1. I have their bullshit app on my s10+ and previously on an s9+ and it has NEVER WORKED.

  2. They washed a few billion through him this US election cycle so they must consider it a parting gift for his service.

  3. And people who DO pay taxes should demand a full audit of the government

  4. It's a perfectly fine router with built in antenna.

  5. Her profile on POF also states she likes long walks on the beach and watching scammer rage videos on Twitch.

  6. If she can take it like that, it wouldn't seem like it was previiously not desteoyed.

  7. It’s a scam. Flasko on Telegram has a lot more followers and investors and they want your private phrase key to verify your account 🧐

  8. They are certainly putting some $$$ into ads and infomercial style articles around the traps. Nothing like Tamadoge, but still, something. It’s very early days.

  9. Yes, just added more FLSK just now, the 70% bonus must be taken advantage of

  10. It may indeed be a scam but the amount I put in won't break the bank. It would be cool if it's legit. Spinning the roulette wheel here lol

  11. There are dozens of legit projects where devs hold 50% (sometimes more). Yours is a very low-wattage comment.

  12. there is a scam telegram group pulling this stunt, i actually invested a small amount because yolo and in the official telegram group no one has asked for any details. its all been smooth. Still not sure itf its legit but i had a little punt in case it is.

  13. It's an ancient Roman bowling ball used to knock down 10 Christians in formation. The 7-10 split was common.

  14. Yes... it's a glitch I ran into yesterday when I bought in. I had to remove it and add it again and haven't had an issue since. Hopefully you may have the same result.

  15. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand why are you here to comment 4 years later? Exactly loooooooooool

  16. They are a Hound, which may present that type of personality but they each have their own personalities and characteristics. Some are, more than others, but it's an unfair characterization. I think "independent" is a better choice of word.

  17. Why the labels? Just present a cohesion in your speech representing your position and those who can't appreciate it for what it is aren't worth talking to.

  18. What does this have to do with the Flawless Lossless Audio Codec?

  19. Studies show republican states tend to take the most and give back the least though

  20. Studies show states like CA & NY give out some of the most and run outrageous deficits to pay for it and tax the hell out of everything and everyone to still spend more than they take in.

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