1. I'm not 100% convinced that music truly helps. Sure we had the episode with Max and the running uphill, but the latest episode showed that one clearly said that he overestimated his abilities and he tapped himself out.

  2. robin and nancy said any form of tether to reality is the gist

  3. As much as I adore the love stories, I want to see the teens develop on their own, work on themselves and being alone!! They are all lonely in their own ways, and have been in each other's lives since s1, but specifically Nancy. In s1 she had Barb, then Steve, and finally Jonathan. Now it's her and Robin, who she doesn't know that well, but I want to see her thrive on her own.

  4. No, that was just Cassie's opinion. Manny is canonically heterosexual.

  5. Do you know where she gave it, it's driving me nuts

  6. no lol, i was wondering where she read that, but it looks like that's false ??? hopefully

  7. it's either not real or you're allergic, i wouldn't wear it

  8. I really love her, other than the thing about lying about the pregnancy.

  9. level 25 and have iver the required points but haven't went to 26, why

  10. need one more mist flower corolla for darknight hero's alibi quest. i can't find any more in the winery area and it's driving me nuts, the three i found were altogether, is there a separate one somewhere else

  11. i've been super into genshin impact since starting it less than a month ago !! i'm already in rank 20s

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