1. As a huge hockey fan, I would think it’s hilarious. But as a woman, I think that if i didn’t have the context I’d be wary.

  2. When I found out that he was under active investigation for rape, 2 years into our relationship

  3. The fact that she removed all of that information and then added “Dawn is very open and transparent” is just chef’s kiss

  4. As a side note, I wish we did. I’d rather get everything done with and leave faster instead of waiting under a piece of paper for 20 minutes on them to come back

  5. I appreciate the privacy. I have an especially difficult time getting exams because of trauma from sexual assault and being alone to get as comfortable as possible and feel my feelings is nice. I think if they were right there, I’d feel rushed and wouldn’t be able to get into the right headspace to go through with the exam. I cry every time anyway, but the anxiety would just be multiplied if I felt like they were waiting on me to get my shit together.

  6. Hi kittens! Like our boss babe, I’m 29 and desperately want to be a wife and a mom. But my relationship (3.5ish years) is destroying my soul and I’m working on getting out. It’s so stressful to feel like I’m going backwards, so please convince me that I’m doing the right thing by starting over 🙏🏻

  7. It lasts way longer than stuff from a bakery; there are certain preservation methods that just cannot be performed if bread is being made the traditional way. So if money is tight, at least the shitty white loaf won't go bad.

  8. Nostalgia is absolutely a factor. It is sacrilege to eat a fluffernutter on anything other than shitty white loaf bread.

  9. It used to be that after every main update, players would rush to My Recollections to see what new dresses had been added. This was our pre-preview of upcoming events before even the official announcement. I’m sure that it was removed because lack of transparency=more money spent.

  10. I think when a bridezilla says “ruin,” she means “take people’s eyes off of me.” Which is ridiculous.

  11. These brides always give me the same vibes as the girl from my high school who said “I won’t be friends with anyone prettier than me”

  12. “I swear I didn’t rape her, it was consensual” - my then-boyfriend, regarding a sexual encounter that he was under investigation for

  13. Hey swerties and totally legit licensed MUAs ✨I’m embarrassingly old to not know how to do makeup but here I am. Does anyone here have any good tips on where to get started on selecting products and techniques to suit one’s palette and features? All of the makeup reddits I’ve seen just show off different looks but I need to start from square one!

  14. I am also pretty bad with makeup. What I found most helpful was to make an appointment with a makeup artist (you can do day or formal makeup) and pay attention to what they’re doing and ask questions. She talked through everything and I learned SO much about my face and how to emphasize (and diminish) certain features.

  15. “On second thought, can you come back and throw me over like a frisbee?”

  16. I was in an extremely manipulative & emotionally abusive relationship for 2.5 years. I found out he was cheating when he was brought up under investigation for r*pe, he gaslit and manipulated me into forgiving him, and then a month later he dumped me and kicked me out for “forgiving him too easily.”

  17. Any baby she gets her hands on will be able to name 20 shades of brown and exactly zero other colors

  18. And MS could even make a cat Instagram page and probably fuck that up somehow.

  19. Her cats would have way more organic followers than her so she would never

  20. Where do you live and where are your boxes shipped from?

  21. I’m near Seattle and get mine from Phoenix, too. I’ve never received the wrong protein.

  22. Yep, I could’ve used it as an opener but I didn’t want to because of that

  23. A person who received an INTP result would likely be excited to teach you/talk about something they’re interested in

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