1. So I bought the Costco model and assembled it… it mentions some screws in the diffuser step but I can’t figure out where they’d go… Also noticed as well as the lack of griddle which I was aware of and ok with, it seems the warming racks are cheaper… the question is do the mounts support the better ones that fold out of way… anyone know of any other differences?

  2. I got 3 vehicles tinted at Sunbusters on 183. Very happy with the work.

  3. Their tint pricing was pretty good... their PPF was super high... but perhaps they outsource it.

  4. I’ll take that last slice in the back... looks delicious!

  5. Update: SwitchResX fixed it. I wish I went to this solution earlier. I had some other resolution tool I thought worked the same, but no way.

  6. Not that you'll be interested (since it's solved for you) but maybe someone else will come along...

  7. Well, I wonder now if it was only happening on the usb c connection... which I quit using since it doesn’t support the full resolution...

  8. The price per pig is interesting... a 30# can cost you more than a 41# pig....

  9. I had the same problem for weeks on my QNAP with both haugene/transmission-openvpn and binhex/arch-delugevpn . After no small amount of hair loss and graying, this is what worked for me.

  10. That seemed to have fixed my issue. I then had it working... now that I've tried to install some other containers/apps, etc I've come across another issue. It won't connect anymore to my NordVPN and I get a parsing error in the logs... :-/ This was after I uninstalled QVPN.

  11. I use Private Internet Access since it allows port forwarding for torrents.

  12. What all settings did you have to do for PIA? I'm moving my setup to that now.

  13. Well, recreated the shared folder with permissions, and re-installed Container Station and it seemed to fix that particular issue.

  14. Whole cook was 225, poppers were about 3 hours.

  15. Clean, cut, and seed jalapeños in half lengthwise. Mix cream cheese, favorite Mexican cheese, and bbq seasoning into mixture. Stuff and wrap with bacon, season with more bbq seasoning... Smoke and enjoy!

  16. So I bought the camp chef with a 10% off coupon... 449+tax... I really was considering a rec tec or even the better camp chef with WiFi but will give this a shot first... maybe I can sell it later for not much loss and upgrade...

  17. I’m thinking a out jumping on it but wish I had a 10-20% off coupon!

  18. But without the fat cap which it 100% needs to be legit!

  19. So logo was ok, Benchy looks pretty good... not sure if I need to adjust any settings or not.

  20. https://help.prusa3d.com/article/sVQHD6vtfm-bearings-maintenance

  21. It's brand new, but I can take it apart and grease it up better...

  22. Did you build it, or preassembled? Do you have silent mode on?

  23. Built it from kit, running normal mode from code file shipped on SD.

  24. I am no expert, but my first print of the logo looked similar. I was over extruding, so dialing back the extrusion multiplier Was what worked for me. There was a post a few months back that I learned alot from. It also had the prusa logo and it looked like yours and mine.

  25. Wash the textured sheet with Dawn dishwashing soap. I couldn't get silver pla to stick until I did that.

  26. Please post the details... how do they work? I’d love to build a set.

  27. My kit is getting delivered today as well... can’t wait!

  28. When did y’all order? I ordered last Friday... can’t wait for mine to ship!

  29. Likely not at first but I could maybe see myself printing larger items in the future... I’m likely going to print some flight sim gear and small items for now.

  30. Updating my selection between the following I3 MK3S And CR-10S Pro V2

  31. Any suggestions on basic things to buy, etc?

  32. There’s one for sale on FATPNW right now. 125k

  33. Can you post a screenshot? Where is FATPNW?

  34. Waiting on this order to ship... I wonder how long it will be on backorder. Also, since this is eligable for the Trade-Up program... does anyone know what the price breakdown will be? On my order it just shows the bundle price vs individual price. If I recall, the Trade-Up is based upon price paid of trade-in vs MSRP of trade-up. Is that correct?

  35. Check your email, they told me it was discontinued and offered to replace it with a 1080 FTW2 DT instead. If you don’t reply within 5 days they just cancel the order.

  36. Thanks for the heads up... I’d been in contact before that and got them to replace it with that card. I tried for other cards and psus that were in stock offering to pay deltas without any luck... Though interesting per evga the original sc card is not discontinued...

  37. B&H just cancelled mine, saying it was discontinued. They offered me a GTX 1080 FTW2 DT as a replacement for the same price. Thoughts?

  38. I took the DT offer... I think it's still a pretty good deal. I may step up to the 1180 or 1170 ti if they come out within the 90 days...

  39. I emailed and asked as my order was on "Back Order" and they said the SC2 is discontinued and won't come back in stock...

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