1. This disease is so hellish. I hope you can get to feeling better somehow.

  2. I wish this monster could be removed from power and face justice.

  3. I did the same thing in a red hat class once only it was RHEL 6 I think. Don't beat yourself up over it.

  4. Use lsmod in the guest and lsmod in the host and compare the output of each. Are you sure they are the same?

  5. I hope it can help you out. I have surgery scheduled myself for January 11th.

  6. I'm lucky that my employer is still onboard with the whole remote work thing. We are still having trouble filling positions.

  7. God that sucks. I'm sorry. Its not fair. I am spending the weekend working myself to death to avoid bad consequences at work and to forget about how lonely I am. I've always been a throwaway boyfriend to the women in my life until I stopped even trying. Good luck to you. I hope the pain can stop somehow.

  8. Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

  9. I can relate. I hope it will feel better soon.

  10. This is why he lost. No one cares about the culture warrior social issues or hating so much of the population. Also he behaved like a clown the whole time he was in office.

  11. USA. I lived on both the west coast and now east coast.

  12. I know how you feel! I'm gathering my strength to go back to the E.R. after a new/old one came back with a vengeance within the last 2 F days. I hope it can be better for us somehow. The thing is, many of us have the curse. So its not something we deserve or did to ourselves. We are just unlucky AF I think.

  13. I prefer the CLI for most tasks involving files. Using "git" or mv, make, etc makes more sense in my mind. I do like using a GUI also however for a desktop and many GUI apps like text editor and web browser.

  14. I remember when he asked a black female reporter to set up a meeting between him and a group of black politicians.

  15. 🎵 It stopped, short, never to go again... when the old man died... 🎵

  16. Happy birthday. This disease is so cruel. I hope you will be able to get back home asap!

  17. Sometimes they have no choice about the distro. Perhaps due to government contracts. If they do have a choice, there are many alternatives to RHEL such as CentOS or Rocky / Alma Linux which are free.

  18. I'm glad this is over for me. What a nightmare to get all of these removed at once was.

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