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  1. Uh oh- the great Florence Pugh discourse comes around again

  2. Literally just watched her VS video! 😆😆😆❤️ I've historically wanted to avoid looking doll-like, but the way she does her makeup is so fun, it finally got me into blush 😂 Iconic, indeed.

  3. i got an ipad air for university from my school. I personally don’t love it. I just prefer a laptop because it feels like it offers a lot more than the ipad. I also don’t love how flimsy it feels with the keyboard. I am an on paper note taker though so maybe it’s just preference but I feel like I would rather have my laptop than the ipad 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I was thinking about how FN can wear the coolest most interesting looks and be harmonious, nearly every street style look I enjoy ends up being on someone with a very FN body frame- they just look so damn cool and effortless.

  5. i mean the model pic is very posed and angled… i actually really like the second ones on you! the first ones are good too, just like the second even more :)

  6. OMG THE EYELINER I LOVE! i would maybe consider cutting the very very bottom a tiny bit shorter so you have more of a textured bob! just the pieces closest to your neck! maybe have a friend help you with it :) I think a light bang would great and would highlight your gorgeous eyes!

  7. Qtips. My mom got off brand once and the tip came off in her ear. She had to go to the hospital to get it removed

  8. but seriously i love the parisian style so much for FNs that I have an entire section dedicated to it on my FN board… like seriously i feel like it’s one of the best styles for our type

  9. Yup, blazers tend to be too stiff for FNs. They fall straight towards the floor from the shoulder width, which breaks vertical a bit too much. I personally feel uncomfortable in most of them yet I'm on the narrower side. And the thin ones tend to look cheap. If you're gonna wear a little jacket that is compatible with the Parisian style, you're actually better off with one that is more form fitting than blazers. Think aviators and the like.

  10. i personally love blazers! i think long blazers look great on FNs and I see a ton of FNs wearing them! just don’t like the shoulder pad types but i think they look great :)

  11. Whats interesting about these outfits is that in spite of them being monochromatic the textures create the look of separates. It’s a good way to incorporate this HTT look without contradicting Kibbe recs. Could likely work for gamines as well! I love the sheer turtleneck with the wool? pants that Gigi rocked! The patent belt also highlights the separates in Cindy Crawford’s outfit!

  12. kinda really wanna copy that gigi hadid look now as a FG by switching the trousers to tailored shorts...she looks insanely cool

  13. I do think she is a FN and I love her style 🤩

  14. I’m not sure if Devon is an FN, but she definitely looks great in a more open neckline and looks that honor her vertical. BTW these are all from my flamboyant natural pinterest board! let me know what y’all think!

  15. Do you use vanicream cream or the daily facial lotion? Do you use any other serums under that after cleansing ? Thanks- I’m trying to find a good routine too, I’ve been having issues with HA serums as well.

  16. sorry for late reply! i use the cream! i only use good molecules discoloration serum in the morning and that’s it :)

  17. Congrats on figuring out what works for you! Your skin looks amazing!!!👏

  18. This is how I envision myself in my full form lol.

  19. just adjust it a little! also if you like the color enough just break the rule! bring a little lilac into your life, if you love something don’t let the suggestions stop you from enjoying it :)

  20. i made a section for her on my pinterest board after seeing this post! love this! thank you!

  21. This is awesome! What I think would be most helpful (I’m kinda between FN and FG rn) would be outfits that don’t involve jackets, blazers, cardigans, shawls, etc) and that really celebrate a normal size FN (not super skinny). I live in SoCal and it’s hot most of the year. Most of the refs I see have one of the above, just covering everything up. And maybe a midi halter top thrown in. I can’t wear halter top because I have to sling my girls into a supportive bra. I’m truly asking for help, not being snarky. Could you show some of the dropped waist things, or the slinky things recommended? And summer separates (without a big linen shirt covering everything).

  22. i’m gonna work on adding these! but you should look through the sections i have rn to see if you like any of them :) i might make just a summer section tbh

  23. I bought a light to try too, and the pores in my nose show tiny bright orange dots. The spots I have all around my neck don’t show any glowing colour though. They just look dark. So it didn’t help me in self diagnosing at all unfortunately!

  24. same with my nose! So i broke my rule and popped one of my bumps to examine the “stuff” and it showed up whitish in comparison to the ones around my nose

  25. In my own experience, chronic use of any antibiotic, topical or oral, is harmful.

  26. Such a good board! You can see all the things that work so well for FNs: Open necklines, monochromatic looks, emphasizing horizontal lines with oversized elements. Really good eye!

  27. i appreciate it!! it’s really based on gut feeling at this point lol, but not everything is exact some were just looks i loved so 🤞

  28. Yea I mean it’s subjective and arbitrary in some ways. And I can understand if someone doesn’t like the descriptions (we’re all different) but for me It sounds like a description of like a Greek goddess or something tbh.

  29. Very true! And i appreciate the description of greek goddess that makes me so happy (especially as the granddaughter of sicilian immigrants) Yeah i for one probably lean too much on verified celebs because i find it to be so fun to see what they’re wearing that works/doesn’t work, but i probably should be focusing more on the yin/yang like you said! (you definitely weren’t all over the place i totally get what you’re saying!)

  30. i had one of these a couple weeks ago and stupidly popped it with a needle… now i have a nice scar where as if i had done what i did just last week it wouldn’t have been like that! I used everything on my now scarred spot, patches, hot compresses, cinnamon (please please don’t do this it was so stupid don’t put cinnamon on your face) nothing worked… now when i got one similar last week i happened to be at ulta where i remembered my once sworn enemy Mario Badescu is sold. I would never recommend buying anything mario badescu… except for the unfortunate life save of pink drying lotion. I hate to say it works really well. Used it on my pimple and it was gone overnight. Truth be told it was smaller than the one I had a few weeks ago, but hey it’s gone! just a small scab now :) So yeah DONT pop it and maybe try out the drying lotion (remember don’t shake the bottle and read the instructions!)

  31. One time I picked at a big cystic zit and made a bloody raw crater in my face and tried to put a big ol glob of that pink drying lotion on it and it hurt so badly when I put it on that I thought I was gonna meet god

  32. MY LORD I KNOW EXACTLY THE PAIN YOURE DESCRIBING. it’s like you’ve been shot or something like how intense it is for a min but it’s just a little qtip touching your face haha! but there’s definitely a reason why they say not to put it on an open spot 😬 i literally got flashbacks to the first time i used it when i was in hs after reading this bro

  33. I added some more DA FN pins to the board, so collages I made for you are on the bottom.

  34. no one really cares about anyone else’s skin like we think they will lol… if you don’t want to wear foundation DONT! it’s just throwing money away if you don’t enjoy it. sure you have a few red spots but who cares, it’s not super noticeable and it’s just a common thing for humans to have. just keep a concealer on hand if you want it for special occasions and do what makes you feel best! btw love your eyebrows!

  35. maybe they meant to use your moisturizer before tret? i don’t see why anyone would tel you to not use moisturizer lol

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