1. Amid all the verbiage, there was a telling moment in Kwasi Kwarteng’s interview with the BBC’s Nick Robinson that summed up just why many Tory MPs despair of this Chancellor, and this Downing Street.

  2. Imagine a government with a 71-seat majority being this weak and unstable.

  3. Or... the other half are so far right they regard regular Cons as "blue LibDems".

  4. I love this new narrative of painting Gove as the mastermind for Truss not having the support and respect of her own MPs.

  5. It was only last week that Liz Truss invited Michael Gove into No 10 to see how he might be able to help her fledgling administration.

  6. Catalonia’s pro-independence government almost imploded last week. A major disagreement between its two governing parties occurred after one half of the coalition – hardline secessionist party Junts per Catalunya (Together for Catalonia) – proposed a no-confidence vote against president Pere Aragones for not pushing the secessionist cause hard enough. Aragones, a member of the more moderate Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), promptly fired his deputy president Jordi Puignero. He said this was ‘absolutely necessary to strengthen the government’. Although an understandable reaction, it’s also just as likely to have the opposite effect.

  7. From october 1st British household energy bills will be subsidised by the government under its “energy price guarantee” scheme. At times of high gas and electricity prices, the cost to the state will be eye-watering. You might think, therefore, that the government would be keen to reduce domestic energy demand—especially given the markets’ waning confidence in its ability to balance the books.

  8. Radio Free Asia isnt exactly what i would call a reliable source for anything happening in China

  9. Do you believe Xinjiang is a utopia and China is treating the Uyghurs well?

  10. Liz Truss will struggle to drive through key parts of the economic revolution she’s planning for the UK because her standing in the ruling party is already so damaged, members of her Cabinet said.

  11. Imagine a government with a 71-seat majority being this weak and unstable.

  12. Fuck me, that's some utter wank from The Telegraph. People pay to read that shite?

  13. The received wisdom is that Liz Truss’s premiership is dead on arrival. Pundits claim that the Tory party’s reputation for economic competence is now unsalvageable. The pollsters predict a landslide victory for Labour at the next election more dramatic even than that of Tony Blair. Armchair historians prophesy that last week’s market meltdown will go down as this Government’s Black Wednesday – a fatal moment which struck mortal fear into the heart of voters that they will never forgive or forget.

  14. Aside from the non-stop gossip about how long Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng will keep their jobs, there is a more troubling question on the lips of delegates at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham: has the party itself now become ungovernable?

  15. When Coffey was appointed as health secretary people had their doubts based on her appearance and past statements, but she seems to be among the few cabinet members doing her job in earnest.

  16. As a front-line politician, few experiences can be as frightening as beginning to lose the ability to form words. “It was quite an odd week,” Thérèse Coffey recalls with understatement.

  17. Schadenfreude in European capitals is ill-advised. A string of states will face their own rude awakening soon enough as global liquidity drains away and financial conditions tighten.

  18. It should be noted that Mandelson was the architect of 3 successful election campaigns. Gove has yet to show any such skill.

  19. Michael Gove's role as ringleader of the Tory party rebellion against the cut to the 45p tax rate is merely his latest incarnation after over a decade at the heart of British politics.

  20. Liz Truss has said the Government is yet to make a decision about whether it will raise the age of retirement to reduce public expenditure.

  21. This summer saw one of the most bitter Conservative leadership contests in recent political history.

  22. Still not even a full month into the job, Prime Minister Liz Truss is already attracting a chorus of criticism from the diaspora of heavyweights she consigned to the political wilderness.

  23. Who pays for the welfare claimants? Yep, the British tax payer.

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