1. According to Bill Hader on The Prestige podcast, this scene was an exaggerated version of industry speak.

  2. I can't find this podcast. Where do you listen to it?

  3. He’s scary lol but I feel sorry for roosters tough job they have and life

  4. Sounds like a router issue. But just for completeness, do any other devices have issues on this router now? And does the iPad have issues on any other networks?

  5. The iPad doesn't have any issues with other networks and as far as I'm aware is the only device having issues on this network. My phone hasn't lost connection once and everything that is connected via ethernet port has worked as expected.

  6. AliExpress is worth a try. It's probably the rubbers. Unless the faceplate holes are too small for the buttons if its all 3rd party

  7. Thanks a lot for this and for the links too! Can't wait to check'em out and finally start learing.

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