1. Yeah, especially with people who own an exotic sport car and decides to speed in a parking deck.

  2. I mean, yeah it’s pretty much a giant swamp in most of the state… southerner approved (Don’t worry, I don’t have a stupid accident)

  3. Thought it was a alfa romeo montreal but no triangle grill

  4. Possibly. But now we’re back to annual ridership. Please tell me why this project is likely feasible when AMTRAK and MARTA (and other rail systems not in the northeastern US) continue to hemorrhage cash.

  5. Because they are set up poorly and don't actually go anywhere?

  6. And 250 miles of rail with a 5m population city on one end, with a stop in the middle at a 250k population metro area, and a 350k population metro on the other end is your idea of a rail network that goes somewhere?

  7. This is repulsive. I hope they somehow find their identities.

  8. Yes, I agree - now you have to play meta, or you are loot delivery. I like win94, actually I love it, but I can not play it. The loot rng was better than circle rng with full stack weapon. Now personal preference means shit, if you want to play - you have to play certain way, I hate it.

  9. Exactly. You aren't afforded the fun opportunities to use goofy strategies because everyone has a silenced sniper.

  10. If you were having "fun opportunities to use goofy strategies" but now you can't get away with that -- that means the game is harder now.

  11. Not necessarily, it just means that if you don't follow meta you're probably not going to do well.

  12. I'm not saying op doesn't know anything about cars, but for people who don't know cars I wouldn't be surprised if they had never heard about a lotus. It's like you asking what bird is this and someone calls you an inbred mouth breather because you didn't know it was a brown thrasher. Being an ass defeats the whole purpose of this sub

  13. Yeah if everything's full and I need to do laundry I'll just throw someone stuff on top of the machine

  14. It’s way after the buyout and not the collectible wagner you hear about. It was made like late 70’s/80’s I think. Great user!!

  15. I wonder what black and bald actress will play her in the netflix adaptation

  16. I mean it's on DocuSign if I'm not mistaken, but they should still have that together

  17. Keychron is really good. Also look into Akko because they can have some fun designs.

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