I teamed up with a fellow redditor to try and capture the most ridiculously detailed image of the entire sun we could. The result was a whopping 140 megapixels, and features a solar "tornado" over 14 Earths tall. This is a crop from the full image, make sure you zoom in!

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  1. Kinda BS but it looks like since Miami would be winning their division in that scenario that would come before conference record

  2. I guess I skipped over division winner one. Wouldn't it be funny if Miami wins their division, but is forced to play the play-in tournament, only to lose? The Southeast division could have no teams in the playoffs.

  3. Consistency in the uniform would be welcome. The shiny pants with dull helmet was replaced with shiny helmet and dull/mustard pants. Why they can't get shiny pants and shiny helmet together infuriates my OCD ass.

  4. Anything longer than 3 h is too long. You'll notice so much wasted time when going back to these longer games. I can't wait for these shortened games

  5. Around when the Cavs played them I noticed he was doing much worse for the Heat than he had been for us.

  6. The best single thing to look at for playoff predictions is the injury report.

  7. Dude has the absolute worst bicep to power ratio of any batter in history.

  8. You're living in past. Everyone drops passes and he has been good for like three years now.

  9. I'm pretty sure after the waiver period which has already passed, no one can join a team and be eligible for the playoffs. The roster is set.

  10. Not in the NFL, not in football and Moore is actually small for a HIGHSCHOOL wide receiver.

  11. Your hyperbole was not over my head, rather, it was stupid, and childish. You don't get to be this dumb and call another grown man a middle schooler based on his height.

  12. The joke definitely went over your head, but I digress. Sorry you're so sensitive about your height.

  13. I remember this game and that celebration ended up costing them the game. So yes, he was destined to be a Dawg

  14. He's already got the, "we almost always almost win" mentality, nice.

  15. He had Zach Wilson problems, not attitude problems. And the former is understandable for a frustrated 21 year old kid without any semblance of a pass game, losing potentially tens of millions in future earnings because he can’t get a ball thrown to him past the LOS when he’s streaking naked

  16. You could have said this about mick Cronin at Cincinnati too.

  17. He couldn't beat Xavier. Not sure how he got a gig at UCLA. You should be happy he's gone.

  18. As a child I had pet hamsters. Female got pregnant, and eventually gave birth. She killed the father and ate the babies.

  19. Verde! You have green eyes and you are green at everything else, including sex, obviously.

  20. There is somethirn creepy about them. Both look dead behind the eyes

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