1. Lost my sense of smell completely yesterday (mid-day Day 4) and most of my sense of taste (sweet stuff like applesauce and grapes cuts through, and really salty stuff like chicken soup and salami, but definitely not getting the full flavor of anything.)

  2. Same here. Smell is completely gone but taste is only partially gone. I had fries with ketchup and could taste a hint of salt and ketchup flavor. But applesauce and grapes are sweet and delicious. My usually very minty toothpaste just barely tastes minty.

  3. Timbre. So embarrassed when I read my essay aloud to my professor at Oxford and he corrected me.

  4. Locke near Walnut Grove. That entire Delta region is fascinating. Eat a steak sandwich at Al’s.

  5. Golden State on Fairfax & Lucky Devil’s on Hollywood. Great food and craft beer.

  6. Two places that used to be right across the street from each other: Broadway Deli and Broadway Bar and Grill. They were at the southern end of the 3rd st Promenade. Broadway Bar and Grill had a burger served on a french roll with Pick A Peppa Sauce. It took years, but I finally found that sauce at Whole Foods. It's like if A-1 had a college degree.

  7. The purple one, the dewy and skin cream plumping and hydrating moisturizer!

  8. I love the dewy skin cream but their water cream broke me out so badly and products almost never make me break out. Oh Tatcha…

  9. I keep coming back to it too. Such a great product.

  10. I appreciate your perspective. Have been googling for a couple of minutes and still can’t figure out what “pgh” is

  11. It’s only been early access for Rouge right now. Should open up to everyone soon…

  12. Congrats!! What a wonderful win! Never tried DM but have wanted to for a while now. You're so lucky! ❤

  13. That’s strange? The links in the Rouge emails always take me directly to the Zoom registration page, not to the events website. I’d write to CS to make sure you’re on the right list for the early access.

  14. OMG! They let you pick the SHADES!!!! That's an awesome prize!!

  15. Ah, that’s great to know—the Wet Balm was the item I was most nervous about!

  16. NEW Strawberry & Rhubarb Hand Pies - Picked up today in Houston. Instructions are to put them in the oven or air fryer. Crust is buttery and delicious, filling is tart and subtly sweet. Would buy again!

  17. Yes but I’ll definitely put the second one in the oven or air fryer. I think just eating it warm will improve it.

  18. They usually have a different Sephora branded item each month. I’ve also gotten a watch cap/beanie, a card wallet/luggage tag, and a zippered makeup bag.

  19. how do you sign up for the events?

  20. It's not fancy but it has an acrylic lining so it's reasonably warm and not thin. I feel like it would keep some of the cold out but I live in a warm climate so I'm not the best judge.

  21. The Ordinary’s retinol in squalene is my nightly go-to, but I use the 1% that you can get only from Deciem and not in Canada. I also like the Peace Out retinol eye stick.

  22. I have that retinol eye stick but haven’t tried it yet, thanks!

  23. My skin is definitely shifting from combo to more extremes of dry and oily, I’ve got some hyperpigmentation from not wearing enough sunscreen in my youth. Hoping to get recommendations for products formulated for aging skin which actually seem to slow down the inevitable.

  24. I love Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. Very hydrating but not super heavy. Haven’t splurged on the full size yet but have happily used up samples and travel sized versions I’ve received.

  25. CT is my HG. UD works really well but I couldn’t bear the smell, maybe it spoiled or something but I had to toss it after trying to stick with it for a few days.

  26. Ooo nice! Looks like it will be fun to play with these colors. I’m nervous about the red but I’m starting to try shimmery blues but have never tried a matte blue.

  27. My best advice for starting with reds/maroons/berries is to place a shade close to your skintone all over your eye lid & just blend in a little bit of the red into the outer corner & crease. As you get more comfortable with it, you can start adding more & more of the bolder shade.

  28. I like the razor and shaving cream but the face wipes were mediocre and the citrus lotion and body wash smell terrible to me.

  29. I love advent calendars but didn't get a fancier one over the holidays so I didn't hesitate to purchase this APOTHEKE 25-Piece Advent Calendar when it popped up for sale last week. Originally $185 but down to $45.97 (just over $50 for me after taxes.)

  30. Interested in trying this out but seems odd to have a scrub that’s gentle enough for the face and body. My skin isn’t sensitive but some of the harsher exfoliating face scrubs can feel too aggressive sometimes. Would anyone recommend?

  31. Currently obsessed with ND shadows and I wanted an excuse to get the Glam palette eyeshadow so I ordered the Sephora Favorites Plump and Hydrate Kit, mostly to try out the NARS lip balm, but I'll definitely use the other items. And picked the Laura Mercier set for my birthday gift. I was tempted by the Tatcha since the Dewy Skin Cream is an HG for me, but I still have some left so I resisted. Even got the samples I picked (Rare Beauty primers and the Wishful Honey Whip) -- excited!

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