1. It’s more being in the right place at the right time.. ever girl I’ve ever met just happened randomly. So just make yourself available by going places

  2. You jokin I could see a fanned out Nigga doing this shit just to see Flock 😭

  3. These comments are so fuckin dumb. Literally this is rampant worldwide, ESPECIALLY in the U.S. Men just don’t know how to handle their emotions and anger and then do shit like this. This is a men’s issue (I’ma guy btw)

  4. Real shit my condolences this shit not right. Niggas need to speak up when innocents get hit IMO. But I’m not from the hood so can’t really speak on that tbh

  5. That’s why I said I couldn’t speak on it lol. I just mind my business

  6. Look at the niggas who never die or don’t get long prison bids. They exist. Like I said, just don’t say impossible. No need to lie cuz young idiots will just disregard everything because “____ ended up fine, if he can do it then maybe I can”. Gotta be real with em and say that the odds are low so they know you comin realistic. That’s just my opinion tho

  7. Nah you right I’m just trying to get niggas to not be in that life. It’s tough though especially if you in that environment I never lost anyone but got a couple doing long prison bids. That life is just pain Man and shit makes me sad af tbh

  8. I lost a cousin that really trap with me, really my partner in crime. He went out slagging that drac on Lz I'm hurt mentally.. for all you wannabes this shot come with responsibility... You don't know the half so be blessed you don't have too go thru the shot most of us do

  9. Keep speaking on it to wake some niggas up. That life never has a good outcome. Sorry for yo loss 🙏🏾

  10. that's just a conspiracy theory at this point.

  11. It’s not even a conspiracy I learned it in my college course lol. Some of his advisors have blatantly said the War on Drugs was to weaken to the black community and essentially criminalize poverty. It was all calculated why you think they gave Crack a mandatory minimum of 5 years and not Cocaine? Cause Niggas were more likely to do crack cause it was cheaper and more available in the hood

  12. I know the war on drugs existed, and that i unfairly punished Crack dealings more than cocaine,

  13. They wanted to put niggas in jail, that was the whole point of mass incarceration they pushed in the 80’s/90’s. They knew drugs dealers in the hood would push crack heavy since more money so they introduced it to the hood. I think you you gotta stop looking at the War of Drugs as them trying to get drugs off the streets. It’s pretty common knowledge that to combat the drug problem you need to push rehabilitation, investment in the communities affected, and opportunity so you won’t fall into the cycle. This was well known when these laws were created, but they simply didn’t give af and just started locking niggas up for VERY minor offenses, thus wrecking havoc in the Black community.

  14. Type of nigga to yell “I know a secret” and then get mad when niggas ask 😭

  15. More that women will get questioned extensively one why they don’t have kids when it’s no one fuckin business. Happens to my sis(29) all the time and it’s so dumb

  16. Is this not acceptable? I feel like the reverse is true. Men are discouraged from approaching women because we don't want to harass anyone.

  17. Lol it’s perfectly fine I’ve been approached by women plenty of times. Just not as likely since men normally make the first move. People in these comments telling on themselves lol

  18. I’m OP’s age and this whole thing is pretty ridiculous. Pretty obvious they are insecure and letting Social media ruin the relationship. Would definitely suggest some therapy though

  19. NTA. If your husband is old enough to be a husband and father, he's old enough to put his wants aside and focus on his duties: to you, to your toddler, and to your as-yet-unborn baby.

  20. I agree. As a father and man he needs to provide when his family needs him the most. Pregnancy is one of someone’s most vulnerable time, and expecting a 33 week pregnant women who has to take care of a toddler AND is high risk is absolutely crazy. NTA and let me add you ARE NOT being needy, family> some trip

  21. She’s so fuckin lame. 27 year old inserting herself in gang beef being at her grown age.

  22. No lie lil bro and a few other names through this thread a Nigga truly interacted with before we grew up and went separate ways. To many people who walked the halls of highlands have been killed the same way this shit really crazy. I wish I had the yearbook now to show y’all all the names some of y’all never even met before. Like other bruh say on here knew this nigga ass Josh who played baseball in middle school

  23. Bruh that’s crazy I lived right off Dunn 6 mins from Highlands but my parents wouldn’t send me there for middle and I was mad cause my friends were there. Shit crazy but now I’m older It made sense that school has a crazy rep and my friends got caught up with the wrong crowd and did dumb shit. Sad fr need to invest in our schools

  24. They don’t give af bout this sub but they hella active on Clubhouse/Insta etc. They normally monitor the people in the gangs or associates, not us who just talking/assuming shit. Though I’ll probably say they definitely know bout this sub

  25. Honestly.. just be nice, sweet and kind. You could be a short or tall and I'd like you.

  26. I’m a 5’7 guy lol, and my height rarely ever comes up in dating lol. What I noticed is most women really don’t give a shit, and the ones that actually care will go for the guys they like so I never understood why it’s such a big deal lol. So people are shallow though

  27. Not all Americans speak the same language. If you walk a block in New York City, you have heard likely 100s of different languages. And some regions in America people speak so differently that it could be a completely different language. You will never have similar diversity of people in Europe.

  28. Literally this. I’m in Orlando and my side of town everyone speaks Spanish. Literally first language in majority of shops in the area

  29. As a born and raised Floridian, we get a bad wrap. Most people in Florida moved to Florida. The current statistic is 1000 people a day on average move here. It seems we don’t get the brightest coming here. Someone always seems to be escaping something when they come.

  30. Been here my whole life. I never thought we were that weird tbh. I just think Florida news tends to sensationalized a bit.

  31. Wym you gave her the money???? You just gotta hold the L don’t do no dumb shit over a hoe. NEVER

  32. Please stop giving bitches money that’s not yo wife or very long term gf. Not yo job to take care of her if y’all just dating and kicking it

  33. Please say fucking sike 😭😭😭😭😭

  34. You need to get CPS involved. This text alone could warrant an investigation (used to work in childcare and had similar situations)

  35. i mean coming from a good family dont indicate if you finna succeed or not. yea it puts you ina better position but 9/10 ya family money aint ya money so niggas go above n beyond to get it

  36. It depends on influence. A dude I went to school with got a couple for armed robbery, and his dad is a Captain at JSO. Dude had money but was around the wrong people and got caught up.

  37. Bruh facts everything we post in this sub I guarantee JSO knows and more. Them niggas corrupt not stupid

  38. Hinata Hyuga is a good wife I think it’ll last

  39. Know a friend that went to jail for 3 or 4 days and was talking about how “he had to change his whole mentality” 😂😂😂 he was so happy that he had went to jail 😂

  40. Ain’t That the nigga that stole woody

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