The Borrowed Shares we saw from Ortex are Real. Let me show you with their own words "There is no indication that some provider was intentionally providing false data for GME"

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  1. I just watched that episode like an hour ago; Donna saying he stole a kiss under false pretenses cracked me up haha

  2. I’ve been watching this one… wasn’t sure it was funny or if I was the only one expecting more for the price? yeah the piece of land it’s on is absolutely hilarious.

  3. You have any crazy dreams? Mine were so vivid I was afraid to sleep. But I think about a week I felt back to normal besides the dreams that lasted longer

  4. yeah man my dreams went absolutely wild, sometimes now I take a T-break every once in a while just because I want some good dreams.

  5. put a couple of good 3 hours in with a bastard file, learn to keep it sharp, and your next handle probably won’t break. keeping it sharp after you get a good edge is easy and won’t take but 10 minutes to get it back razor sharp

  6. This is good information. Also, all this happened before 10/31, so we could see a much higher short interest reported to FINRA, and that data comes out Wednesday, the 9th. I've already set reminders throughout the day to check it every hour, as they can release the information at any time during the day. I'm hoping to see this information in the short interest, because if we do, we could definitely see some FOMO from the double u s b peeps.

  7. I was in GME in December 2020 and believe the same thing happened then. Starting on 22 December back then the price action started to get spicy.

  8. is there a way to go back and look at the borrow rates for Dec ‘20- Jan ‘21?

  9. Yes, but you have to either find your safe place or somehow acclimate back into society, or be someone that Alan Watts once referred to as, the ideal, "swinging type of person", easily going from materialism(societal mask), to spiritual(comedian/sincere words/etc). There are still spiritual people knee-deep in society, such as a giddy comedic office coworker who is also a veteran North Vietnamese fighter pilot who faught and killed Americans. If you've hit sagehood/energetic activation or something similar, I'd advise you to invest time to rounding yourself, seek a teacher or group, who might suggest a pilgrimage of sorts, such as one to India or a special lake in China - locations I've heard of in passing. Powerful awakened individuals have left their energy in places; think about consciousness expanding to such a degree, that the very space it relaxed and laid itself out on has been ingrained with it's essence. Anyway, I can only speak for myself as to how I, chaotically, got through my lonesome journey back to square one. I believe I can credit much of the ease to having had a comfy exp in society in my early years, one I could easily slip back into and resume. My awakening had me going through an all-encompassing psychedelic/spiritual gauntlet. I experienced paradise on Earth, psychosis, Hell on Earth, and have returned as apparently, "an inward-looking individual", which means for one, I'm solid enough to remain blissful/peaceful, and aware enough as to not, always, delve into the esoteric side of life with the wrong people. If you can live and be accepted by regular/lay people, you can very easily become of aware of how mad of a choice it is to be opening your mouth about such far-out things to regular people. They maybe angry confused children on their own paths to growth, but children nonetheless, children who shouldnt be exposed to some things.

  10. this was good. really good. thank you for putting in the time and sharing this nugget of wisdom.

  11. The that's obvious. No American calls it A&E. It's the ER

  12. yeah I just thought Duck Dynasty when I read A&E lol

  13. Gasoline will remove dried paint. Lol at the hate I’m about to get

  14. not me, I’ve got a 98 chevy and one pair of reliable sneakers. pull them out maybe twice a year lol

  15. If you wanted to try something natural, someone one time suggested using black walnuts to dye clothing/leather. I want to try it myself

  16. anyone know what boots those might be? they’re niceee

  17. is it me, or does the antenna that comes with the new TSC5 not last nearly as long as the TSC3 antennas from 6 or 7 years ago? these new antennas feel cheap and seem to be all but dead if they pop apart at the knuckle. I remember those old antennas would pop apart but they’d be fine and seemed to be sturdier and just last longer generally.

  18. at the peak of covid my (previous) employer put me and my crew up in the dankest Red Roof Inn ever, in Macon, Ga. one night I found a bunch of leftover spicy vaccines on the bathroom vanity after getting out of the shower… good times.

  19. Ahhh yes, the leaky chest waders. My old foe….

  20. I swear it's usually bigger, I just got out of the pool man

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