NFL Legend Terrell Owens shares footage of incident with his female neighbor saying "you're a black man approaching a white women"!

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  1. Yea same for me. Every time, the lag, even it’s just slight, makes it unplayable for me.

  2. Definitely not good for fps but decent for any other type of game that’s not fast paced

  3. Omg I didn’t know they continued this game , oh wait I thought this was DOA extreme beach volleyball

  4. If it possible can you show me the settings of your printing and i want to know about the (exposure off compensate ) is on or off because every time i prints its taking too much time and failure prints . Much appreciate

  5. I use the default settings. Takes several hours and I print in pieces .

  6. Ok, Thanks! I guess I have the settings then. In photon workshop? I find this printer to be about 3 times slower than my Mono X so wanted to know print time and settings in case I am overlooking something in my settings.

  7. Same shop but for sum reason the estimated print time always seems to be less then actual print time when I plug and print

  8. How much was the wrap ? Looking to get one done soon .

  9. I do . And I have tons of unopened packs . I grab them when I can cause my local stores are always out of them

  10. I received my mini in May, just setting it up now. Been too busy af at work and wife + kids.

  11. That’s exactly how I felt . I just had to be honest with my self after awhile . It’s disheartening after spending so much money on it. But felt it was a bad investment then ended up selling it for and buying a gaming laptop that was CHEAPER but was faster better and compare-ably just as mobile

  12. I can't put my onexplayer down love it...being next to your wife while gaming as she watches her favorite tv shows makes you present to her..and makes her happy...also I have big hands so it helps next you just have to mess with the settings and recalibrate the controls to get things to work..I play anthem hand held and it looks amazing just had to lower the screen resolution and it still looks amazing

  13. While I would agree with you with everything you stated about the wife thing because that’s mainly the reason why I got my 1X initially after I got my gaming laptop and a lap pad I was just having a better experience with frame rates resolution overall I also used it to stream my PS five games and the one X controller was not very good for that either but the laptop was great I can hook a controller to it it’s perfect but I will revisit the handhelds once I get a steam deck

  14. I think it’s an anycubic . I have the v2.0 wash and cure station this is the v1.0 I can tell by the plate, iUV light tower, the color of the plastic cover, and the reflective thin paper used you cure the bottom .

  15. FFX. I’ll never forget being a kid when it dropped, and fully 100%ing it. It’s the first game I ever completed on my own and truly changed my life. I don’t think I’ll ever stop crying at that ending.

  16. This is the first game that made me cry

  17. Yeah bro it’s getting annoying . Don’t forget piccolo, android 18, android 17, Beerus was at one point gonna destroy earth, emperor pelaf literally lives with Vegeta, and his family, tien, like every opposing force ends up a z fighter more or less toriyama is a dog shit writer after that cash. Creative artist not a creative story writer.

  18. I mean Cell and Frieza are still villains and goku black/ Zamasu hasn’t come back, Nappa and Raditz any of the ginyu force. That’s like half the major antagonist of dbz/s that haven’t become good guys.

  19. So you agree literally half of all the villains have come back as Allies???!! Vs any other manga/anime you’re telling me half is okay? It’s fab service nothing more. Just a writer selling out and letting the fans dictate what’s happens next which prove my point. Any decision he makes on his own people hate it, thus not a good writer.

  20. She couldn’t do math after that

  21. also unfortunately i bought through Anycube and got the cleaning station, containers , and airpurifyer

  22. Me too, and your models will NOT fit in the wash & cure. Makes sense that it would not, especially since I purchased them in a BUNDLE!!!!

  23. So I just got my printer this week but have been waiting on my wash and cure but UPS lost my package so now it’s under investigation . If it’s not gonna fit anyways might as well start printing now. How are you washing and curing your prints if you don’t mind my asking.

  24. It sounds metal af. I know Bungie is pushing us to monochromatic builds, but it would be sweet if we could focus on two elements, like solar subclass with void weapons etc. With armour mods that connect the two with unique effects. Like applies volatile to scorched enemies upon picking up an orb of power etc.

  25. Man that would be a lot for Bungie to handle but the build possibilities would be insane

  26. With a sand filter, you should backwash then rinse once the pressure in your filter gets above a certain threshold. You do not, however, have to disassemble it.

  27. I recently bought a salt pool with the sand filter I you said rinse send out of drain but which mine does too I think my question is. On mine I have rinse and a waste valves setting what’s the difference. Also recycle? Isn’t the water always being recycled when it’s filtered. Sorry . I’ve inly lived in the house for a year so far

  28. Waste is just to drain the pool and it should bypass the filter entirely and just send the water straight from the pump to the drain.

  29. thank you. very informative. plus that makes so much since what you said about getting sand in the pool. i was wondering where sand was coming from but i dont have sand around haha i though it was just accumulated dirt that came off of leaf debris falling into the pool. (damn neighbors have a giant tree hangs over our fence really annoying)

  30. He's pumped he hasn't felt this alive in years 10 to be exact since he married that bitch Sandra who slowly took all his happiness away he can't even go over to catch a pint with his neighbor without hearing about it but tonight he's with the boys and it's on baby

  31. Sucking up all the talent with this wonderful artwork !!!

  32. No no let’s hear’em out first

  33. That student loan disbursement bought a sick rig

  34. Thank you I appreciate it. Was a long road to get it to where it is now

  35. Where do you get the statues . Your not paying those ridiculous prices on eBay are you ?

  36. Have you considered resin printing ?

  37. Haha just jokin . Looking good for 37. Stick with it it’s gonna take longer at 37 to find exactly what you want and via tinder is a long shot but no harm in putting yourself out there . Just roll with the punches and don’t settle for less. Oh and be safe.

  38. Now’s our chance to find out the truth. Why did you kill Gabby Patito!!!!!!

  39. I got one for 1500 new on Amazon. Could’ve got it for less on other websites. Why would I pay 1400 for used?

  40. thats the Buy now price + the hardcase . the auction starts at 1000$ did you even click on the link?

  41. I know that. Of course I clicked the link. How else would I know the buy now?

  42. Free Shipping and a hardcase. have it sooner rather than compete with others for the lowest price.

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