1. Are you fishing from a boat? It looks it? Conventional or spinning? A surf rod / setup is VERY different

  2. I will be fishing mostly from piers and boats. I find myself being drawn to a Penn slammer IV and the Stradic FL

  3. I have 2 tickets for the Wilmington show tonight for cheap. Message me.

  4. Selling 1 GA ticket for tomorrow’s show! Message me if your interested!

  5. I did allergy shots for 4 years. They basically slowly inject you with what you’re allergic to until your body is able to handle it. I used to not even be able to walk on grass without severe allergies. Now I can literally roll in grass with very very little to zero allergy symptoms. So I guess there is a type of “cure”?

  6. The 'common cold' is over 200 different viruses that happen to produce similar sets of symptoms, so there's no likely cure any time soon. It's sort of like cancer in that respect; while common usage treats each as a single disease, they really are not.

  7. Splendid. Where can it be found and what should I expect to pay?

  8. For 150, you might as well just get this. So much better than an erig.

  9. Come on down to Florida and play with our Goliath grouper! It’s like they know they can’t be taken, so you routinely have a 400 pound fish snacking off your stringer.

  10. I got a 10 day for 25 per person... so yeah, probably.

  11. I bought one of those at a gas station once. Loved it so much, my wife found a 6 pack and surprised me. They’re the best for candles and.. other things.

  12. 6 Ct Of CLIPPER CANDLE TUBE Refillable Lighter Big Size NEON COLOR

  13. It’s just crunchy and sweet to me. Honestly never had jicama. It tastes so good to me! I know I’m excited for something small but nothing good has happened in years so I’m going to be excited lol

  14. The other great thing about Jicama is that it doesn't brown when cut, it remains white. So you can cut one up and feast on it for days. My preferred way to prepare them is to add lime and chili powder to raw slices - maybe a little salt and sugar, too. They also go well in stir-frys.

  15. Does it though? I'm not having much luck with vaporizers. Completely given up on hand held, and not wanting to spend alot of money on something that may or may not even work in the first place. Trying to send back my xmax v3 right now, dam thing does not get hot enough for concentrates despite claiming to.

  16. Don’t look further than the mighty for a handheld, S&B is just about as good as it gets. You can catch them on a nice sale over at CCV sometimes.

  17. No it does not work just as well, you get what you pay for. Lots of different factors.

  18. Come to my rv, we're gonna throw down Wednesday night, got speakers a deck and good vibes!!

  19. It's about $50, but here is the one I use. I haven't brought it into Centeroo, or know if you can take it, but it has held up for a few years. It also helped me survive 115 degree weather here in Portland last summer.

  20. PA just went crazy and banned all Bontanical terps

  21. I don’t know about your specific pizza, but the recipe I’ve learned from family to a 4 cheese sauce for pasta is Provolone, gorgonzola. Parmesan, a liquid cheese we call requeijão, cream, a splash of milk, butter, ground nutmeg, and ground white pepper.

  22. I don't follow one, but this recipe is pretty close it:

  23. Nice thank you. I guess I’m more specifically looking for the sauce/liquid they put on the Quattro or prosciutto pizza at the end. Stored in a Squirt bottle by the register that stuff is fireeee

  24. Is a receiver the only thing I’m missing to make it work?

  25. How did your crafty break? S&B have an impeccable warranty on their products. My roommates stopped charging and they sent him a new one no questions asked

  26. Drink flavored seltzer water. I got pomegranate cherry seltzer that i like as well as tons of other flavors

  27. This. Only do natural flavors make sure there is no artificial sugars or sweetness. Harris teeter raspberry lime is my favorite, lacroix’s “berry” is also great if you don’t have a HT. Tastes like jolly ranchers

  28. Not sure exactly due to not having to experience this (yet fortunately) but it’s another reason why I use jars now and just bit the bullet an got a presto 16qt and later a 23qt canner to sterilize grains properly. You can still use broke boi tek with popcorn or brown rice with steam bathing the jars in a pot of water due to low endospore counts in said grains. Maybe grab some ozium (air sanitizer) and a cheap portable air purifier and leave your window cracked for a day or so and then make a diluted bleach spray to clean down the hard surfaces etc. Not speaking from experience,like I said. Just what I would do personally! Good luck man I hate that happened to ya!

  29. Where can I learn abt the proper sterilization method with the canner and presto?

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