1. I almost pulled the trigger on one earlier this week, but I was still apprehensive with the $8k price tag. I think I might go for it now.

  2. So, not going to answer the questions because you don't like the person asking them?

  3. He is an ultimate troll. He just wants to argue and he will keep nitpicking small piece that you say. Stick around long enough and you’ll understand.

  4. But he was wrong about what he was nitpicking. It was not a valid detention because the officers had no “facts” that allowed for the detention. He said they don’t need facts which is absolutely untrue.

  5. There should be a mass unban. I looked into the appeal and the mod said I would have to write a sincere explanation of how and why I wouldn’t repeat my offense.

  6. Same for me. I stated that I was wrong in what I said and they wanted some long diatribe like you described. Not going to happen.

  7. God my parents left me home alone starting when I was 7. It was the 80s though so a much different time

  8. When I was 8(1988) and my sister was 12 we stayed at home by ourselves most of the time. We would ride the bus from school and my mom got home at 5:30ish. During the summer we spent the entire day by ourselves. We would even ride our bikes and go to the YMCA which was at least 1.5mi from home. Spend all day there and mom would pick us up on the way home.

  9. There is a carve out for the police. They can retire at 52yo with 25 years of service iirc.

  10. I would recommend a 4Runner as well. I have driven them for 25 years and they won’t let you down. The gas mileage will be around 17/19 depending on tires. Good luck.

  11. Disconnecting security cameras should be considered tampering with evidence. It should be treated no different than when a officer shuts off a body cam.

  12. I’ve been saying for years that bodycams should be controlled by a combination of dispatch and by the users weapons belt.

  13. Can’t we just record 24/7 at this point? 1 TB as cards are like $100. 1080p video is 1-1.5 GB per hour so that little card can hold over 2 weeks of video.

  14. Like I said, “if we citizens demand and pay for it.” The technology is there. You could also record in 720p at all times until a tool is pulled from the belt and it could then bump to 1080p or 4K. The belt could carry the power source. Also video could be uploaded via vehicle, closed WiFi network or cellular network.

  15. Hey, violently mentally ill man who lies about court filings is back!

  16. I’ve seen you or similar sounding negate what he says, but I never see you post any proof. I’m not saying I do/don’t believe either of you, but if you’re going to call someone a mentally ill liar you better bring some receipts.

  17. Of course it's bullshit. You take a stack of money, say $5000, and you miscount it as $4500. The stack goes into an envelope, when that envelope of money is returned, there's still $5000 in it, despite how much you counted originally.

  18. The better question is if there were no drugs or kidnapping victims found on the property then why was any cash seized?

  19. Nobody ever said, “Fuck the Fire Department.”

  20. Woah dude, it seems like you have an interesting story there. Do you know a player or something? Was it just a matter of connecting a normal HDMI cable in a booth?

  21. I was the Technical Director(TD) for the screen show for many years and still occasionally Direct and TD there. This happened when we were setting up for the 2010 AllStar game and they planned to have a couple fans play a quick game during the event. Somebody had to test to make sure everything was working correctly, so I and a camera guy played for about 10 min.

  22. Are you buds with Aikman and Buck? Any good stories?

  23. Although I have been working on NFLonFOX crews for 7 years I haven’t worked with them. I have worked with Moose for a couple years.

  24. Falling through the map is so annoying. This game has been out for awhile and they still haven’t sorted it out.

  25. The passive voice shit in the headline is infuriating. “After car runs Navy gate”?? The car didn’t run the gate. The driver of said car did.

  26. Another grammar enthusiast! Huzzah, there are now two of us!

  27. I’m not even a big grammar enthusiast. This was something that I saw pointed out a few years ago and I can’t not see it every time when referring to officer’s wrongdoings.

  28. These are the bullshit calls where the entire team should just walk off the court in protest.

  29. Why do I have the feeling they will just go to another state to have the very procedure they voted to ban and are mostly against except for their exception?

  30. Then they will make a gofundme and conservatives will pony up the cash.

  31. Because having teeth in the correct place has utility by being able to bite and chew properly and efficiently. The beauty aspect is just a bonus.

  32. I have these on my 06 XKR. 20” Perseus.

  33. Actually I am completely wrong.

  34. I remember people wouldn’t use white lighters because they were bad luck or something

  35. A buddy of mine was like that with yellow lighters. He said there were multiple things that happened like being arrested and other stuff that happened when a yellow lighter was present. He was serious about it and if you pulled out one he would take it and throw it out of his apartment. Good dude, but a weird superstition.

  36. “Fingerprinted and processed like any other individual”

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