1. Kid's got it all, could genuinely go to the very top. The player I was saddest to lose out of the many outgoings from last year's squad but it doesn't seem like he could've ended up at a better club. Hope he gets a few chances to show what he's about

  2. Max Bird is vice-captain. Glad he's staying, really rate Bird.

  3. Me too. Really hope he continues the growth he's shown season after season. Giving him added responsibility seems like a good way to facilitate that.

  4. I just reckon you'll have another bad season. No manager, no players really sticking at the club, no real clarity over ownership.

  5. ??? We have total clarity over ownership, the only thing interim about Rosenior is the word in his title (he's getting the job unless he loses the first ten), and we've signed a dozen new players in the last two weeks. I understand if you have us down because you don't think it's enough time for the players to gel or because you don't rate Rosenior, but your above reasons make no sense.

  6. Frank selling Tomori after he won Derbys POTY will never make sense to me

  7. Am staggered by this strange feeling of Derby actually delivering me joy. How odd.

  8. Woohooooooo! What a weight finally lifted, can't wait to get back to transfer rumours and all the rest of that beautifully mundane shit

  9. Tears in my eyes. The nightmare is finally over. Can't begin to say how shit these past nine months have been and how relieved I am to once again support a functional football club....thank god

  10. Haha so absolutely nothing then 😅 Rosenior seems a decent bloke but can stay as number 2 to a more experienced manager. Let's be sensible.

  11. Who haha? That link doesn't work. Anyway at this point am hoping for an owner to end the crazyness! Sure we all agree on that 👍

  12. Lmao, some excellent misdirection there. Nice to have you back!

  13. Please. Let it end. I want to actually think about football and not finances for the first time in eighteen months. I beg.

  14. I know he's become a bit of a meme but Granty was a huge part of one of my favorite Derby teams ever, the 2013-14 side that came so very close to going up. Always a bit of shakiness to him but also capable of an incredible reflex save on his day. Was a lot of fun playing against him when we beat United in 2018 - will always remember him with lots of fondness.

  15. We absolutely must get this takeover sorted so we can get Cashin and Ebiowei on twelve-year contracts

  16. I think Rooney would like to see Rooney bring Derby back up. Everyone's minds are made up until they aren't, but Rooney seems fairly committed to continue there.

  17. Yeah - if the takeover goes through (please pray), he's staying, it seems. If it doesn't, he's gone.

  18. Even when he's sub par, he's still good. Like pizza

  19. Only player i'd take from their team is Lee Buchanan. Wouldn't want Tom Lawrence playing for us anymore than I'd want him driving me home.

  20. A brand new one!! I hope being that painfully original doesn’t cause any physical discomfort.

  21. I remember for 6 months during the start of the season from September to January hearing songs and dances about Rooney because he was keeping Derby competitive despite the point reduction. Of course it came as to no surprised come February people just stopped talking about it altogether which only raised my suspicion that Rooney was going through a bad streak and whenever a team goes through a bad moment almost no one wants to talk about it. Two months later and they're relegated. That explains the silence surrounding Derby these past couple of months. Not his fault, but one day after enough experience I would love to see him go to Man United since he's a club legend for them and might help revitalize the team after constant managerial failure after another.

  22. ??? Silence since February? Not sure where you get your news my friend.

  23. Is Hutchinson still contracted to us next season? He could do a job

  24. Out of contract in June unfortunately.

  25. Not buying it mate. Awful thing to say and completely emblematic of everything I said about Villa fans in my first post.

  26. Nah don't agree with that, he was winding up the other guy saying it was "fortunate" we were going extinct.

  27. I don't know why I'm spending my leisure time defending someone I don't know but that's an incredibly uncharitable read. We would have rather Villa gone extinct than Derby right, that's human nature, yeah? To say anything else would just be speaking in bad faith.

  28. Tough between Bird and Cashin, i think Ebiowei would be winner if there was another 15 games to play though. He's looked incredible so far, just came into the squad too late in the season.

  29. Maybe a blessing, though. I'm not holding out much hope that he sticks around for next season but there would be no hope at all had he been around for a couple months prior (see: Ebosele).

  30. Fulham have been promoted, and fuck Derby County! Tune in Wednesday at 8 for Dynamite!

  31. I like Derby I was moreso making a mock Tony Khan tweet with the formula of [Positive news] + [Calling someone out] + [Random Dynamite plug].

  32. This interaction is what compelled me to visit Khan’s Twitter page for the first time…what an unhinged man

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