1. 8 weeks is close. Anything get better at one month? Lol I miss going to bed with my husband. Right now doing shifts which helps us get a decent chunk of sleep for 3 hours

  2. We stopped having to do shifts and got to sleep in the same room around the 5-6 week mark!! I was the same, so looked forward to going to bed as a family.

  3. Yes, looking forward to going to sleep as a family. I miss sleeping next to my husband with his snoring and all. We been camping in the living room for nearly a month lol what made you transition to the room at 1.5 months?

  4. We had the pack n play set up in the guest room and the crib in our room- anything that happened before 3 AM was my husband’s job and anything after was mine- if he was fussing we took him to guest room to let the other person sleep. He started waking up only 1-2 times a night to feed and he went back to sleep very quickly- nursed to sleep and put in bed, so he was able to stay in the crib without waking us both up every couple hours. Additionally, I made note of what time he naturally fell asleep each night, it was around 10:30. So once he was fed and ready for bed I just set him in the crib around 10:00 and we went about our business getting ready for bed, eventually he would fall asleep on his own.

  5. you created a human, and it took your body nine months to do so! Have patience and grace for yourself as it will take time for your body to heal. In order to help keep up positive self esteem, don’t neglect doing things that make you feel beautiful. Even on my low days where my stomach looks bloated and rounded and my boobs are sagging from breastfeeding, I still do my long skincare routine, stretch, and shower. I get haircuts regularly and go on walks as much as I can even if I don’t feel up to my previous level of exercise. I didn’t do those things before but doing them now, I feel much better about myself most days. You may need the extra reserves if you are breastfeeding, it’s a myth that breastfeeding causes weight loss. But restricting calories can diminish milk supply.

  6. I feel like this speaks to a lack of self awareness and I probably wouldn’t want to hire them either

  7. My MIL just moved in and will be here six months. She’s from different country, different culture, different language. I can relate to the struggle of routine disruptions, but I would try to focus on their efforts to help. Be very specific with your needs and preferences and they will learn.

  8. I’m actually pretty insistent on bathtime being reserved for my husband and son because I exclusively breastfeed and physical bonding and caring between father and children is very important!!

  9. I didn’t switch to a flexible fixed schedule until 4 months, he is in the upper percentile for his age and was going for 3-4 hours on his own, so now I offer around the same time every 3 hours unless he cues for hunger earlier. I still somewhat consider it “on demand” but aiming for similar times each day helps to bring some stability and routine to his day and night and gives me some freedom (I know he’s not gonna be hungry in the next two hours at least so no biggie if I go grocery shopping or meet up with a friend).

  10. My nb was 15th percentile, fed on demand for a grueling 8 weeks of around the clock cluster feeding. He started to go for 2-2.5 hour stretches at that time. With our pediatricians go ahead I stretched his feedings out a little bit at a time until we were at 2.5-3 hours. He put on weight pretty quick and slept for longer stretches once he hit 11-12 pounds and when it was developmentally normal to do so.

  11. I’ve been there, I didn’t hurt him but I felt my arms tense up like I wanted to throw him. Of course I never would. But the sleep deprivation in the first month was INTENSE. Who can function at 100% under those circumstances?

  12. I saw your edit about baby wearing- don’t be like me and obsess about crib sleep this early on!! You can work on it later when bub is a little more stable and calm. You need to do WHATEVER you need to do to survive at this point, provided that it is safe for you and baby

  13. If it’s something you want to change, just do a little at a time!! I have PPA and also of course many of these feelings are natural. At first I didn’t even like my immediate family holding him and I built up to it after I made it clear that they had to ask before grabbing him and hand him back the second I asked. Right now I’m working on handing him to mother in law for longer and longer stretches. Try to distract yourself for 10-15 minutes- go wash your face or throw a load of laundry in. It’ll get better :)

  14. I had lots of complications like preeclampsia and severe tearing and three day induction and epidural resistance.

  15. Restricting calories, even if only mentally restricting, will lead to overeating later when your cravings outweigh your resolve. It activates your body’s survival mechanisms that are designed to protect you against starving. Check out the Minnesota starvation study- restricting calories to a dieting amount made people obsess with food and overeat when given the chance. Restriction also slows down the metabolism and makes it harder to lose weight.

  16. thanks for all this. The emotions I feel are just intense longing for good food? idk. I cannot resist pizza. I love love love food, especially "bad" food like pizza and ice cream. I just want it literally all the time. I would eat it for every meal if I could.

  17. What do you think would happen if you ate it for every meal? You’d probably love it and eat too much at first then eventually get tired of it. Then it would lose its appeal and you’d want it occasionally just like any other food. I used to binge on sugary cereal. Once I let myself have it whenever I wanted for a couple weeks I never wanted it again lol

  18. My pediatrician told us in regards to scheduled vs on demand, it’s important to do what’s sustainable for you in the hopes of extending your breastfeeding journey as long as possible, but of course always feed the baby when they are hungry. I did on demand until about 3.5 months when he was going for much longer amounts of time on his own- 3-4 hours. I now offer feedings every 3 hours and feed him early if he is hungry, which works great for us and will help me in my transition back to work. It also ensures he gets enough daytime calories in before bed (when he has 4 hour stretches he has more night wakings).

  19. Hi there could you please edit your comment to remove specific mentions of weight per typing post guidelines? Thanks!

  20. Hi there can you please edit your comment to remove your weight per typing post guidelines? Thanks!

  21. I've moreso been trying to figure out if my favorite outfits lean romantic or soft natural! Please remove if not allowed though!

  22. I’m pretty sure there’s an eight week growth spurt for a lot of babies, maybe that’s it? Whenever ours has a growth spurt he refuses the crib for a couple days then goes back to normal.

  23. Yeah ours were pretty much nonstop until around week 9 or so

  24. I understand that the fruit system and Kibbe are very different worlds and don't necessarily have much to do with each other. However as someone who also has hips as the widest point of my body (to avoid the term "pear shaped") I relate to OPs struggle a bit. I feel like the main advantage of the Kibbe system is that it looks at the body and what trait stands out the most - and then accommodates and celebrates this part instead of trying to make it visually smaller or anything like that. This happens for vertical, for petite, for curve, for width etc.

  25. I think that’s why it’s helpful to work with personal line silhouette as instructed in Strictly Kibbe groups rather than clothing recommendations because everyone is different, even within an ID, and a pair of pants won’t universally fit everyone in an ID. You would find a pair of pants that accommodate your own personal silhouette and fit well and if you were a D for example you would accentuate the vertical not from the pair of pants but from the overall outfit

  26. Yep, I think that's a very helpful way to look at it. Can i ask what a "strictly kibble" group is? Is it different than this sub?

  27. It is a group on Facebook that David Kibbe participates in! Anyone can join it just takes some time to be accepted. Welcome to the rabbit hole :’)

  28. I was bedridden at hospital for four days so we could only do laidback position - it lets all of his limbs be free so he doesn’t squirm as much and I support his head in my elbow. In the beginning I followed “tummy to tummy, nose to nips” which helped a lot. Now I just let him face plant and he finds it. To this day he won’t let me do a true cradle hold. It’s more of a cross cradle partially laid back thing.

  29. You sound like you have all four grandparents living in town lol

  30. Is she overtired? We had the same issue until I started logging his sleep and figured out that he only needs about 90 min of awake time still or even less in the morning and he’s about four months old as well. Once we shortened the morning awake time his first nap lengthened into eternity, I have to wake him up. He still usually has shorter naps like 45 min throughout the day but I can tell he’s well rested with a long morning nap and a few shorter ones so I don’t sweat it.

  31. Mine has changed drastically. A lot of it is my husband though. He's not as laid back with the baby as I hoped he would be. For example, I would be willing to take our 4 month old out to a restaurant but he won't do it. He's so afraid that the baby will cry and disturb the other people eating around us, so we haven't eaten out in 4 months.

  32. I’m sure you’ve probably talked this over with your husband and I’m preaching to the choir, but you can always try things and leave if they go badly! The first time I tried putting him in the car by ourselves he screamed and we turned around after two minutes and went home. But now he can entertain himself with his hands and he happily sits back there while we go to the bank or grocery store.

  33. I didn’t purposely night wean him but he always woke up between 4 AM and 6 AM…ate a little bit and went back to sleep. Around three months I paused for a couple minutes before grabbing him or put his pacifier in. 9/10 times he went back to sleep. In order for hjm to consistently make it though I make sure to get in enough feedings during the day. We have a flexible fixed schedule (aim for certain time but if he’s hungry sooner absolutely feed him). I would’ve been fine to continue waking if he needed it, but he’s doing great without it.

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