1. Well if MCU goodwill had been carrying over like it used to, then it wouldn’t be surprising for it to open well above that number but clearly Disney need to do some soul searching in the long run

  2. A $155M opening would be a 26% increase over Thor: Ragnarok, which itself already opened to $122.7M. In what world is "soul searching" required?

  3. Because I don’t see why otherwise an opening weekend for a Thor movie couldn’t do better numbers than Doctor Strange or anything close to Spider-Man.

  4. Why sad? I don't think anyone watches or skips movies based on director's gender. It's just they didn't make movie pleasing to the masses.

  5. Filmmakers are placed in the order in which their film crossed the $1B mark (first $1B film if they have multiple).

  6. The irony of someone who posts a lot about Zack Snyder saying this...

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