1. Is it possible to save in a coop playthrough? A friend and I started a run tonight and got about 45 minutes in. We quit out to see what would happen when we loaded back up and it restarted us at the first rest point.

  2. It’s good if you’re a lapsed Pokémon fan, but it’s easy to pick apart if you really want to be critical.

  3. Oooooohhh! You bringing up Silver hooks me a little bit 😂 Gen 2 is my favorite

  4. Just install the PS4 version on your PS5 (which would run at 30fps) and you should be able to play coop.

  5. I kinda figured the same thing but is this confirmed? Everything I’m seeing is saying “players playing on a PS5 will not be able to play with players on a PS4 at launch” so the wording makes it sound like the version doesn’t matter.

  6. Man I hope that much blue light doesn't ruin your eye sight.

  7. Lolol, it only looks like that when I take a picture with my phone. I do have blue light glasses just in case though

  8. Hi guys! I’m only HR 20 and mainly play for fun but got this talisman and it seems good. I saw the LS build for stun and that is awesome but I play mostly with friends so don’t think LS is the best option. Any other good set ideas to build around this talisman would be appreciated!

  9. They qualify for the next round? Couldn’t watch the last few games unfortunately.

  10. Came here to see if they qualified for today once I saw they were playing together and you folks giving me all the info I need!

  11. Shared profile gaming between PS4 and PS5?

  12. Dope. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that gets slightly bothered by it!

  13. Is anyone else having trouble getting it to launch? Literally won’t do anything on my computer. I click launch, and nothing. I’ve tried from shortcut and Epic Store.

  14. I think that would be great but I doubt that would happen anytime soon. For one thing, I think his whole reason for leaving is that he wants to do his own thing for now. Second, with how accomplished Fran is, he's not gonna be cheap so i doubt KF could afford him.

  15. I had these thoughts too but I still have hope!

  16. need to up your patreon then. that beautiful head of hair doesn't pay for itself.😍

  17. This whole thread gets me hyped af!

  18. Also, immediately trying to kick when someone DOESNT clutch a 1v5... not cool.

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