1. I took naltrexone, and that worked amazingly for me.

  2. +1, naltrexone changed everything. made quitting alcohol effortless

  3. 'chasing the buzz' is definitely a thing. A lot of us initially drink more searching for the endorphin hit. Don't worry, your brain will catch up eventually, stay the course :)

  4. This was the reason behind my first relapse / failed TSM attempt. I'm now at extinction after my 2nd attempt, and have had great success dropping down to 25mg for social occasions. It kind of feels like the best of both worlds - 50mg I feel a total deadening of joy and irritablility, but 25mg I still feel happy, sometimes giggly, but without the endorphin rush or the urge for more. Other side effects (insomnia) have also stopped at the 25mg dose.

  5. Ahhh this is a great idea. I’m going to try it and if I feel the addiction creeping back in I’ll just dose back up. Thank you!!

  6. Yay, good luck! The sleepiness and irritability when I'm out on 50mg absolutely killed me, it doesn't shock me that people swear off alcohol altogether on that dose 😵

  7. How many months have you been following the program? I hit extinction at about 7 months but wasn't sure either at first as the 'habit' was still dying. It took a while for the habit to catch up with my brain.

  8. Not OP but wow. Where you are at now is such a dream for me!

  9. I'm not gonna lie, it's mad to reflect on now after wrestling with addiction and sneaking around hiding alcohol for so many years. Just a year ago I was pounding a bottle of wine a day at least. Doubt is a part of the journey, but as long as you follow the golden rule and take the meds before drinking you WILL get there! Enjoy the journey, it's a rollercoaster of self discovery for sure :P

  10. Totally relate. Thinking of wine now turns my stomach - all I can think of is how it sits in my throat, the rancid taste, the regret. And so now I don't think about it at all. Interestingly I still have a pretty positive association with whiskey. I wonder if that feeling will also eventually fall away.

  11. If she is having this issue with nal she is likely to have it with other medication as well. Sounds like it's a commitment problem.

  12. I needed to hear this today. I'm entering g my 4th month of tsm without any noticeable decrease in cravings or drinking and I've gotten frustrated with myself and discouraged. I need to do better and I hate myself because I'm failing over and over. I still devote so much time and thought to drinking and hiding it. I'm exhausted and I just don't want to go on like this.

  13. I honestly think I had the same mini crisis at 4 months and convinced myself and it wasn't working and I needed to go totally sober, haha. Stay the course and do the work, recommend listening to podcasts or reading, it's fun ♥️

  14. Yep! You can always increase the dose again if you find yourself wanting, but it hasn't been an issue for me so far :)

  15. Love to hear this! Overall quality of life better?

  16. Without a doubt. I feel normal again. Like my lifelong alcohol problem never existed. There's no desire to sit in front of the TV and drink. At first I struggled with boredom on weeknights (when I would usually be passing the time getting drunk) but over time I've accumulated so many great hobbies I love. I paint, I play an instrument, I study a second language, I bought a rowing machine which gives me a huge endorphin hit, read good books, and curl up without thinking of alcohol once. and if my friends go out after work for a bevvy, I can join them for a couple and still enjoy every second.

  17. Love this response! I really need to focus on the other activities and hobbies I think.

  18. Hm, it's a little hard to quantify and I also don't get nauseous... just low and irritable. It's the insomnia that really does my head in. For me as soon as I was taking more than about a fortnight between doses I found 50mg hitting me harder and had trouble sleeping. But everyone's body's are different - I'm small, so maybe it's just the way my body metabolizes it. I definitely don't get properly sick, just love my sleep too much 😂

  19. And crazier still that so many in the sober community shun it because it doesn't fit within the total abstinence only paradigm. It saved my life.

  20. No masks? No distancing/occupancy limits or business closures? How about churches and in home gatherings? I was under the impression it was significantly restricted specifically in Queensland?? I hope I’m mistaken and everything is back to absolutely normal for you now

  21. Queensland was never bad. I don't think we had any lockdowns lasting longer than a week or so. We are back to normal now completely, masks only in hospitals or planes. You might be thinking of Western Australia

  22. WOW, girl those are gorgeous 😍 love the shape. Do you have any tips?

  23. Ok good to know!! I have only somewhat reduced my drinking right now (starting week 4) but I usually eat well and exercise 4 times a week. I’m hoping with continuing TSM and when I see more AF days and experience extinction (can’t wait!) I’ll see the weight go down more

  24. Best of luck, extinction is the bestttt!! And I drank pretty consistently up until it kicked in and suddenly I just totally forgot about alcohol. Nal is a wonder drug. :)

  25. Yep 6 or 7 but was definitely noticing the reduced interest in month 4 and 5 too. Just took a while for my brain to break the habit.

  26. You're a made man/woman now, welcome to the club and here's to never having to deal with this bullshit again! 🍻

  27. I think it’s gotta be reduced tolerance. 8-10 is objectively a lot after so many 0 days. it sounds like you paced yourself enough that you didn’t get drunk or black out but that’s still a lot of poison that your organs are not used to processing. This is a good reminder to me—I haven’t drank since December so my tolerance is definitely low. Next week I have a planned TSM drinking day/social drinking activity. I’m gonna be very cautious.

  28. Yeah definitely. Hard liquor + no dinner, I'm sure I was drunker than I thought I was. I chugged water before bed sure that I would be waking up fine. Jokes on me! But happy to be waking up this morning feeling slightly more human.

  29. You look like a completely different person 🔥 we can't change the past. How fortunate are you that you have reclaimed so much of your health and happiness, for yourself now and for future you. Proud of you!!!

  30. Yes, it's been life changing for me. I have gone from a bottle of wine every night to drinking very occasionally and moderately over the course of 7 mo treatment. Only had one drinking day for the month of February so far because I simply haven't wanted to drink. It just undermines your desire for alcohol until you don't even think about it anymore, and no FOMO or alcohol deprivation effect because if you really want to drink, you can. The naltrexone also makes your endorphin receptors upregulate once the medication wears off, so once you begin to have non-drinking days off the nal, any other endorphin inducing activities are very pleasurable and highly reinforced.

  31. The dewey skin and clear eyes :) fitness wise - just raising my heart rate without feeling queasy in the morning is an amazing feeling

  32. It seems to be black if you're compliant (I.e. log nal an hour before the drink on the app) vs red non compliant. I tend not to log my nal so mine are mostly red

  33. So inspirational! I can't believe that this was almost all due to sobriety and not diet and exercise. Just phenomenal. You must feel amazing 💪

  34. Huh?? I live in Brisbane and I buy them all the time from both Coles and Woolies. There's a pack of them in my fridge rn

  35. Congratulations and welcome to the other side, Chase! Just keep an eye peeled for any urge to drink without the Nal, as that can only come from the addicted part of the brain. Respond to it with a "one and done" TSM session to unwire that last little bit of the addiction that's trying to fly in under the radar.

  36. Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve been taking my pill 1 hour before drinking and for some reason, last night, I talked myself out of taking it before drinking. I didn’t get the usual euphoric feeling while drinking, but I wondered way I decided to intentionally skipping taking the pill.

  37. Yes take care not to set a precedent. I really fucked up the first time I took nal by skipping it here and there and eventually stopped taking it entirely. Went back to sickening drinking levels and hated myself. Had to restart with a renewed commitment to full compliance and it was really hard to do at the start. Take your pill and tame that alcohol demon for good!

  38. I've been trying to do that with saying "jog jog" to keep running but realizing I never really foundationally trained that so probably need to stop focusing on the 'run' and work on simple cementing the cues. I need to have really good cues if we get into skijoring next year too.

  39. Yes definitely. She knows that once I say 'hikehike' there's no sniffing until I give the stop cue 'whoooa' so she rarely tries anymore. The release cue is important though, if you tell him to run but not to stop (or that he's free to break) that's where I could see it being confusing. Consistency is the key :)

  40. Agree with the comments about differentiating using a harness Vs collar. Another thing that has helped is a command for running Vs stopping - my girl knows 'hike hike!' means we run with no sniffing until I say 'whoooaa! (stop)' which means she's free to have a sniff break. I'm not a great runner so she gets these walk breaks pretty frequently, but she's pretty focused while we are hikehikeing now. At first she would try to sniff trees etc but I would just keep running. She picked it up pretty quick :)

  41. This is good advice. My doctor said that beyond the script he wrote he can't order via Medicare as they won't let him as a GP and it'll be a private script. I don't understand how it all works so between that (being $150 a month) and also my GP looking like he won't continue prescribing it's a bit of a kick in the guts.

  42. He CAN do it, he just needs to call the TBS hotline to provide authority for a controlled script I believe. My naltrexone is about $40 for a one month supply. But it made my GP nervous too. Naltrexone isn't a drug they often prescribe or know anything about, and if they do they'll prescribe it daily, not per the Sinclair method.

  43. Ah ok, he seemed to not be able to do it and was going to call Medicare to see. There seems to be a psych half hour down the road who I might reach out to and see. I've contacted the local drug and alcohol group to see what we can do.

  44. All good .. I know that feeling! One more thing, there is a private group on Facebook called 'Sinclair Method Warriors Australia and New Zealand'. Lots of posts on there about where to find prescribers all over the country and also just great to connect to other people going through the same treatment locally. Best of luck friend :)

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