AITA for not attending my husband's celebration dinner due to the restaurant not having anything I could eat?

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  1. WOW I got the bundle as well and I don't have a single overlapping item with you! So they are definitely not just sending out the same two boxes as some had speculated. I didn't take pictures but I received three palettes, two different eyelid primers, a banana powder, a primer, some brushes, peeling pads, and a liquid eyeshadow.

  2. This is the first time in over two years that I've skipped/not gotten ANY bag at all and actually cared about second chance and it's nowhere to be seen!

  3. My dad walks into places and asks for a manager. The girl at the desk? Nope I need a manager. Even over the littlest thing. He won't even tell the people his issue, just demand a manager right off. And then LOVES to recount the story to others.

  4. YTA. "I'm not fond of steak - I'll eat it but very rarely". This should have been one of those rare times. Or you could have asked the kitchen staff to make chicken/fish without sauces but you couldn't even be bothered asking for that. My read is you deliberately sabotaged your husband's celebration dinner using your food preferences as an excuse.

  5. Oh yeah I bet kitchen staff gets so mad when someone says "no sauce". It's really hard to leave the sauce off! Like you can't skip that step. You have to put the sauce on. It's actually MORE work to leave the sauce off.

  6. One of the games my kids and I created is named after our neighbors cat because she always comes over to our yard and sits in the middle of the game (Mollyball)

  7. Unnecessarily complicated method. If they pay me a nominal fee I’ll remotely extract the nanotoxins using my mind energy

  8. The nanomedia he's referring to are a real phenomenon. And it's actually....rust.

  9. I'm tempted to try the cabin retreat perfume, is there any kind of musk or powdery scent to it at all?

  10. To me it's straight cedar, a hint of sandalwood. It smells ok on me, on my husband it smells fantastic.

  11. They are definitely mentally ill, not in the way they are claiming to be 💀 something is not clicking with this one

  12. I'm just irritated that's it's called 1999. I was a senior in high school in 99 and this would have been a VERY dated palette to me. This is straight up 80s. NO ONE was wearing purple eyeshadow in 1999!

  13. For real! Crying, curled in a ball, begging someone to help, someone with a Charley horse looks like they are in more pain than she does

  14. Yeah, I can't imagine kids playing with some stuffed squares with labels like that. At least not in the way you intend. My 3-year-old could find a million ways to play with those squares, but referring to them as the yellow pillow, the green pillow, etc. There's nothing defining about them.

  15. They would look even MORE boring next to an actual doctor playset. Big pharma strikes again!

  16. My GB annual (had for two years) ran out and I switched to GBP as well! With regular bag it's kind of like, well who cares what I get it's all so tiny anyway. I like getting the three picks with the big bag and it's easy to look at the spoilers and decide whether to skip. I'm so glad you like your bag!

  17. I can’t even drink natty ice, any of that cheap beer gives you the worst hangovers. All that beer and no tv? What’d he do , drink and stare at the ceiling?

  18. Do these people know how hard it is to find breast milk in the first friggin place? Without being the choosiest of choosing beggars??

  19. My son's flared up when he was playing football and running cross country at same time (he's 11), he was in so much pain. He dropped cross country and we got him some heel cup inserts. He's fine now! This mom heard "disease" and went wild.

  20. What do y'all think the chances are of getting a pallet or two? I don't wear eye shadows and if there's concealer or foundation or bronzers will the match my profile or would it all just be random? I don't have a subscription but im soooo tempted and already bought some shit from the shop plus I have my IPSY GB for November with maxed addons and just did a couple Sephora and MAC runs lmao fml I have a problem🤦‍♀️

  21. In my experience mystery boxes/bags dont have complexion items in them - no concealers or foundations etc.

  22. To give more perspective to my opinion, fear is the opposite of love. Fear encompasses sadness because sadness exists from a belief of fear. Hope Im explaining this correctly.

  23. Not sure if you're being serious or just doing the crazy bitch from Donnie Darko

  24. It just seemed like it sat out all night?? Did she think the onion was going to DO something? Like a vegetable elf on the shelf?

  25. I hate her facial expression. Like she actually did something there

  26. That sounds a lot like an episode of The Strain. The monsters were strigoi, a weird kind of vampire that spreads by bites/worms. It is a friggin fantastic show I enjoyed all four seasons. It's on Hulu!

  27. TBDR (too beige didn’t read): i am salty about wasting my twenties while my peers are going out and living but I’m too deep to afford being caught in my lies, so imma just act like I’m better than them and pretend my life is totes interesting.

  28. Exaaaaactly. And not only are her friends still cutting loose on the weekends and having fun, most of them are starting careers and getting married! She is missing out on an entire life, by her own choice.

  29. Don’t really see how it’s cringe to know more about the businesses you support. Of course this isn’t going to be THE determining factor in deciding what to purchase, but why is it bad to know this?

  30. I think any argument for or against this existing is moot, your point stands that it is not cringe. Nothing about it is cringe.

  31. Night Shift was my first King book at 11 or 12 years old. It was a big shift from Madeline L"Engle and Judy Blume.

  32. Same, and I have an 11 year old now. I look at him and think HELL NO he's not reading Night Shift yet! I still have my same copy.

  33. I feel it. I got BODIED by a 50lb mutt when I was 13 or 14. That dog flew at me so hard a ref would have thrown a flag.

  34. A Pyrenees ran into me at the dog park. I was turned upside down, hit the ground, my hair clip flew off my head, it was so embarrassing. I was just laid the fuck out.

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