1. "unprotected" is a term typically referring to whether or not a condom is used, especially in reference to STDs. regardless, the point is that pregnancy was a possibility regardless of tampering

  2. i didn't say that. i don't care what people do honestly. you can have sex all you want, but you know that pregnancy is always a possible effect of it. if these actions end up creating a human life, then you 2 are responsible for them. a human being. not to mention, if you don't want a baby people should be more careful really. like i said, thinking that taking birth control means that you can have unprotected sex is wild, when birth control can cause pregnancy 1 in 100 times you have sex (not to mention most people make an error every once in awhile, knocking the effectiveness down to 92-93%. if you really don't want a baby, perhaps you should be using birth control, condom, & pull out methods💁🏼‍♀️ i can't even tell you how many people think that being on birth control means that their partner can come in them every day now

  3. This is about a plan b pill which is not an abortion since it prevents fertilization in the first place by making the uterus uninhabitable. But otherwise it's ridiculous they say you can't still wear makeup and dress up with a baby! It's ok to have a night out with a child at home. There's plenty of babysitters out there!

  4. plan b can prevent implantation.... abortion

  5. There was no conception and is by definition not an abortion. Plan b is meant to work by primarily preventing ovulation and blocking fertilization.

  6. primarily, yes. but it also has the capability to prevent implantation, which is an abortion

  7. i understand both sides. as a fellow single mom, i totally understand why you would be uneasy about leaving your child with him, especially due to what you went thru. from his perspective, im assuming he's a good person, and would never think of doing something like that, so he may have been hurt since he was trying to be helpful. hopefully a better conversation can happen when things have cooled down?❤️

  8. I would absolutely let him see her, but I would also file for custody first, with visitation based on precedent of no visit schedule. It won’t get finished out before the summer unless he just agrees to everything, but you will get a temporary order in the meantime so it will prevent him from being able to run off with her.

  9. do you think so? i have never known if i should just leave our situation alone because he isn't on the birth certificate, or if i should do anything legal. another part to the story is that he has another child in his home state that he's not involved in. i feel like if he got the desire and money to get a lawyer and go after a child, it would be the one nearby, because he raised that child for a year, misses them, and is closer


  11. Someone call her work, cause feeding people something they don’t know is sort of illegal. (I know she’s full of 💩)

  12. i literally said, maybe i should send this to your work? and she she blocked me

  13. but obviously the people who got a vaccine for a politically "controversial" disease among the 40 other standard vaccines you get through life are the brainwashed ones.

  14. a loving single mom will always be better for a baby than not living at all :)

  15. sure, being a parent can be hard. but i don't think it could ever get so hard that i would consider sending my daughter to be with a meth head and assaulter. i think you answered your own question with this paragraph

  16. Yeah it’s more or less just a vent. I feel like an animal knawing at my arm whenever they’re around (usually holidays and her birthday and then she doesn’t exist to them again

  17. well maybe just don't have them in her life. it'll probably benefit her greatly

  18. you won't be saying that when you just spent an hour trying to get a crying wiggly baby down.... you set them in their crib.... and here comes this asshole down the road outside your house

  19. oh my gosh if i had this prompt i would GO OFFFF with sources and references disputing her claims

  20. i don't think she should put her down. holding her babies is a good thing. what she should be doing is not filming while she's holding them

  21. i've never heard of this. has the baby miscarried, or did it not exist in the first place?

  22. Sadly it’s called a Blighted Ovum, it’s when the pregnancy starts, egg is fertilized and implants but the fetus just doesn’t grow and gets reabsorbed or never formed at all, and all that’s left is the embryonic sack with no fetus. I know it does happen more often in IVF and that is what they tried. Unfortunately with a blighted ovum there was definitely an egg fertilized it just never formed. It is still a miscarriage for many.

  23. yes then i can't see why anybody would be against that. it's miscarriage treatment

  24. lol just went thru his comment history. someone asked if it hurts women to be hit in the groin too, and OP said "hopefully"😂 mans a psycho

  25. the fact that you wrote this all out and still can't tell how horrible of a person you are.... no sir, getting so angry you beat on your woman isn't "human" or "normal". these poor girls that had to date you, and your poor children!

  26. Again, that's you. Many if not most do not see it that way. For many of us, marriage is a stronger commitment than, say, living together, but is primarily a legal construct.

  27. then be sure not to use the common marriage vows :)

  28. People will. It's not as though they're legally binding. I understand it might be upsetting to people who take them in a traditional way, but again for most it's a way of getting from one side of the ceremony to the other. Most people also haven't time or creativity or confidence, one of the three, for writing their own vows in a way that won't upset their families, so they'll go with the flow.

  29. when did i say anything about religious or spiritual reasons lmfaooo

  30. if these prevent abortions i wish there were 1,000 more. at the same time, i wish all of these mothers would choose to keep their babies. while life is the most important factor. babies want their MOMS. i wish more women would choose motherhood

  31. Some women don’t want to be moms and it’s no one’s place to judge that

  32. most women that don't want to be moms have an external reason why, for example fear of the baby daddy, lack of money or resources, etc. most women that think they don't want to be moms would have a very hard time giving up their baby that they just bonded with thru pregnancy and birth. the bonding is intense when you give birth to them, hormonally

  33. i think you know what you should do. never choose a boyfriend over your kids

  34. Been 6 months since your comment. My daughter is now 18 months and still in my bed.😅

  35. oh no! 😂 enjoy it though, my girl has been in her crib for 6 months, and i miss her cuddly butt 😩

  36. i'm a young single mom too in a religious family :) i'm very grateful that my family was very forgiving... if they're rude about it, you could remind them about the forgiveness of God

  37. Thank you I will maybe I just need to be more assertive because I think they assume I take it as a joke…

  38. you can assert yourself in a kind way. tell them that you tried, but you cannot change the way that casper acted. but you're so proud to be a loving single parent to your child

  39. also, if there was a baby on my property that would be a different story😂

  40. absolutely not. 1000000% no. this is not a good solution to preventing abortion. literally has zero chance to be a good thing

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