1. The "problem" with CMIYC, as far as I can tell (no idea what corporate thinks), is that the longer 2G version is harder than the shorter 3G version. That has always seemed odd to me.

  2. Yeah and it's a huge difference too. 7.5 average pace vs 8.6

  3. try looking up videos on how to engage your glutes over quads for stuff like lunges, step ups, and squats. I'm like you, pear shaped big quads, and while I'm not so concerned with that I do try and adjust my movements so they can be more glute focused to help with some of my posterior chain/core issues. You build muscle if you're in a calorie surplus and if you're progressively overloading the muscles, so when you're doing quad dominant exercises just use lights weights rather than heavy. It's harder to just avoid exercises that work your quads at OTF bc we do them every single day lol. It's also possible that when you lost weight your already present quad muscles just became more visible which can only be reduced if you're actively trying to atrophy.

  4. I'm always incline to go heavier when doing lower body movements because one area that I WANT To build is my glutes. I try to focus on activating my glutes like the whole time that I'm in class ) before of I was actually only doing isolated glute training and cardio. Started doing of bc I got burned out on doing free weights solo and cardio. Anyhow, so if I'm building muscle, I'm in a caloric surplus? That interesting to me because my waist has gotten smaller but my quads thicker, so I assumed that I was still in a deficit

  5. Yeah it's kinda tricky to explain, you may need to do some of your own research to get the whole picture but essentially in order to build mass you need to be in a surplus, and to lose mass you need to be in a deficit. You may have been in the maintenance area and doing a body recomp- building a bit of muscle while losing fat, but I think realistically you were in a deficit and when you lost fat your leaner physique just happened to include muscular quads. I definitely recommend keeping up with ways to engage your glute during class. One example is hinging a bit more at the hips when doing squats rather than staying upright to put more of the load on your glutes. Quads are still involved but a bit less. Or you could also supplement OTF with a regular gym to just focus on glute development to even things out? So many options

  6. So do you enable it manually before the start ( I am sure I’ll forget) and end it manually at the end??

  7. Yep this is what I do as well, select HIIT as soon as I warm-up. It'll become habit eventually. I will occasionally forget to stop my workouts but it's not often.

  8. I am pretty sure it's not truly mandatory but you should check your contract. That's crazy bc I have gone months without using it purely because I don't want to and no one has said a word.

  9. It takes a while. I got it late July and I'm only just now feeling 100%. My base/push took a hit too- got within .2 of my old speeds maybe 3 weeks ago. Just accept that you're healing and take it once class at a time you'll be back eventually 💕

  10. Farmer carry or dead hang on a bar in your spare time to work on grip! That's my issue too and the only way to improve is to add the accessory work outside of class to build up your strength. Gloves work for the slipperiness but in my experience they don't help with my hands tiring out.

  11. You may get bogged down with the bench tap squats since youre so tall, it's a complaint I hear a lot..but the rest should be manageable. Good luck!

  12. Maybe I’m completely off base here but we have a lot of glutes related exercise: dead lift, squats, lunges,etc. Even the tread if you PW or rower is glutes (think about pushing back as jump squat).

  13. I was going to say the same thing. My butt is often sore after all the reverse and lateral lunges, step downs, glute bridges, sumo deadlifts (we do these like 3x a week lol), regular deadlifts, etc etc etc

  14. Just consume what your normally would! Dri tri is definitely a challenge but not extreme enough to require an altered diet. Whatever fuels you now for a regular class or a 90 minute if you take those classes should be great.

  15. Had a brand new coach walk up to member's treads and just picked speeds. He asked me how I felt while I was running an AO or something and I responded, and he replied "if you can talk you can run faster" then pressed TWELVE. I could run twelve but he didn't know that.. extremely reckless imo. I think it's better for coaches to verbalize what they think you could do and leave it to you to accept the advice or not.

  16. Imo the programs were similar to OTF and you truly don't need both to achieve 5k goals. It wouldn't hurt to supplement training but OTF should be plenty

  17. I’ve done both and don’t really agree… C25K is very different from OTF in structure and intent. Also, many people will never run a 5K distance in an OTF class because they are slower runners and simply need more time than the class format allows.

  18. Fair enough! Just my experience with it. I ended up dropping C25k when I started OTF and was able to build up enough endurance for my first 5k (running portion of the dritri) within 4 months. You don't necessarily need to run a full 3 miles in class to build endurance, the inclines and power work all help in their own ways.

  19. Jester, sheriff, jackal (not on the list but a good role)

  20. It definitely stinks but OTF is not the only place that charges for late cancels. It's a pretty standard practice across the board for most fitness studios. Where OTF has an 8 hour window, ClassPass has a whopping 12 hour window for late cancellation with little to no grace given for special circumstances. I've just learned to not prebook unless I'm absolutely certain I will be able to make it on time, or just pay the late cancel with gritted teeth lol.

  21. I love plank pull throughs. Really feel it in my core when I'm dragging the weight rather than picking up and dropping them, but I do have to go fairly heavy. I hate bench bird dog low rows only because I literally can't do them. Also.. seated low rows bc I also can't do them.

  22. For the bench bird dog low rows, decrease your weight - a lot - until you can do it. It'll likely be a lot lighter than a normal bench low row because of the added stability challenge, and that's perfectly fine. Eventually you'll be able to start working back up in weight again.

  23. That's what I had to do almost instantly. I can somewhat manage with a 15-20lb but when the weight is too low I don't feel the core engagement anymore. I know it's an issue of lack of core stability on my part, just feels like I'm so afraid of falling that it gets in the way of me executing it properly.

  24. I only miss the ESP cycling but I think the strength floor hasn't just been high rep. Lots of days have been 6-12 reps and I've seen a good variation of strength and hypertrophy rep ranges. I'm only a little grumpy about how days will go back to back with the same exercises. Guess it kinda forces you to take a rest day, but if I didn't look up the workouts on Reddit I'd be a tiny bit annoyed with it. Nothing to quit over though and I'm still going religiously. I'll take any workout as long as they keep our AC running lol

  25. Unfortunately you can't spot reduce fat 😕 every body is different when it comes to fat loss and there's no real way to target specific areas over others.

  26. 23, regular thing when I am doing all outs at around 9mph

  27. When I was 25 I'd often get to 202 on extremely hard blocks. Asked my doc if it was normal and they weren't concerned considering the whole picture. I'd speak with your PCP if you're truly worried.

  28. 1G will TYPICALLY start on the tread unless there's a first timer present then we would start on the rower. First class always starts on the rowers and if they had to do a 1G then everyone else rows first as well. Just happens sometimes.

  29. Are you an SA at my studio? lol let's just say I'm in a very hot location in Texas and yesterday's class had everyone looking around like we all realized the ac was out at the same time. Dripping in sweat. I've even been gaslit by a coach asking me why I'm sweating so much and I almost snapped lol. Absolutely miserable. I think I overheard the SM tell a member that the part is back ordered, although they seem to found a way to fix it for a short period of time before it goes out again. The portable unit they got doesn't work or only works at the end of the studio it's placed at. Issue is the lack of transparency so I never know what I'm going to get. If I know it's out I'll sometimes drive out to another studio if I just can't handle it. This weekend is supposed to be upper 100's so I will not be attending class. They really should offer members the option to cancel for free if they can't provide a safe environment for exercise.

  30. I'll sometimes stop right before the distance is about to hit and let the water do the last 8ish meters, but I don't move from the seat until the full distance is met. I use that couple of seconds to breathe and loosen the straps before I transition. If it's a "don't reset your monitor" day I always do the math. So if the water took me to 170m after a 150m row I will row until I'm at 320 the next go around.

  31. We had those at the beginning of covid and I think knowing it was 15 minutes less had everyone pushing a lot harder than they would have in a 60.

  32. 3-5(ish) reps is the range for strength. You're supposed to pick a weight that will be difficult for you to complete the final rep. 6-12 is hypertrophy and beyond that is endurance. They all serve a purpose in fitness. Also worth noting being sore is not a sign of an effective workout, sometimes I'll go months without feeling soreness even when I know I'm challenging myself. Your weight selection for 5 reps should be heavier than if it was 8-12 if you want to tackle the exercises in an effective way.

  33. This used to happen to me a lot and I had to call the studio to book. Didn't love giving my card info over the phone though lol

  34. Yeah it does it just doesn't have a workout summary. You click classes then attended and it shows every class you've booked and attended/late cancelled

  35. I haven't for almost a year. It doesn't change my workout and I already wear an apple watch so no need to double up. Splat obsession seems to mess with a lot of people's minds imo. After years of otf I know what the zones feel like and adjust accordingly.

  36. They do unless they're going rogue. It's just going to do a floor + rower + tread block per the template, doesn't have to be three separate groups. 2G would start on the tread and rower but still transition to three stations.

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