1. It must be hard for quality coaches who want to follow managers to different clubs with how volatile the managers job is. If Tuchel doesn’t with the league with Bayern next season he will be sacked. Or He might be there for 10 years. Who knows. What I would be thinking about as a coach Is job security, career progression. Also not everyone wants to relocate countries. Ultimately for anyone employed when an opportunity presents itself you are foolish not to explore the options. Let’s hope that he chooses to stay.

  2. We found an illustrator through Instagram and worked out details from there! It has a great community and if you search different hashtags like #kidslit and other, you can find and connect with artists in different styles.

  3. Thanks I will look into that!

  4. Saw the Zola heel flick goal vs Norwich in the fa cup. Was majestic.

  5. We still have to play Liverpool, Brighton, Brentford, Newcastle. Win those games and then they only have to bottle a few. Looking at the form of the teams above us and none are on a fantastic run. All are very hit or miss. So there is a chance. Slim chance. I think we will finish 6th personally. But of course win the CL!

  6. I read this as what insanity ruins a burger

  7. Won a kindle fire at a seaside arcade first try. The best bit was watching the que of kids waiting to try the machine after seeing me win. They won nothing.

  8. To be fair I once watched two lads walk into the gents and try to intimidate a guy taking a piss in the urinal. He then pissed into his pint glass, drank it and then smashed the glass on his head shouting “com on then you cunts” they stopped and just walked out obviously thinking that they didn’t want to fuck with that lunatic.

  9. He played great tonight. Great intensity from him and with chilwell it seemed to work tonight.

  10. Grew up in South London and this is what we called it

  11. i see your point but our expectations are 10x higher now

  12. Definitely the expectations are higher now. Agree with that. But there seems to be a lot of fans getting in a right flap about this current form. Based on what we have spent and where the club is now we should be consistently competitive on every stage. But for me it’s next season that will determine that and not the rest of this season really.

  13. First floor bedroom - only really when wanting darkness for a more immersive pornography experience.

  14. Dark porn makes the best porn so I’m told

  15. I used to be quite laissez faire about it till my house was broken into when my curtains were wide open and my expensive work laptop was sitting right next to the patio doors.

  16. That’s crap. Sorry to hear that. I think people that burgle homes are absolute scum. You work hard to have nice things in your own safe place. Then some cretin feels like they can just take that away from you.

  17. Take me to church inside my ass

  18. I was fortunate enough to watch Ballack play many times. He was world class

  19. Jelly moulds to shape jelly into things like rabbits and cars

  20. I have specially designed wooden lids that go on these. Makes them perfect for taking fruit and snacks out with the kids.

  21. A friend of mine was discussing a work colleague. Then she said… “it’s like rocking a dead horse”

  22. I was with my partner when she gave birth. Things happened. I saw some things. But I love her and cannot even articulate how proud I am of her and what her body went through to bring our little one into the world. I love her more than ever and even though things are different ‘down there’ I fancy the pants off her. OPs guy doesn’t deserve her.

  23. I always wondered why my grandad always told me “never punch a camel on the nose”

  24. I know what it is. I simply just choose to ignore that it exists.

  25. Was going to talk about the hat but can’t get past the unmade bed. You sleep on that many sheet wrinkles?

  26. Polly pockets I’d have you know are cool again right now. My youngest loves them, but there way bigger than they used to be.

  27. A bit like mini coopers. Getting bigger each year!why does everything have to keep getting bigger?

  28. Fill it with piss and freeze it, then slide the frozen piss under someone's door, when they get back, it'll have melted and it'll seem like someone's just taken a piss in the hallway

  29. I feel like you may have done this…

  30. I’d be getting a new wife asap

  31. And what about the radiation human cant cross?

  32. You just have to do bare minimal research and it discusses this in-depth. The solar cycles, the different types of radiation. The earth is not surrounded by an impenetrable force field of radiation. Simple as.

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