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U.S. Supreme Court throws out rulings upholding gun restrictions

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Jackson sworn in, becomes 1st Black woman on Supreme Court

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  1. This sort of messing around with Muzzin will unravel all the work Dubas has put in making Toronto an attractive place for veteran (and Russian/European) free agents.

  2. I agree completely. That being said, I fear this year will be rough unless we get some solid contribution from Marlies graduates or trade a big salary. We currently have 6.4 million dollars in cap space with only 10 forwards, 6 defense and no starting goaltender... If trading one of the core players isn't an option, Holl and Kerfoot could add an extra 5.5 to that cap space, but that would leave us with 9 forwards and 5 defenseman... Pay to move Mrazek and you could increase the total to 16.6 million. Sounds good, but;

  3. I think we can slide Engvall in for $2-3million. Anything more you take the compensation pick. I’m thinking Robertson gets an extended look if he’s not dealt in a package to offload Mrazek. We could always sign Ho-Sang to a cheap one year prove-it deal that’s either entirely buriable or cheap enough someone else could take the flyer on him.

  4. Did I miss something with comp picks? Like in the NFL??

  5. Dude this is so meaningless lmao. You have no response. You can't name a single policy they have in common.

  6. You will sit here in a thread that says that Joe Rogan, a pot smoking, universal health care supporting liberal has been secretly lured away by subtle right wing influence than admit that people can vote against the status quo establishment government. Bernie and Trump both filled that niche. DeSantis does as well. People are tired of the same old Democrat/Neo-con talking points being shoved down their throats. They are tired of the Obamas of the world rail against dropping bombs, and then dropping more bombs than ever. Tired of Biden scolding Saudi Arabia for election points, just to gravel like a dog at their feet. Tired if crusty establishment Republicans doing the same!

  7. You don't understand the policies that Bernie supports, if you think someone can go from liking Bernie to liking DeSantis without a major ideology shift.

  8. That is a wildly narrow point of view, and completely wrong.

  9. Yep. Also Ohio is an open carry, no permit state. You are legally allowed to take advantage of that second amendment some of these ardent police defenders love so much. Even if he had a gun with him, as long as he wasn't actively shooting at the time he was shot, the death by a hail of gunfire was unwarranted.

  10. Hadn't he already shot at police? Honest question.

  11. Three things you know for sure in this situation:

  12. Sir, this is no time for a reasonable take.

  13. You spend all week working with a staff to develop a set of skills and organization. There is a level of mastery that cooks can attain when working with a similar team on a similar station, cooking menu items they are firmiliar with. That all goes away during brunch. 1 day a week. No one us sure exactly how things should be done. Even experienced cooks have only worked it a hand full of times. It's a service with perprtual "kinks" that never seem to be worked out, because as soon as it's over it a mad scramble to get back to business as usual.

  14. Why is Cowboy racist? What did I miss?


  16. Just Bobby Green calling out another fighter?

  17. I linked 5 sources above. Even CNN and NBC reported it.

  18. No, you linked 5 sources for an anonymous source saying they will dispute it. Oh and btw, all those 5 sources are now reporting that the story has been passed around the secret service and DC metro police for over a year.

  19. So the argument here is that this lady heard from someone else and that must be believed but the sources saying that the agents in question say it didn't happen should be ignored.

  20. Keep your eyes open for large turtles or rats. Especially around local pizza parlours and martial arts studios.

  21. These are all pretty fair. What am I supposed to complain about now?

  22. Luis Diaz not mentioned in best transfer... I am irrate, I tell you! IRRATE!! /s

  23. What's crazy is it wasn't even his opinion. He was talking about a case where someone used the fetal cells as a reason to not take the jab. MSM....

  24. I wasn't dead wrong. Delaware and Rhode Island are examples that could be used in your argument... the fact that you found one more exaggerated situation, in which the population of that one state (just over 500k) OBVIOUSLY needs a representative, does not mean that the whole system is "Under Coup", as you put it. Would you rather Wyoming not have representation?

  25. Wait... now it's a racial issue? So being the majority matters when you want your way...

  26. "This court exists primarily to destroy you and everything you value. Your participation on this court adds validity and legitimacy to its fascist proclamations. Literally one-fourth of the people you're working with have escaped prosecution for sexual assault or harassment under only the flimsiest of pretexts."

  27. Can you explain to me how "the court shouldn't be involved in this decision, so its going back to the state level for you to vote on" is a facist proclamation? It sounds to me like you are requesting a much for facistic response to this subject.

  28. Don't be obtuse. What a majority believe is a basic human right just lost its federal protection. How is giving the states discretion in what constitutes a basic right less fascist than maintaining its federal protection?

  29. Well it wasn't federally protected, as laws are created in the Legislative branch. If the majority of people want this passed as law, it shouldn't be difficult.

  30. Bottomless pit has to come from somewhere....

  31. Homest question. If every country in red on that map did whatever they could, but the others kept on the way they were going, would it even put a dent in anything?

  32. More primary assists than Matthews....

  33. Justify it all you like, just seems odd to me.

  34. People put their favorite artists on a pedestal. They make it their fandom part of their identity. When you find out that artist is actually an anti-vax moron, you go from loving their stuff to skipping songs.

  35. Always a disappointment to meet your heros....

  36. This is not a sensible framework to have in this time period, given that the Democrats' opposition, the Republican Party, is actively seeking to uphold a system of minority rule. The Republicans are going to keep pushing the boundaries of American democratic institutions and checks and balances. This kind of "we need to take the high road" politics is precisely why the country is in such a precarious situation, and why the Democratic Party is in such a hollowed out state.

  37. Are you saying that selecting 3 judges during a presidency is "pushing the boundaries of American democratic institutions" but altering those same institutions to serve your end is not?

  38. He made more than that. Those 100k rumours are just that.

  39. What are you trying to say? Trans men can give birth? Or are you saying people born genetically male at birth can give birth?

  40. Like Amy Coney Barrett and Clarence Thomas!! I'm not sure how they identify, though.

  41. I'm actually not clear on what your argument or position is.

  42. Just pointing out all the white men that went into the SCOTUS ruling.

  43. A line? I'm just throwing out random numbers because anything below 13 weeks is allowed in my worldview. 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks, it doesn't matter.

  44. Big government statist laws are always about controlling behavior, of course it does.

  45. You realize that the ruling removed the input from federal agencies, right? This made it a state level...

  46. Watch this 13 minute video of The Beatles performing in London at the 1964 (May) NME Poll Winners show. Watch it in full and pay attention to John Lennon especially

  47. But they weren't finished because they weren't good. They stopped touring because Beatlemania was insane, and they were also focusing on recording techniques that they couldn't replicate on stage. It was George specifically that didn't want to tour....

  48. Look, if you watched the videos, you just watched them being replaced. To me you're just somebody who bears false witness.

  49. You haven't proved anything with your grainy 1960s videos.

  50. You said the GOP unsettled the law. But that's not the case, as it wasn't law. The ruling was challenged legally. If you want it codified, get legislators to legislate it.

  51. You literally typed out the words 'the GOP unsettled it'

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