1. I must need therapy or counseling because I just read that aloud only stopping to catch my breath.

  2. At least you're kind about it and put a bit of funniness in it

  3. My guy, it’s an open world game. People can do what they want. It’s annoying to get killed I know, but try not to take it personally or get offended by the dry shit they say. Most of them are just kids having fun taking a piss out of others. Just play in a private session with your friends or something if it gets too bad, there’s no shame in it. If you want to fight back or fuck with someone else by all means do it. You paid for the game, do what you want.

  4. Can you please teach the others in the comments and in the comments in other posts how to have a mixed opinion and not be rude not many nice people in this community but there are a few like you thank you for not judging me or being rude to me

  5. Personally I attack people so that they fight back because pvp is fun imo. You should get the night shark or the insurgent pickup. It’s super fun to drive by and throw sticky’s at people

  6. I love you seriously you're so kind not making fun of me or anything just being genuine and even giving advice most on here are like some on the game toxic I take it you're a friendly person in game to

  7. Thanks for being kind unlike the others you can split a game from actually reality and the comments

  8. You're childish and need to grow up up you pick on people and go this far thinking your bigger when in fact clearly you have your own issues and feel the need to vent when you could have just scrolled past or ignored the notification that I posted or after reading just thought to yourself I'm not worth your time instead you behave like a bully and take the piss out of me and didn't approach the situation in a kind way either like some have get yourself sorted out

  9. The sheer fact that you’ve been downvoted into oblivion over the past hour should tell you that you might be in the wrong here. But it’s seriously like talking to a brick wall.

  10. While you're getting upvotted for judging me I'm getting down votes for wasting my time trying to explain myself you're right it makes no sense even the dude who said its a gta forum who cares how I type got down votes goes to show the type of person the down voters are

  11. Daniel Radcliffe maybe but as for Henry cavil probably can't because of his role as superman I'd think Tom cruise maybe or jhonny Depp

  12. Honestly see nothing wrong with it also Bruce banner is in it story seems good and funny kinda resembles the old old old animated TV series I think not sure I only remember it a little

  13. I made my point wrong they are both in the wrong and the biker who appears to be filming the situation tried to make out the man in the car is the bad guy we don't know the man in the car could have done something wrong or put the bikers life at risk or the biker could have been acting like an idiot in the first place

  14. We didn't see what happened before that but that guy did over react

  15. Ichigo I forgot what ita called but I think its his hollow form

  16. I love how your boobs look and I love your bra you're sexy and stunning

  17. And what's the problem going to bully me or something I'm no good with punctuation

  18. Ah GTA reactions to griefers too far yes but if a griefer is being annoying then sure send the odd message here and there don't go that far Jesus I usually just say they're a griefing noob grow up suck ya mum

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