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  1. He is just more into professional MMA than professional BJJ, and mostly just does BJJ for fun. I mean I can't really blame him, watching BJJ is just boring. MMA is way more exciting of a sport to commentate on.

  2. Also when he got into BJJ it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now.

  3. My wife would wear that but she’s a fry cook.

  4. Most of y’all didn’t experience the the two or three win seasons.

  5. I honestly still don’t know what Big Red is or how he became our mascot.

  6. Wow. So many athletes in this fight!

  7. Man I love Cudi and this hurts to watch. No artist deserves that, no matter the situation because they are still people.

  8. Most journalism schools are now, “media” schools. At this point I think they’ve just given up on the whole journalism thing, it doesn’t make them money. These headlines get people to click which makes them money.

  9. He should’ve brought his wife, he’d probably have better luck with the women.

  10. Unlimited time matches are cool in theory but terrible when you just want to watch Jiu jitsu and have to be at work in the morning.

  11. They’re getting better with superfluous production details, but still totally flubbing the basics like the audio.

  12. For real. If they could just get the audio figured out they’d be taken a little more seriously.

  13. First, I’m so sorry for your situation. I pray that God will give you wisdom during this time and peace both for your wife and you.

  14. They hate USC too…I like them.

  15. This makes the OU SEC move suck even worse. I really wanted to stay in the Big 12

  16. I did too, but it’ll be for the best. I think. I’m thinking in terms of NIL competitiveness

  17. Or throw us into complete oblivion as far as relevance. Not the likely outcome but we had a good thing going the Big 12 plus I really enjoyed going to Lubbock.

  18. I think it would be cool to see them cover Bohemian Rhapsody.

  19. I think mainly the media is just trying to prove that there’s a shit ton of mass shootings in the US. This graphic proves them right

  20. Also New Yorkers: do nothing to help because, “it isn’t their business.” Even though she asks for help. Bravo.

  21. You know, I never got into JP after the first Rogan episode. I didn’t really understand why people followed him so much. But after the second episode I read the comments about how disappointed his fans have become after hearing him, so I went and YouTubed his old seminars from when he used to teach.

  22. His daughter derailed his train. Ever since she got involved and became an intellectual by riding his coattails and her “natural” ways of healing him through a carnivore diet, it just went down hill.

  23. There’s an alternate timeline where MJ is the undefeated champ.

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