the guy that leads the most stat categories wins these.

  5. The bolded numbers are skewed because someone voted for Luis Castillo and his 1 inning of work which pulled a number of the "leaders" stats to someone who obviously didn't deserve a vote. Of the other three, Singer had the lowest ERA and WHIP.

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  7. probably had the biggest impact on the game to be honest.

  8. I honestly think the impact is overstated. If you look at the progression of the game and the rule changes at the time, there was already movement towards replacing balls more often and we were already moving out of the dead ball era - before the 1920 season each team was only allowed to designate a couple pitchers that could throw a spitball with the plan to eliminate it completely from the game - and Babe Ruth hit 54 homers that season. Chapman's death moved up the timeline, but the changes that were made were already in motion.

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  10. does rizzo always lurch his hip forward like that before he swings because it looks like he just tries to get hit by the pitch

  11. You can tell he doesn't because his full leg kick for the swing is complete and then he buckles it back into the ball.

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  13. Will do, and if you have any users you know who would be great at profiling other international leagues we'd love to get in touch with them for future episodes!

  14. It was awesome having you on! I eagerly await playoff updates.

  15. Hockey at the high school and college level, but the Wild are probably third behind the Vikings and Twins. Probably a rare region where the hockey team definitely gets more attention than the basketball team though.

  16. honestly, the most amazing thing ever was the time an NHL team moved out of Minnesota

  17. As someone who enjoys baseball for the stats and finds the game itself boring, can you link me to somewhere I can learn about baseball strategy? Strategy is why I love basketball and football, so knowing more about it in baseball might make watching games more enjoyable

  18. Probably more a function of the teams involved and their place in the standings than the event itself. There are some things I'd tone down in the presentation, but if they do a Dodgers-Yankees or St. Louis-Red Sox in 2024, I think the ratings would be pretty high.

  19. Man I get that I’m biased but how have the Cards not gotten one of these? Most successful midwestern team historically and arguably the best midwestern team right now. Plus we have a huge fanbase and consistently drive good TV ratings. And we have star players. Could you imagine if they did it this year with Waino, Yadi and Pujols? That shit writes itself.

  20. I'd assume the Cards are high on the list of prospective match ups, but there's only been 2. White Sox in the first one makes sense, and they paired them with the Yankees for the big market draw. Reds won the 1919 World Series so they make sense, so pair them with the most popular team in the region (the Cubs) and it makes sense. If they go back in the future my guess is they'll hold less to the "Field of Dreams" direct aspects and focus more on classic baseball matchups, Cardinals-Cubs is going to be there pretty soon if they decide to continue.

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  22. People who denying that kind of thing tend to have never played sports themselves. The best example of this is penalties/shootouts in soccer, but it is always very obvious when someone walks up to the ball with confidence, and when someone doesn’t, and you can pretty much know the result just from their walk-up.

  23. At lower levels sure, but this is the 1% of 1% of baseball players who grinded through several levels of minor league ball to get here. You don't make it to MLB without knowing you're going to hit the ball hard with a runner at second.

  24. Ballplayers are still humans. There’s players that throughout and entire season and throughout their entire careers have outperformed their typical self with runners in scoring position, or in big moments (Postseason, even though pitching is better there), and there’s also players that severely underperformed their typical self with runners in scoring position or in big moments, stating otherwise is like thinking baseball is played by robots through an excel sheet. Like in all sports, you can tell by looking at their history that some players dread big moments, and other players love to be in them.

  25. Take a step back, we're not talking about playoffs here, we're not even really talking about necessarily high leverage situations, we're talking about hitting with runners on base (even if it's a low stakes blowout with zero pressure) because that's what generates RBIs. At bats with runners on base are extremely common at all levels, and scouts look to make sure a player can get hits with runners on base before they recommend drafting/promoting. MLB players do not become MLB players by only hitting when the bases are empty.

  26. yeah but why even steal when one run wins the game???

  27. To take away the double play and possibly draw an errant throw that walks off the game.

  28. eh i guess that’s true. pretty bad situation in general i still don’t think he should even be close to rounding the base though

  29. He got a good jump and the ball didn't stay in the air long enough to react to it.

  30. The sports leagues will eventually need to create convenient streaming services. I'd gladly pay, but I'm not getting some stupid cable or satellite package

  31. MLB was already in talks to buy out existing exclusivity contracts and try to get the NBA and NHL on board to launch a direct from league service.

  32. For what its worth the MLB is currently probably the worst at offering their product, it is nowhere near NFL and NBA (unsure about NHL)

  33. Not sure I agree, but it depends on what you mean by "offering their product." All three leagues are hamstrung a bit by local broadcasting deals they let the teams make which makes their direct from league deals have regional blackouts. From a "let casual people watch some games" I'd argue MLB having games across multiple streaming services and networks opens opportunities for people with any service to watch a game or two a week, but the flip side is that it makes it difficult to watch every single game since games are so spread out. It depends on your preference, but if you're worried about watching every single game when baseball teams play 162 games in 183 days, I feel like maybe missing one or two games every month isn't that bad for you, lol. And I say that as a huge baseball fan. Am I bummed that I can't watch Apple broadcasts? Sure, but there's always multiple other games going on then anyways.

  34. As a matter of fact, they put out a graphic during that inning that showed Mahle’s batting average against is significantly lower the 3rd time through.

  35. That's a survivorship bias, though. Games where Mahle gets lit up the second time through the order he's pulled before going the third time through - the only time he pitches the third time through is when his pitches are sharp and even then it's worse than the first time through the order.

  36. I’m just going off the Bally stats they provided last night. 1st time through, batting average against was like .213 and 3rd time through was .189.

  37. Not sure what cherry picked split Bally was looking at, but in his career batters hit .234 first time, .251 second time, .256 third time, and this year it's .209 first time, .202 third but he walks batters more often and gives up a slugging of .360 versus .320 first time.

  38. Does Tatis have to miss next years playoffs since the PED suspension runs into that year?

  39. /u/Michael__Pemulis answered this elsewhere in the thread

  40. Division is still in our hands, the series left against Cleveland is going to decide things.

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  43. If we want that we need the bats to make some noise so that the third time through the order penalty isn't a huge risk.

  44. Credit to that guy for sticking with the Cowboys and the Yankees (haven’t won it since 2009).

  45. You don't get credit for sticking with a team that's won anything in the last 30 years, let alone 15.

  46. That’s fair, I think you should stick to teams no matter what.

  47. I don’t know if there is some sports radio thing that happens in the Twin Cities, but the cycle of these things seems to go:

  48. Where on the internet? The Twins sub was laughing at anyone who thought Correa would be moved at the deadline.

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