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  1. I'm in the same exact boat as you. I think they come up with the biggest BS reasons when it wasn't because of your lack of involvement, billable hours, work performance, personality, etc. but because of office politics and shitty management. My written feedback was positive. They told me the other offices needed seniors more, but they had the option to promote me with the staff that started at the same time, but they did not. There were a lot of other factors of betrayal. My boss didn't get promoted either.

  2. I know someone that did and no one liked them and no one likes them still lmao (not me, I def didn't score anything above an 80).

  3. I think REG has the most difficult SIMS out of the four. Might not be a bad sign. All of my 2nd testlets were easier for all my attempts though. I think they do that to mess with us lol.

  4. Did you feel like the sims were easier on your reg fails

  5. I never failed REG but I thought the SIMs were impossibly hard and was pleasantly surprised when I passed. Really thought that I had failed and bombed it. I didn't even think I got the research question right, that's how bad I felt. Lots of exhibits and more complex than Becker. Usually when people are too confident, they end up failing.

  6. I CANNOT wait to fulfill that obligation!

  7. It will happen one day soon! Keep grinding! There were so many days I wanted to give up.

  8. Yes! 62, 71, then 75. Happiest day of my life! Hopefully you'll have some good news tomorrow too. :)

  9. Take your exams through the closest Prometric (in WV) but when you register with NASBA, register with the FL board of accountancy. It's a national test so it will be the same level of difficulty wherever you take it.

  10. Yep, PMDD def makes it harder to manage during that time of the month

  11. Fingers crossed for you! Sounds like most people who have taken reg had a miserable time lately, so at least we’re not alone

  12. Is it because the pass rate for REG is too high rn? I had an awful time with it too.

  13. Honestly I was hoping that it’s always been this tough, but the grading is just that generous lol.

  14. Same… I’m a tax staff and REG was so hard. My coworkers said that REG was easy but that was a lie lol. I passed audit on the first try. I assume most that take the CPA exam are auditors and think they prob curve it up. As much as they’d like to deny curving anything… I’m sure they curve a little.

  15. Same, this is my last one and the authoritative lit didn't help at all. Would be shocked if I passed REG and I'm a tax person.

  16. I got a mix of literally everything today. Some questions I never seen before too. Not much basis. More business law.

  17. For me, a shit ton of basis, no Blaw. So study everything.

  18. That's a really strange requirement. I think most states are like my state (FL) where you can sit as long as you hit the 120 and have a bachelor's degree, the age limit and residency. Historically i've always heard Colorado to be the easiest but idk about that anymore either.

  19. Damn i just looked it up and they're super specific, MBA or MAcc only and Bachelors in accounting?? I'd qualify but idk if that would help overall with the CPA shortage lol. I know CPAs that have never worked in accounting and don't have master's or accounting degrees at any level.

  20. Oh interesting… I’ve tried the Olly stress relief gummies in the past and it’s helped when I’m anxious but not during my PMDD episodes. I’ll have to get those happy ones from Target and give it a try.

  21. I have no friends either and I mean that literally. Very lonely and maddening never having anyone that cares. Never seen a therapist before personally but I get super paranoid especially close to my cycle just going out in public I get this voice in my head telling me that everyone is talking about me and that the guy is going to hurt me. Or sometimes i get scared to eat out of fear of it being poisoned . I feel like I want to die but I let it past because I know after my period I’ll come back to my senses and say to myself “what the heck was that all about.?” But then it starts back up again. (Same with mood swings I go from wanting to punch everyone in the face to crying over Encanto to laughing about absolutely Nothing)

  22. That sounds very similar to what I've experienced too. It's the most awful feeling, and it feels like a switch turns on and off (for the mood swings) and it's very exhausting. I wish every time I got like this, I could put a sign on myself that says "don't take anything I say seriously this week, I'm in the middle of hell week." It was a lot easier to manage when I was younger (i would just tell myself that the feelings would pass and I'd go along my day), but as I've hit my 20s it's become more severe and harder to ignore.

  23. NO suicide, dear soul🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰. Your brain is playing tricks on you. Ever heard of an Emotional Quotant (instead of an IQ). Maybe that person isn't able to process stuff like this very well. And that's okay. Just the same as it's okay that you struggle and need a friendly ear sometimes. Some people don't do empathy very well. Others do. All I can say is you are human and searching. You are searching for relief and you won't feel that if you aren't here, ya know? Consider viewing yourself as a small child who you need to care for. You would never discount or poo poo a toddlers needs. You are just as important. Can you make a list of things that bring you comfort now, or you think that might? Maybe stuff from when you were younger that did? Can you picture yourself in a different, happier circumstance, safe and fulfilled? Things can and will get better. 😌

  24. I’m just in so much pain… I don’t even remember what it was like when I was my “normal self” 😢 sometimes I don’t even know what would help. I thought that once I graduated from college and started working, I would feel better about my situation. I graduated two years ago and it’s become worse. I’m just so scared and feel so alone. Everyone says I should hang on and keep going but I don’t know why I should. It’s just all too much to handle.

  25. I have a very similar story, although I graduated with my Master's in Tax in 2020. I was struggling mentally during graduate school that I decided to focus only on school, and wait until after graduation to start the CPA exam, but then COVID happened. I fell into a deeper depression because I felt like I had no purpose in life.

  26. I was in a similar boat, as I received a 71 on my second FAR attempt. I took it again a month later and received a 75. My first attempt's score was awful. In between the first and second times, I used Ninja MCQs to supplement Becker's materials. Between the second and third attempts, I barely studied so I wouldn't advise that, but keep grinding on as many MCQs as you can and be sure to hit the main FAR topics others have mentioned.

  27. I also got a 77 on AUD a while back. One of the happiest days since it was my first exam, Congrats! You're halfway there. :)

  28. Depends on which state. FL does not require the ethics exam, but GA does, etc.

  29. It's a 55 jurisdictions party in here after seeing that eyeball trick announcement. Hey y'all!

  30. I saw pen boutique has it as a set with the M205 pen. It’s out of stock separately.

  31. Very inspiring and motivating. Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes I get caught up in hearing people say how they passed all four exams in a few months during score release day and feel sorry for myself, but those stories are meaningless to me compared to this.

  32. Failed FAR again :( But improved by 9 points to a 71. Just need to get better about the SIMs.

  33. I called Becker to ask. BEC is not changing. FAR is getting about 40-50 pages of new material

  34. Yes, although it will be available by 8pm tomorrow (15th) in NASBA for most states.

  35. I love your quirky font/handwriting! Lots of character!

  36. Paper: Rhodia Dot Pad A5 (wrote out the most to least populated cities in Nevada using a font from instagram/pinterest).

  37. Yes, if I have any stress or negative comments said to me, I will end up in a puddle of tears before my period and have panic attacks. However, after my period I won't cry about anything. When I took a vacation the week before my period, once I got it, it wasn't as bad.

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