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  1. I think I'm done. Sorry about the delay, work got intense.

  2. This nero is my preferred but whatever is easiest for you

  3. Need to use the serpent sword too. Looks almost identical to his saber

  4. By the way. You should share with the DMC sub, I’m sure they’d appreciate this.

  5. Shun the non believer! Ssshhhuuuuuunnnnnn!

  6. This game is dead af and I would like to find as many of the remaining player as possible.

  7. You have to remember this is dmc4 Vergil. Always thought he had an odd look about him lol

  8. That's fine but it does seem that nobody is play even on endgame. I have a endgame character and I seem to be summoning the same 3 dudes lol

  9. Ps4 here. Ng+1-5 is basically same roster of maybe 10+ people.

  10. They aren't dying from the trap so it just drop 2 hazeburned dudes and then it stops spawning

  11. I made him, check new posts, if you like it I'll post sliders

  12. I think Babish tries to do things from a more widely viewed shows

  13. Kikis delivery service is widely viewed. Seems as though your out of the loop.

  14. Gotta go with Illusions of Gaia. First snes game I every played and didn't put it down until I beat it. I think I was around 9 or 10 years old. Good times

  15. lo.can p...ol.andmp..m.o..l..9j.

  16. Tweet that a huge group is congregated at [insert location here] and say they are protesters. Rioters and police will be there in 4 seconds throwing molotovs and tear gas lighting the bride on fire. Boom.

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