1. I’ve totally noticed working at the door that people tend to come in on the 00/15/30/45 interval most often.

  2. Yep- I’m a dark dirty blonde, but when my hair is first growing back, its a weird combo of mousy light blonde, dirty blonde, and black.

  3. Can a Costco realistically strike? Can the get another job making a similar amount? Don’t know too many places paying a cashier $70k/yr

  4. I don’t have an opinion on the state of affairs with the union, but I’ll say that as a topped out employee myself, I worry more about what is incentivizing new hires to apply & what we can do to retain them, than anything happening with the top of scale.

  5. I have been pulling for around 13 years. Yes, after that long you will likely have done some irreprable damage. However, it’s probably far less likely than youd think.

  6. It used to be awful- I work in retail so deal with a LOT of coworkers but also a LOT of customers. I was told any number of hurtful things about my appearance by customers, but my coworkers were used to it since I started work there bald.

  7. I got in trouble in middle school for having a pentagram painted on my jacket (circa 2012). Wasn’t even a satanist, just liked heavy metal! But I pointed out that other kids wear crosses and hijabs, and they left me alone, despite teachers & other students still complaining about it haha

  8. How much ink saver main/ ink recovery do you run? When I use that weapon, I use 2 mains ink saver, and 1 main ink recovery. I have no idea what the subs are

  9. To be honest I swap around my gear set depending on game mode but currently I have Ink Saver, Ink Recovery, & Bomb Defense DX as my mains. For subs I have 4x ink saver, 2x ink recovery, 2x sub power up, 1x sub ink saver.

  10. You never need a main of bomb defense,,, and as another glooga main 1m4s ism and 1m2s ink recovery seems way overboard 💔 I'd really recommend using lde for klooga so you can cut down on other ink tank related abilities

  11. I never need it, it just happened to be the main on that piece of gear & I liked how the gear looked so I rock it. To be honest I don’t have the time to grind for gear abilities so I’m fine with what I have now, but we’ll see what happens when Splat3 comes out

  12. Tell them the truth. Why further stigmatize yourself? Not living our truth openly is exactly why people end up having such strong reactions.

  13. Probably little kids still out of school, being allowed to run wild, tearing stuff down off shelves. Had to restack some boxes just today, from roaming kids trying to climb them.

  14. I had a kid shut himself in the ice freezer in our liquor store the other day, dad was nowhere to be found. I had to tell him to get out so he didnt get entrapped. The next day I had a kid climbing our steel, and one kid who climbed on top of a pallet. Parents just dont bother to watch them a lot of the time.

  15. I use the Scoop Away that they sell but I only have one cat. It works well, but the pee clumps don’t always seem to totally clump up and sometimes stick to the sides of the box. It is also quite a bit dustier than it advertised. Id say its fine for a single cat but for multi-cat its maybe not ideal.

  16. Once I literally had an employee take a product I 100% intended to buy out of my hands, and place another one in its stead. I find that if you get one employee to leave you alone, another one will just hop in to badger you. It honestly has deterred me from shopping in store and I almost exclusively shop online now, despite living only 10 mins away from a shop.

  17. Better yet is when people park their car in front of the fire exits, on the sidewalk. (Yes, this actually happens)

  18. Do you have or know someone with a Costco membership? They have a really nice futon that looks a lot better than the stereotypical college futon. In that price range IIRC

  19. I just bought this one. Its awesome and was easy to get in my house by just me & my boyfriend. Narrow doorway & low head clearance going down to the basement but it fit just fine. Only thing I would change is Id prefer suede or cloth to leather, but thats my preference.

  20. Ours was in the basement area for forever but got moved up when our main couch was damaged. The futon function was AMAZING when I was pregnant and just wanted to spread out.

  21. We bought it because we live in a smaller house but also like to lay on our side when watching movies and such sometimes. I love how customizable it is compared to most futons! The ability to put arms up/down, recline, put it all the way back, its great. And much higher quality than anything else Ive found at the price (Scored it $100 off!)

  22. It is $3.80 at my warehouse and the local chain station just down the road is $4.30.

  23. Only one store of the 7 in my area has an item limit at SCO. You’re lucky!

  24. As an employee I’ve always thought it was goofy, since at a regular register, we’re meant to take everything out of the cart sans heavy items & reload to ensure no losses/overcharges, AND we’re given an assistant to help us. But at SCO, we’re expected to scan everything in the cart for the member & we’re not given an assistant to help.

  25. I want it literally just for the packaging. Too bad there’s no way the Midwest will ever get it. Sigh

  26. I’m not sure I have tmj too but I pulled from different spots. I read the hair regrowth can cause the follicle to get irritated this causing a vicious cycle. The one thing that’s helping me is using tea tree oils , scalp regrowth oils, no sugar, dairy, refined carbs . The yeast mallezzia feeds on fatty sebum so I wash my hair twice a day or the itch comes back. Google candida diet.

  27. I get that type of irritation at times too but this is totally different. I was getting the irritation after my hair was already around 4 inches long, only in the bangs/top of head. This was more of an internal feeling and less external- almost like neuropathy in the legs, but in my scalp. It would also tingle after I ran my hands through it on top of the pain.

  28. I have tmj as well and get what I think are migraines every day. Part of the area at the top of my head that the migraines affect has always felt connected to my trich ‘pain’, cuz it’s also where I pull. Like if I massage the area it relieves the headache a bit or at least it’s this wild sensation.. and I feel like if I pull a hair or two out it makes it feel better. And it all feels connected but also makes me feel a bit crazy? I’m not sure if the tmj is connected to the headaches.. I think the trichotillomania started first.. then the tmj then the headaches. So weird

  29. Fwiw, TMJ can trigger occipital headaches which can cause nerve pain all throughout your scalp. For me I think what Im feeling is the nerves in my scalp get irritated, including those connected to my hair follicles, so when my hair is touched or moved it hurts. It triggers me to pull, bc like you said, it brings some relief. But so does massage. Shaving my head did help cut the pain back a lot though

  30. At my store its same as any other department, polos/button downs & jeans, blouses for the ladies. They tend to dress a bit more formally because they don’t have to do as much physical labor as other departments but it isn’t required.

  31. A lot of it has to do with stock rotation & how much product we have left of something. The other part of it is when certain things are on sale or when vendors pay to have their items on a focus block.

  32. Door audits are when scanning errors, such as over/undercharges or miskeyed items, are caught at the door.

  33. Business center is way better than normal Costco imo. I wish my local one was closer to me.

  34. Be careful doing this- when employees use them we scan barcodes on each different terminal to sync our scanner to whichever one we need to scan at.

  35. I only find this ironic because at my warehouse we weren’t even allowed to show tattoos or have dyed hair until the most recent handbook was released. Looks like a fun person to work with though so good for them!

  36. As someone who works with customers all day on top of already being Autistic and having social anxiety, I use SCO at stores because I just don’t need the help or interaction. I will politely ask for help if I need it. Nothing personal, I just need the mental space sometimes.

  37. Question to employees. In my store, everything goes to the belt except for heavy items. But I wonder, if there's a customer who needs help with loading items to the belt due to medical issues, can the customer ask the cashier to move/scan items?

  38. Totally. In theory the customers technically don’t /have/ to unload their cart, the assistant can and should help do it for them.

  39. I just put everything on the belt until told otherwise. Every trip.

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