1. CS student so bias incoming I got my associates degree in business admin and was going to finish my undergrad in accounting before I switched to CS. While making the transition I was able to get a Junior PHP web dev job from self teaching. That being said, I think the mindset of “just a piece of paper” is a little misleading. Even if your degree is in dog grooming it lets the employer know that you can start and finish something and that gives an advantage over anyone who did not finish school. I’ll finish a second associate’s in CS and an undergrad in CS for ~$25k by doing community college first + not living on campus at university. In my opinion that number is very much worth it and not an unnecessary debt. Some people my age are spending that on a new car, and $25k won’t even get you an above average one if it’s new. You don’t need to spend $70k for a degree if you’re smart about it, and I think if someone is willing and able, then a CS degree should be encouraged, not discouraged :)

  2. You can lube the hybrid type-s? I know absolutely nothing about keyboards but one day I looked into lubing mine and remember reading not to do it. Or maybe it’s just harder on this type of switch, or can be bad if done incorrectly, not sure it was a while ago. But if it’s safe to do and beneficial then… :)

  3. Video posted a year ago, these targeted ads are getting new abilities

  4. damn, people on this sub like peak design stuff huh

  5. Look who it is lol. I just like the orange accent color 😂 still bought one though

  6. Aside from speaking Japanese or being told by someone else, where is this explained

  7. it's an anime-ism sentence ending indicator. these are not real words but I hope that it conveys my meaning. In media, they'll often have characters end their sentences with specific personality-markers to give you a better idea of their character as quickly as possible. real people will rarely ever speak like this.

  8. Wow this is a much more interesting answer than I thought I’d get out of the question. Thanks for explaining

  9. I also bought a UPC from the guy, the contents printing on the shipping box matches, he’s had his account since 2016 with good reviews and he had an email receipt from Pokémon center. So I don’t have 100% proof of not being scammed but it was reasonable enough for me to make the purchase

  10. I’m so used to seeing NSFW flairs being used so liberally that I’m insensitive to them when clicking on an image and then I get hit with this…

  11. Isn’t that just the reflection of the sun off the shiny leaves? Lol

  12. Well yes, but they’re pretty bright. I’m new to plants I’m just trying to figure out how to tell direct from indirect so I don’t burn the leaves :(

  13. Anywhere besides the actual window sill is what I’d consider low light

  14. Ah, so the bright spot on the floor would still be too low?

  15. Which exposure is it? Looks like it would work for a ficus as long as it’s not north.

  16. Assuming the way to measure this is just holding a compass in front of the window, it’s facing South. I’m new to plants, didn’t know that mattered 🤔

  17. What is the “built with ❤️ by” part I see on a lot of the sites posted on this sub? Is it a part of a hosting company everyone is using or something similar? Or do people just add it for fun?

  18. No idea if these are worth selling or not but we use OpenCart extensions at work

  19. I don’t really keep up with politics so I don’t know if bashing capitalism is a meme right now or if you were being serious. While the shop maybe shouldn’t be charging $70 for a $40 game, they should absolutely have the choice to do so. Who are we to tell someone else how much money they are allowed to ask for in exchange for a video game. If they want $70 and I want that game for strictly $40 then I simply do not get the game. Not from them at least. I think obviously the extra $30 to OP was worth being able to feel it first and walk out the door with it. Or take someone who works all the time and values their spare time it would take to learn the skill of authenticating much more than they value that $30. Thanks to the shop, that person won’t have to invest time into that skill. I think at least having the extra option of spending more for getting the game the same day, seeing it in person first, and not needing to learn to authenticate yourself isn’t such a bad thing.

  20. I think the problem here is that buying games at such a high price shows game stores and companies that they can get away with charging whatever absurd prices they want for games that were produced in the millions. These are loose cartridges we’re talking about. There’s no way there’s a shortage of pokemon carts out there. They’re some of the most popular and best selling games ever made. The retro game market has seen a huge increase in prices recently. That will just keep going up if people keep buying. Video game collecting won’t be a hobby anymore, it’ll be like the stock market. People will try to buy low and sell higher and higher. It’s just sad to see retro gaming turn from a fun hobby that someone could reasonably get into to an exclusive club made for the rich.

  21. I definitely agree with it being a problem. I have all gen 1-3 games CIB and started in 2016 when I got my first job. Back then a good quality CIB yellow was $70 on the high end so I’ve definitely tracked the crazy price increase. Where I had a problem was seeing people blaming OP for wanting the confidence of not having to risk it on eBay for lower prices. If I want a guaranteed genuine product, there’s nothing wrong with that, and if that means paying more then so be it. OP shouldn’t have to buy something they don’t want just to say F you to the retro gaming market. The two issues are very intertwined and both effect each other so it’s kind of a mess but. I just don’t think someone should feel guilty for paying for peace of mind, whether justified or not.

  22. Is the bike frame the right size for you? Check out some bike fit YouTube videos and see if there might be other issues besides your saddle. Seat height being an area to focus on. Also, are your tires sufficiently inflated? You’re a big dude (me too), and if my tires don’t have proper pressure, the rolling resistance gets ugly.

  23. Trek had some proprietary looking computer thing that took a picture of me and the worker moved the marker to my inseam and stuff so I assume it’s correctly fitted but I’d have no clue if it wasn’t. The seat isn’t way high or way low if that’s any indicator. The tires feel firm. The stuff about the seat resting on my soft tissue instead of the bones sounds pretty accurate to what it feels like so I’m going to look into a wider seat to hopefully fix it

  24. I had a saddle that was too narrow and had similar problem. You need a wider saddle stat. I wouldn't even ride again without it. Go to the shop and sit on some different saddles and buy the closest one for comfort...that's a start.

  25. I just watched a video and they mentioned the bike shop using like a gel imprint to measure the distance between your sitting bones. Is that common? Or do most people just sit on a bunch of different saddles and pick the best one

  26. Since the coding question has been answered, I think it should be “an” aspirating dev instead of “a” aspiring dev. If you’re not using this for interviews then who cares but if you are ;) nice work.

  27. How do people have clips like these? Do they just happen to be recording? GG though !

  28. (Sorry if noob question) what Keycaps are those? I only know of the 25th anniversary caps being that white but I don’t see the special FN key. Looks so good!

  29. I found a circular battery I’m gonna try taking out if that’s what you mean :)

  30. this bug was already addressed in patch (the spider update)

  31. Does any one know an easier way to store things in this game? Or maybe a way to sort things that comes later in the game? I'm meaning besides the chests. I am on year two of the game and I already have so many chests, all full, nowhere to put them, and nowhere to really move them either. Is there some kind of master storage mechanic?

  32. I like to make storage warehouses out of sheds. A color coded chest with the item that goes in that chest next to each one on a stone sign :)

  33. I believe there's a couple of official listings on amazon for the keycaps. Around $70-80 last time I checked

  34. Yeah I saw someone linked me to a posting marked down to $60 on Amazon that I ended up buying, not sure where the comment went. Also got a separate key cap puller which I read was almost mandatory if you don’t want to scratch your caps. Sounds like from what you’ve seen I got a good deal :)

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