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  1. Send her really sad notes or print off sad facts from

  2. i mean... ten years is how long it takes to respond to this stuff. why would you oppose defibrillators in schools? that's like opposing fire extinguishers

  3. Next part of this story is the armed citizen is sent to prison or some dumb shit.

  4. Surprised he's still alive. the only thing that stops a good guy with a gun is a cop with a gun.

  5. it's always been an undemocratic, reactionary institution. First world countries don't have appointed-for-life judges deciding the law of the land

  6. Introspection? So it’s not just the DNC who is responsible for this, it’s me too? A random unemployed leftist?

  7. The Democrats are to blame because they do nothing butt aid republicans when they are the minority party and v when they have power they pass all the GOP agenda that was previously blocked by courts. guess what genius: you aren't a leftist if you voted for a capitalist party, in fact the oldest extant imperialist party in the world. so yes, do sone introspection. off you support voting for the "lesser evil" you're less than worthless to the left or any kind of systemic change needed to address economic inequality and climate catastrophe.

  8. If you’re arguing that Noam Chomsky isn’t a leftist then we have different definitions of the term.

  9. chomsky isn't really anymore. her had some good writings on mass surveillance but is basically a lib. read graeber, read davis, read lenin, just read something more than the sell-out of the left. dude predicted trump would be worse than Biden despite Biden increasing kids in cages, cutting off all covid UI relief, restarting drilling in the gulf, refusing to end the filibuster-expand the court-avsolve student debt, sending billions to nazis in Ukraine, and continuing to build the wall.

  10. At least they aren't jerking off to snuff films

  11. Who says they aren’t. And who says they aren’t working up to it?

  12. No, but I know people who have long covid, which sucks, and mashes any arguments about the "low fatality rate" totally moot.

  13. what sort of things do you think they make up?

  14. I mean, half of Christianity is cut and pasted whole cloth from Judaism.

  15. Islam isn't older than Christianity and Catholicism is Christian

  16. If Democrats cared they would do to him what they did to Gaddafi, Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, etc...

  17. superdelegates, backward caucus system filled with staffers, as well as the typical problems with bourgeois democracy...which include a focus fundraising--a skill irrelevant to actual governing and policy-making, applauding businesspeople as if that is some kind of credential to governing (the government should not be run like a business) or else previous experience in the nonprofit industrial complex, major newspapers in cities are owned by capitalists and will at best put more effort into exposes against labor candidates or fill the op/ed with critical opinions and at worst endorse the establishment candidates.

  18. You seem to be outlining details related to the presidential primaries (or caucuses). Nearly all other federal, state, and local offices follow a straight forward party primary to select nominees.

  19. The local level still has filters of local news, which twists public opinion, and fundraising, like I mentioned. Only superdelegates are federal-only. What the Athenians knew, Smericans still deny: elections lead to oligarchy, not democracy. Government roles must be chosen by lot from the citizenry to ensure a fair and representative government.

  20. Because MAGA is a cult. They don't have any principles or consistency.

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