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  1. When they get to the self checkout they'll ring up one and walk out with 12.

  2. Happens a the time in my town, I always look thru the arrests log and notice ppl I went to high school with lol. That's literally the most committed crime in my area, stealing from self check-out ailes. (Well probably besides lot more drug use, but tweakers are pretty tame in my area idk how they never get caught, and there's no dope, so nobody passed out on the side walk to arrest)

  3. I dont think we have enough context to say what's happening here. If they're not together, then he can afford to feed his own kid, not however many kids she has. She has several kids from different dads, so it's her responsibility to feed her children. If they're a couple (which I highly doubt) and he only buys food for his biological kid, then I could understand her. being angry, but again I highly doubt they're together. Money doesn't grow on trees so maybe she should get a job. Edit: I didn't watch the full video before commenting, this woman is an abusive POS, kids should not be forced to live with her, but that's just americas justice system for you

  4. No this is volcanic glass. It's great for cactus soil, provides great drainage for San Pedro cactuses. It doesn't hold moisture though so it won't work for this.

  5. Actually does the opposite it makes it so what ever you add it to will have better drainage

  6. I think I'm just thinking about old school fruiting chambers for brf cakes n shit. Perlite has tons of surface area and holds a lot of water for a long time. But maybe agricultural perlite is different idk.

  7. Thank you; I promise it is! I just studied everything PGT on YouTube and amongst this community. I was super happy with how they turned out! I did lose 3 tubs to contamination, so don’t let the success fool you!

  8. Can I ask how you induced pinning? Such a nice canopy! What was your casing layer?

  9. Thank you! Casing layer was 1 quart of CVG I added immediately after combining 1 quart of colonized popcorn with 4 quarts CVG. I induced pinning (after about ~14 days) by flipping my tent over to fruiting conditions, and encouraging evaporation from the surface of the tubs. A humidifier running via controller to maintain 85-95% RH, a clip fan running 24/7 inside the tent, lights 12/12 on/off, and an inline exhaust fan that cycles for 1 minute every 60 minutes.

  10. Damm now I'm thinking I never should have sold my gorilla tent set uplol. Is this a special mushroom tent or just racks in a normal tent?

  11. Hopefully some mods can help with this. I'm still on it rn, but it doesn't show up as a server on my profile

  12. If you have go to a head shot look for Remarkable Herbs Kratom. They are pretty good and they are on AKA list.

  13. Yea but so is golden monk. I think the whole paying for AKA approval thing is outdated and ironically seeing that seal might keep some consumers away from that product. But ive not tried remarkable herbs so I can't say anything bad about them.

  14. One shot is one dose for $20. If you have a low tolerance than I guess you could try and measure out half? An oral syringe would help

  15. Can you point me in the direction to those specific tubs, they look like a perfect replacement for tubs I haven't ordered yet. Thanks!

  16. Pretty sus you would think that would be easy to obtain. What's the proof that it is US grown?

  17. You'd think as a business they'd wanna show that off!

  18. It looks like he had a first flush, then flipped the cake over for a second flush. I didn't notice til someone else pointed it out.

  19. By the looks of it, it was flipped over after the first flush, which is one of the worst things you can do because the mycelium has already put all of its effort into fruiting from the other side.

  20. You've got a ways to go, homie :( Best case scenario, 7 days and you'll be physically fine, but that's rare.

  21. So weird because shrooms always make me visualize vast landscapes and mountains covered by eyes.

  22. The last comment really brought everything into perspective.

  23. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 📤📬💌📬💌📬 ❤️

  24. The okies is red Thai btw, first time trying that as well, but im very familiar with okies, love their stuff.

  25. Can you let us know how the Mitraman Red Horn is?

  26. It's awesome. Not red in color so I'm guessing it's not fermented? It's a nice relaxing strain, makes me sleepy.

  27. Yea I gotta shout out mitra man, candy included, and every strain is amazingly fresh.

  28. I too quit benzos cold turkey and had a literal back breaking seizure about 5 weeks later…way after any noticiable withdrawal symptoms had gone away. You should probably still get consultation from a doctor because the withdrawal will fuck you up if you aren’t careful.

  29. Thats scary to hear, how long were you on them?

  30. The toothbrush moustache was, like tying an onion to your belt, the style at the time.

  31. Wait so ppl are tying onions on their belts nowadays?

  32. Maybe let the surface wetness evaporate by a window with nice sunlight. Then mist the sides of the tub and put back in fruiting chamber

  33. Instead so I don't risk contamination ( I have cats around my mini house) can I leave it in the area it's at and fan it for much longer duration and not mist at all? I don't get much light in the area they're at so is that an issue too?

  34. You can do that, but still mist, use a clean paper towel to clean up any puddles on the substrate. I was just suggesting that because the droplets evaporating away can induce pinning. Mushrooms do not need light to grow, but having just some ambient light will do them just fine. Edit: Don't completely dry the surface! It should be moist with droplets but NOT puddles 🙂

  35. The 100% bioavailability isn't worth it, snorting or boofing is better

  36. When I soaked the substrate it completely disintegrated so when I threw it back in it was completely mixed up. I was hoping the mycelium wouldn’t grow back together but I guess not.

  37. Maybe you put into fruiting conditions too early?

  38. Yes, this is only my second time in like 6-7 years running out, and the first was only by a day. But that should carry me through a few days. Thanks!

  39. Almost happened to me today, but usps came thru! Credit where credit is due, they screw me over regularly as well tbh

  40. Another triggered snowflake cuckservative. Chef's kiss