1. Chaa Creek for your resort near San Ignacio. One of the best resorts in the world let alone Belize 🌴✨

  2. I've never heard anything but excellent reviews; it's a 4 star hotel with a 4.3 out of 5 over 500 reviews so should be top notch. 🤷

  3. The original jacket - Brooklyn Circus "Black Bomber" Varsity Jacket, but I can't find it other than from resellers.

  4. I think to maintain a known dosage and potency it would be easiest to use an existing edible as your basis for the drink. Like a 10mg gummy or Chocolate mixed into a syrup or something. 🤔

  5. Dwc, sf1000 at 16”, emerald harvest nutes. Rh 42%, room temp 72, water temp 68-70. Wondering if I should trim some fan leaves to allow better airflow and bud exposure. The plant is 42” wide, 24” deep and 30” tall.

  6. Appreciate the comment, only my 2nd grow so I really have no idea what I’m doing!

  7. Looks really healthy dude, be proud and continue course. Only reason I'd trim any leaves would be if they were dead/dying, blocking a bud site from getting light, way under the canopy and not getting any light. Basically just maintenance trim

  8. Use natural light with bounce reflectors and add a dimmable warm LED video light as needed. You can light literally any indoor food or beverage situation with just that. Ring lights can be great for this if you use them off the bounce instead of as a direct light source

  9. Belize is generally safe as long as you aren't looking for trouble; as with any tourism destination, don't leave your valuables on the beach unattended 🤷

  10. Remind me of the Cooper island rum bar 🤣 I clearly don't remember much of it 🍸

  11. I live in western Belize and have long hair. Literally nobody cares. It's never once been mentioned or indicated in any way.

  12. Yes it would be fantastic, especially the western part of the country where a lot of Guatemalan Spanish comes into the daily language usage

  13. Hm. What do you mean? Like they’ll blend Spanish in to help her? I think that’s the opposite of what she’s looking for haha

  14. No I mean Spanish is the daily language as much as English so you can use either

  15. I have a number of criticisms regarding this establishment

  16. Pace of life is the biggest change by far; it impacts literally every aspect of every day.

  17. I always tell people you have to let go of all your American bullshit. It's absolutely wonderful for people that can adjust. Some have a hard time and wash out fairly quickly. I think of it as living a life enjoyed as it happens, as opposed to a life designed to accomplish the most things on a list.

  18. Call the resort and see if they can connect you via email 🤷

  19. My mom is getting married and really wants a pant/skirt in cream for her wedding. I did not even realize this was a thing?? And the only version I can find is above in black!

  20. Thank you for the suggestions to stay in San Ignatio. Do you have suggestions for activities in the area besides visiting Mayan ruins? Also, is it better to rent 4x4 from Belize City for transport or take taxis? Thanks again

  21. You definitely don't need a 4x4 for the majority of activities although I encourage people to take a driver if they're only doing a few excursions just to save the money and enjoy the natural scenery more. Sent you a message

  22. My suggestion would be, for your inland portion to base yourself either, in or close to, San Ignacio. You will have more options of things to do and it really is a neat part of Belize.

  23. Second San Ignacio. It's a beautiful 2 hour drive west and there's tons to see and do.

  24. Depending upon weather and when specifically you visit there's a fantastic bioluminescent bay to visit, look for Happy go Lucky Tours. They also do snorkeling, river and Caye cruises.

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