1. I didn’t even think about the total time we are asking her to sleep. We will try a longer wake window before bed tomorrow or maybe get rid of that third nap. Thanks so much for your input

  2. I would cap naps and push wake windows a bit incrementally until you find the sweet spot, that type of crying I feel like is always an issue of being undertired, your baby doesn’t sound low sleep needs so it’s probably two early to drop a nap but you can shorten and do a shorter third nap

  3. We ended up sticking with Pampers Pure and (knock on wood) so far zero diaper rash at 6 months

  4. We used these one time and had constant blowouts :( until we switched back to Kirkland/Huggies

  5. Do you count diapers? I did that the first few months, and it helped me give a concrete thing to look at when I felt anxious, like no he’s fine he’s got plenty of wet diapers and poops

  6. Hey there, I had severe PPD after each kid and the sleep deprivation really affected me too - solidarity! There can be an other side.

  7. You’re probably right, I’ve been in denial about shortening night but I’m just so tired giving up that extra 20 min sleep feels impossible some mornings.

  8. My MIL is finally flying home next week after four long months of living with us and expressing her constant subtle disapproval of how we raise our child.

  9. We knew his schedule was working for him so we did full extinction at bedtime plus enforced a 5-3-3 nursing rule (no nursing until 5 hours after sleep, then every 3 hours thereafter). We’ve been waffling between 1-2 night nursing sessions ever since. Not perfect but way better. Working on night weaning now.

  10. Moving feeding out of bedtime was extremely helpful us even before we did sleep training. I did some gradual night weaning- basically just did any type of soothing other than feeding to help baby get back to sleep. Nursing was last resort. We were still cosleeping and this dropped his night wakes to 1-2 times. Post sleep training he is in the crib and wakes once in the early morning.

  11. What if your top is smaller than SD but lower half is wider?

  12. That sounds like D- D can be conventionally curvy too! But wouldn’t have upper curve

  13. Why do people not want to be called grandma and grandpa anymore? Like wouldn’t you want to be recognized as their grandma/grandpa? I don’t get it. I let my parents have theirs, I figure he will call them whatever he wants later anyways

  14. I would continue to do what mom was doing and if you need more support someone else in the family needs to help share the load. It’s the safest bet. You shouldn’t be shouldering this alone.

  15. The blame for misinformation lies with the people who spread it. 🤷‍♀️ SK doesn’t make people create YouTube videos or start charging people $100 for typing after reading about it for a month.

  16. Has SK considered increasing the number of moderators? I don’t think anyone’s trying to blame the current moderators, who have their work cut out for them and do a lot of work for very little reward, but currently SK is in fact the only place to get correct information from the source, so if access is limited that would contribute to misinfo- not so much the people who capitalize on it via YT, but the people who try to understand and go to the places that are more accessible and rife with misinformation

  17. I maybe think SN. I think she accommodates for width and curve and there’s an openess/freshness about her. Additionally, she seems to instinctively dress for width and curve. She’s 5”6 by the way if that helps!

  18. Is 7:30 her biological bedtime? When I tried to get ours to sleep earlier I about lost my mind, when I bumped it back to 8:45 he fell asleep way easier.

  19. Is he undertired? 12 hours nights and 3.5 hours day sleep sounds like quite a lot, maybe he can’t go back to sleep between cycles ever because he lacks enough sleep pressure

  20. I heard not all babies develop sleep associations? If they rouse between sleep cycles and can go back to sleep on their own. But for us average folks, our babies either need assistance or to establish independent sleep. When we sleep trained he started “STTN” but STTN does not mean not waking up from 7-7, even adults wake up throughout the night. He sleeps from 9PM-5/6AM and goes back down for a couple hours with nursing.

  21. We went straight to extinction because we had a consult with the author of PLS and she told us check ins pretty much never help reduce the crying, and we knew our baby’s personality and that check ins were likely to make him more upset

  22. There are some indications in your post that still make me feel like baby is undertired or just doesn’t need the amount of sleep you are trying to provide. The use of the word “force” in the title makes me suspicious, because if baby is tired they will sleep provided there are no other medical issues. Sleep needs change, and for a while I tried to force my 6 month old to keep sleeping 13-13.5 hours when he was telling me under no uncertain terms that he needed 12-12.5. Our biggest sleep battles have occurred when I expected 4 naps when he needed 3, expected 13.5 hours of sleep when he needed 12.5, and expected a 12 hour night starting at 7:30 PM. Once I accepted his sleep needs were lower and let him go to bed at his biological time (around 8:45), we saw every other aspect of the routine stabilize. Once we saw bedtime stabilize, we put him down to sleep and walked away. After six months of battles, it was time to let him figure it out on his own without my help, because I tried every form of help I could. Sure your numbers sound on the low ish end of the range but they are still in range for normal 6.5 month old. For your own sake I suggest dropping anything that’s not working- don’t rock for 30 minutes at nap time if baby doesn’t want to sleep. Try for 10 and move along and try again in 30 minutes. If sleep is a battle, then baby will battle back.

  23. I've wondered too if our baby just needs less sleep, but two things make me believe that's not true - she shows sleepy cues around the expected times for her age-appropriate wake windows and will also fall asleep during age-appropriate wake windows if my partner is putting her down for sleep. So I really think it is some other issue.

  24. I feel you, I have a lot of head knowledge from other people’s situations but in reality our baby sounds a lot like yours, like he wishes he was a low sleep needs baby but really isn’t, and we’ve struggled since the beginning to really find a routine that works for him without struggle!

  25. I have to ignore essence because of height. Nobody describes me in the limited IDs available to me.

  26. although Kibbe is just one system and it may not work for everyone, one has to see how their essence comes across when they actually put together and style an outfit- it’s a fashion system and not a body typing system, so someone may not really connect with their ID Archetype until they have worked on creating head to toe outfits within the system and with a specific goal/dream in mind. There’s a lot of helpful posts addressing the height thing too, as the length of the body just inevitably effects how the clothes hang.

  27. I didn’t say anything about body types. I said people don’t use the words to describe me that Kibbe does for “essence.” I focused solely on how clothes fit on me even though the essence doesn’t resonate with me or the people who know me.

  28. I think what I tried and failed to say is that the essence comes alive when the outfit is fully done and styled- in some “body typing” systems it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, you are just a pear whether you are in pjs or a ball gown. That’s why I think silhouette comes before essence, to dress according to “what’s there” as Kibbe would say, and then make styling choices that are harmonious with what’s already there, and then the essence will come out

  29. This may not be the answer you are looking for, but a lot of the “lines/recs” language is kind of invented by YouTube/TikTok and going by try ons may lead you down a path of wasted money (it did for me). What may seem like a stereotypical classic jacket might actually be cut for width, which would better suit a natural. So I would really pay more attention to how clothes interact with you- do you feel restricted in certain areas, does a longer knee length or ankle length hemline work better, do you need waist emphasis or room for upper curve, etc. And a lot of those questions can only be answered through trial and error and through creating actual outfits- a shirt on its own won’t tell you much.

  30. lol it always irrationally annoys me people going on about how "tiny" kim is. 5 2 isnt that short! its only 2 inches below average. Kylies like 4 inches above average but nobody says how tall kylie is all the time lol.

  31. It’s not just short it’s also petite, like some people have more frame at that height and look taller

  32. see in that regard I still think Kim isnt super petite? like compared to kourtney like you said she just has a bigger frame like shoulders/hips just give her a bigger look than kourtney who i would agree is like yno realy petite in height and stature/frame.

  33. I think it’s not just that she looks small but that she looks smaller than anticipated, everyone sees her on the widescreen tv and in 2d pics and in heels, so there’s a shock factor there too when her torso doesn’t actually take up half of the four foot plasma tv

  34. “Thank you for your offer but we won’t be putting anything in the crib.” If she gives it to you anyways, just don’t use it in an unsafe manner. Trust me, as someone who lives with her MIL, the more confident you can be being direct the less pain you will have in your life.

  35. My problem is how everyone and their extended family all have very strong and vocal opinions about how other people’s children should be fed. I would love to go one single day where no one points out a lingering chunk of food in the purée I made, nobody asks me if the baby is hungry or if he nursed too much. Just leave me and my big happy baby alone.

  36. Height absolutely matters and I think it’s a solid starting point. How clothes hang off the body are the foremost consideration, and if there is literal length there, that will absolutely affect how the clothes hang. I think the issue is not there can never be a 5”7 dramatic classic, but that people tend to assume they are the exception to the rule rather than first take an honest look at what’s likely, and assess whether they are resisting things for another reason, like anti-yang bias, etc

  37. I read that it’s actually not recommended to have so many scans because it doesn’t help the baby, and they often create more anxiety. I understand your feelings, I cried at my 9 week appt when I realized I wouldn’t have an ultrasound that day. I wanted to know everything was going well. But the truth is you won’t be able to shake the worry until the baby is in your arms, and even then there are things to worry about. If you can, try hard to find distractions to help get you through.

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