1. Really hoping we get Ancient Egypt. I'm guessing it'll star Kratos once again, he is the franchise after all. I just don't see any god in any pantheon being able to defeat him.

  2. I'd be ready to see Atreus carry a game, assuming he gets better weapons

  3. Hopefully there is no chance after how poorly his parts were received in Ragnarok

  4. I felt like the main problem with his parts or the game were getting stuck with lame weapons and doing the busy work in Jotunheim. If he got the blades of chaos, he could probably carry a game himself.

  5. I found a bit of a weird fix/workaround. When I disconnect and reconnect a connection, the download speed goes up temporarily. So if I keep doing this, I can get downloads to actually go through.

  6. Currently in talks with customer service. I have to send my unit in for a bad fan bearing anyway.

  7. I still want to keep mine, but I'm tempted to try putting windows on it now.

  8. Surprisingly, it's better than streaming from my PC over Ethernet

  9. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue.

  10. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue.

  11. I don't think heroic launcher supports cloud saves. Heroic launcher in general has been broken for me for months.

  12. Would downloading Ubisoft Connect be a better method considering it syncs up to that library. Not sure if Ubisoft gives a more seamless experience?

  13. I just set up ubi connect and it was surprisingly easy.

  14. You can stream them from your playstation to the deck, but you can't run them on the deck itself

  15. Both. I'm playing the ps4 version of assassin's Creed 2 because the PC version gets weird about controllers. I wanted to play it in the living room, so I'm streaming it to my steam deck.

  16. Don't say that. Mine is giving me fits right now, I'm about to chuck it out the window..

  17. Seems good to me. If you.can.get.a b450 motherboard for cheaper, that might be a good option.

  18. I once used a brand new CRKT to cut the zip ties off a second brand new CRKT packaging. I sliced my thumb open after it popped off the zip tie and bounced into my thumb. Won’t be doing that again lol

  19. It's like magnets. You have to use your Spyderco to open you CRKT, otherwise the polarity is off.

  20. I wish I would have.held on to my s9 another year or two. Now I have a pixel 4a5g, and I'm going to squeeze as much out of it as I can.

  21. I never said I didn’t want it to change for the better. I’m saying it’s a known fact when you get into the operating union that you’re not allowed any drugs in your system. Wether we like it or not, so like I said, either don’t join, or join and risk smoking, or join and don’t do any of it. If you want to change it, change isn’t going to start on Reddit.

  22. You didn't say you didn't want it to change. You stated the way it is and said the only options are to comply with the system, not comply and hope you don't get caught, or comply with the system. All of this on top of making ride assumptions of the OP, I wonder why you gave off the impression that you want to maintain the status quo?

  23. I honestly don’t care either way. Wether it changes or not. I don’t put smoking weed over having a fantastic paying job doing what I love. Obviously everyone here does……which is weird. And I’m also done replying, I’ve made my comment and there’s nothing more to say, I’m not gonna change your opinion and you’re not gonna change mine, and I’m not a scared little kid that has to defend what I say to you 😂

  24. Oh damn, you get to do what you love for a living? If I was doing what I love for a living then I wouldn't want to do any sort of recreational drugs. Unfortunately, I had to give up the thought of doing what I loved as a career years ago. Now I run stupid machinery because it's the only thing that pays the bills. I think you're going to find that's the majority of people.

  25. I just googled how to use Stadia controllers on Switch a couple days ago, thinking they'd work with 8bitdo's dongle but hey, this'll work.

  26. Charisma has precedent as a virtue name with Charisma Carpenter. Typhoon, on the other hand, is a sad, flaccid attempt at "ultra-cool badass"

  27. At least if they went with Typhon, they could say it was a man's name from Greek mythology.

  28. You only need internet to launch the game. I used to launch it then put the deck to sleep. It would work out in the middle of nowhere when I took my lunch break, no wifi connection.

  29. I got mine to print guns. I realize how much work is involved in that, and I don't need anymore guns, so now my printer just collects dust.

  30. I was using my steam deck to stream my ps5, does that count?

  31. Do you think there should be any cap on how much money the government should give to someone who makes less money than you?

  32. Probably, but the cap should put their income pretty close mine, if not a little higher.

  33. This is a formula for infinite deficit spending.

  34. Nah, cut the military budget and increase taxes on the wealthy and it'll equal out.

  35. My guess would be the rubberized coating is coming off the plastic. Did you try cleaning your controller with alcohol or fingernail polish remover?

  36. Hey man, don't be afraid of Heroic! It's super straightforward and a lot of new quality of life features have been added in the past year. I usually just check protondb like I would for anything marked Unsupported on Steam, see how the game performs, check what Proton version people are running. Heroic gives you so many options, you can just set it to the correct proton in the launcher, there's a setting box you check for everything to get linked to you're non-Steam games list in gamemode, too!

  37. I've used heroic a lot in the past, but it's broken for me now. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as resetting my steam deck. I can't log in on GOG or epic in the heroic launcher. I have asked a couple of times on this subreddit for any help, and I keep getting told to wait for an update. If I could figure out how to log in on it, I'd love to go back to using it.

  38. Ahh I see your post about it! Hmmm. Yea I haven't been on it in a month or so when I installed a handful of games I haven't worked thru yet. I wonder if its a recent-ish update that borked things? I'll go in later today and check things out. That sucks to hear it's broken for some people right now :(

  39. Yeah, I'm not sure, it's but effed for months now. Still wasn't working when I got my steam deck out last week. I'm just using it to stream games from playstation right now.

  40. I'm probably gonna end up getting one anyways. It does pretty much everything that a standard DS3 does and it couldn't be worse than my half-dead DS3. The store is local so I also save on shipping.

  41. I have an 8-bitdo receiver plugged into the front of mine, and that allows me to sync my PS5 controller or my 8-bitdo controller, so I've been using those if my dualshock 3 is dead. My dualshock three is actually been holding a charge right now so I've just been using it

  42. Mine has a half-dead battery,loose charging port and most of the pads needs to be replaced. It was the case for most DS3 I bought tho,I just kept the one that worked better than the other. I considered getting a brook adapter a while ago but you can't boot the console with it and the pressure sensitivity doesn't work/is wonky and unfortunately I need it for a few games.

  43. Definitely should give the retrofighters controller a try then.

  44. I've been meaning to put one of these together for my ender 3. Bought the two tables and got distracted.

  45. I think it would be appreciated. I had to print some feet for my slim a couple weeks ago because my system was missing them when I bought it.

  46. Cancellation only works if they make money off you. I've never given money to him or any of his projects, so me canceling him does nothing

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