Canada Will Impose a New Tax on Private Jets, Yachts and Luxury Cars

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  1. Nta!! It is infuriating and rude when non-vegetarians eat the vegetarian food. Vegetarians often have to go hungry as a result.

  2. It just sucks to live in a country that invests so little in education. In the country I live in the kids are not required to bring anything to school. The school provides all the materials and food. The kids just come with the clothes on their backs.

  3. Almost 45% of the adult population is obese, with almost 75% being overweight (including the obese). Those stats come from the CDC. America is fat and no one can tell because everyone else around them is fat too.

  4. Nta! You should explain to your boyfriend that that child is probably hungry and next time he should just give him some food. It is probably hard on this kid to maybe be hungry and watch someone else eat.

  5. Tough one. Yeah, people at peak youth and fitness can be a little annoying with their advice, but it sounds like you have decided that at 29 you are old and done. You may feel tired at 29, you may feel a lack of energy, but you are by no means "old." I'd take her advice for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

  6. You probably don’t have the energy because you don’t exercise. Exercise makes you feel better and gives you energy. You shouldn’t feel so old at 29. I think your sister is kinda right.

  7. How the heck do you exercise though if you have no energy? I don't know what she's expecting from me, I've never been into exercise even when we were kids. I'd rather do chores than play outside or what have you.

  8. It’s a vicious catch 22. You have no energy because you don’t exercise and you can’t exercise because you have no energy. It’s tough. You just gotta push yourself. Good luck!

  9. I don’t see how throwing out food has a negative impact on the environment. Your point is about growing too much food, not about throwing out food, which is pretty silly to me honestly. Should we grow not enough food and leave people hungry or dead so that you can feel better about the impact on the environment? There is going to be excess food, period.

  10. ”When food is wasted, so too is the land, water, labor, energy and other inputs that are used in producing, processing, transporting, preparing, storing, and disposing of the discarded food. Greenhouse gases generated from food rotting in landfills could be reduced to help mitigate climate change

  11. Yes, but the solution is not for individuals to eat more food and be unhealthy. Again, obviously you shouldn’t try to waste food, but a human being’s health and goals are more important than a leftover piece of pie. I think it’s really really unhealthy mentally and physically to feel this obligation to consume everything around you that could go bad. Your personal leftovers are not going to ruin the planet. That food in landfills is unsold food from supermarkets, businesses and farms. You want to fix it, figure out a solution for that. Don’t try to make people feel obligated to get fat and unhealthy otherwise they’re personally destroying the planet.

  12. All of your points are true. I am just trying to raise awareness that food waste is a serious issue that should not be taken as lightly as some people are in this thread.

  13. We got several of the books from this series as a gift when our baby was born. He has repeatedly asked us to read them to him. He had the rocket science book practically memorized. He also enjoyed the relativity book.

  14. One of my wife’s favorite bands so I’ve heard a fair amount of them. Remember, before everybody hated the EVERYBODY loved them. They seem to me to be victims of overhype or over exposure. No one hates the band that they never heard of.

  15. Many countries do this. It means kids will learn better in school and be happy and healthier. Which leads to a happier, healthier populous. Just do it. The USA is such a dumpster fire.

  16. If all of the people in your class were women you would say “none of the latina students do”. As soon as you add one man to the mix it becomes Latino. It’s the same in French. Some people feel that this is very sexist. You could have a group of 100 latinas. One male walks in and it becomes a group of Latinos. So to avoid that people use latinx.

  17. Maybe he is trying to convince us he is gay so that he can later use that to try and convince us he didn’t sleep with an underage girl.

  18. Just grow up and drink some water. It’s important for your health. Suck it up (literally).

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