Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg loses $8.5b due to outage

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  1. Always had a soft spot for Ralph’s Tavern even though it’s not hardcore Italian. Their wings are still the best AINEC.

  2. As an alternative answer to Cafe Capriccio, was looking for Ralph’s.

  3. A lion wearing a crown and a pocket watch, except the lion is a penis

  4. Panther looks amazing. Is the wind up bird a tribute to Murakami? I saw another wind up bird on here but never got the story on that one.

  5. Nah, I just saw the concept with realistic birds and thought it’d be a cool spin on the trad swallow design.

  6. Sigh, 8 years ago I saw Brand New at a brewery in upstate NY. Now we’re doing this.

  7. Don’t do it. Between Apple Pay, financial institutions like JPM, and possible crypto solutions, there doesn’t need to be a 4th digital payment provider.

  8. Lol, PayPal generates over 5X Apple Pay's revenue. Apple Pay is way more "4th payment provider" than PayPal.

  9. For now, but why wouldn’t you think Apple could end up outrunning PayPal?

  10. Sick! See you got that ACAB pig at Black Dagger. I’m in NY but stopped there last time I was in Austin.

  11. A while ago there was an analyst on CNBC half time report talking about how she’s buying PTON now that it dropped to $100. She hasn’t been back on the show since.

  12. This has NOTHING to do with the outage and everything to do with the whistleblower 60 minutes story. When it started at 11:40am EDT the stock was at $325, already near the bottom.

  13. Also all of tech sold off. NVDA was also down 5% today.

  14. Alcohol doesn't increase cholesterol or clog your arteries...

  15. And cheerios alone do nothing to prevent heart disease, so at least it’s consistent?

  16. Not OP but decreasing sugar consumption/processed foods overall has helped me a bit.

  17. If I had any cash, it would go into CLF. Trading at ~4x earnings. Avg price target of $28.79. Just dipped under $20 on Friday. High IV if you like selling covered calls.

  18. I have a portfolio of AAPL, FB, NVDA, PYPL, TGT, MRNA and CRWD. I feel as if this is a good mix of reliability with AAPL, FB and TGT and to an extent PYPL as well with its long track record. I have lesser weights on risks like CRWD and MRNA. Is there anything I should consider adding to this portfolio? Any advice would be appreciated

  19. What’s your investment time horizon? In the medium term you may want to add some industrial and/or financial exposure to hedge against the way a lot of those trade based on inflation and rates.

  20. I usually have positions in the 20s, but this is a bit much. While I can’t know what’s in all the index funds, I imagine there’s some overlap. Then ~40 separate individual companies is hard to follow.

  21. This is one of the better case scenarios. Honesty totally missed that he left Youth Fountain tho

  22. Agreed but I’m confident in Tyler continuing YF.

  23. They still do game of thrones day? Big yikes

  24. Most of the game is usually pretty amazing but then the 9th inning is just god awful.

  25. It’s cool but I think you should try cutting down the duration of the delay. Gets a little muddy.

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