1. Does anyone know if the BOJ glow serum comes in stock? Niacinamide + propolis one

  2. It hasn't yet. Might be there in the future.

  3. FINALLY. copped it sis✨☺️

  4. I think it's 350 something after the 75% discount.

  5. Yeah, but last night it wasn't restocked.

  6. For a while, yes. Can get it cheaper during year end sales or some flash sale.

  7. Flash sales are very rare and random. Year end sales will start around diwali and will last till January atleast.

  8. My tiels enjoy this area a lot too. They come down on their own.

  9. Check on myntra. This range is often at 40% off or more.

  10. Anything specific you want? They have sales all the time from what I can see

  11. Biore sunscreen mainly. And any other skincare deals are always welcome too.


  13. Bro, I saw the BOJ sunscreen but it went oos within 30 seconds

  14. Why does this keep happening to me ??😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Sameee omggg. I just forced myself to stay awake since the last boj restock. I'm very relieved today.

  16. I’ve had Primrose for a few months now, and she is an absolute delight and the sweetest little nugget I could hope for. However, she gets INCREDIBLY anxious when I am not home. She paces constantly back and forth for hours, and does not eat or drink. I am a student / work from home so she does spent most of the day with me, but I don’t want her to suffer so much during the times that I’m gone. I have an opportunity to adopt a rescue cockatiel. I was wondering if a friend would help Prim feel calmer and safer in the absence of her human servant? Or is this more of “maybe it will help, maybe it won’t, who knows”?

  17. It will help. But it will mean more interaction with the tiel than human.

  18. Use OFF20 for 20% off on checkout. Has always worked.

  19. I don't understand why they're so stingy when it comes to skincare restocking. They added atleast 40 makeup products today.

  20. Yes and they have literally no issues adding makeup from elite brands but when it comes to skincare just shitty brands are present regularly...all we are asking is for good skincare restock.

  21. Yes, it really hurts. I'm really mad about the whole situation with boj and how they shamelessly canceled the order. Sigh.

  22. I swear, only cleansing balm was left when I woke up;-;

  23. I woke up at 12. I'm not okay. I requested boj in their dms and i didn't even get anything. 😭 like why can't they restock more units.

  24. I've noticed this pattern, whenever they stock a new brand, the next day between 3-4 am, it will be available. will try my luck!

  25. You guys are getting things? I have been waiting since november for kult to restock I'm from💀

  26. They restocked in it November? Woah. What did they restock from the brand?

  27. The mugwort essence. Went oos in like an hour or so back in November. Smh haven't been back in months.

  28. Ohh I see. Why can't kult go back to being like before. I missed out on so much it seems. They didn't restock on holi either.

  29. When did you order it and in which state? My order detail on the app has been saying it's being packed for two days.

  30. I think you should get it canceled, no point in waiting for this long. Mine just got dispatched. There must be something wrong with them to not prioritize your order.

  31. She chose you. That's so sweet ahh. I'm sorry for your loss.

  32. Thank you my GCC helped with me anxiety and depression issue. So when he suddenly passed it was hard for me mentally. Echo in the short time I’ve had them has helped me so much and is a complete mama’s girl/boy (don’t know gender yet). They have already wiggled into both mine and my husbands heart.

  33. That's amazing. I wish you a happy life ahead with echo.

  34. Did not do anything. I expected good results from it because of the formulation. But it was a big disappointment. I then ordered minimalist alpha arbutin and tranexamic acid. And the exfoliator with tranexamic acid. All these products worked beautifully for me. Especially their arbutin. I always have a backup of it. Even use it on my body by mixing in body lotion. I'd suggest skipping on neemli products altogether.

  35. Thank you .. neemli products have huge discount on cred , i thought of giving them a try but not anymore

  36. Is the minimalist website reliable to buy from? I've heard some people talking about not getting any updates after ordering recently.

  37. I ordered their new glycolic acid toner a few weeks ago and received it within 2 days. I live in punjab.

  38. I don't think so. It's a really good deal. Go for it.

  39. More power to the sweet baby. Thank you so much for rescuing him. I hope he always gets the happiness he deserves 💚

  40. And the one day they restock for a minute I miss it🙂

  41. I mean it's bound to happen when they restock only a single product. Not even sufficient quantity for atleast a few people to buy smh.

  42. the crazy thing is their recent post is about concealer and mascara with a link to shop in the caption and they have neither in stock 💀

  43. Yeah I thought they restocked when they posted that 💀

  44. When I read the first line, I thought it would be something from a medical perspective. But this is bs. As a med student, I'm disappointed but not surprised since it's scamisha 🤡

  45. Same, when I read the first line, I thought she’s suddenly going to start making sense. Just she just did a U-turn from there

  46. Benton tea tree cleansing water, bioderma anti dandruff shampoi, neutrogena bodywash, cleansers, hydro boost line and other moisturizers, body lotion, wrinkle repair moisturizer, hydro boost toner and serum.

  47. Can you share the names? What are the uses?

  48. Their hydro boost moisturizers are highly raved about.

  49. Did you apply the 10% prepaid coupon? If yes, then yes it's a good deal. And yeah maccaron is reliable.

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