1. It's in the coinpack shop right now. I've always been on the fence about it because the novelty seems like it would wear off quickly. Most people buy it because it's rare.

  2. It depends on your perspective! Some random n00b asked if I had a girlfriend so I said I had 3 boyfriends and 5 girlfriends and she said, "what the heck." I thought for sure I had scared her off but sure enough she still asked to be my gf. There is much humor to be found if you feel like joking a bit.

  3. Some people may not know people have posted things like this already

  4. Have you ever considered you might be non-binary? Maybe trans feminine. Having someone call you something (name, pronouns) while you're still working things out can be sort of an out of body experience. If your friends are supportive of you, you should be able to share this. And if you don't have any dysphoria around your birth name and pronouns, it's okay to go back to what's familiar until you figure things out for yourself.

  5. I don’t really know because each time I use or someone uses my male pronouns/deadname, it feels kinda off, I know it’s me, because I was used to use these, but I know it’s just a label that doesn’t really refers to me..

  6. Okay so you said deadname and masculine pronouns, so you seem pretty sure you're uncomfortable with those but also feminine pronouns? Have you tried neutral pronouns to see how that feels?

  7. See a doctor, get tested for ADHD, get medication for it, succeed.

  8. I love this! The deck is uneven towards the tail, but very creative and just cool/fun!

  9. Hey thanks ☺️, I will keep note about the deck on future skateboards!

  10. I just meant the line thickness/direction went a little awry. Probably not enough for the average person to notice. Keep shredding chickens!

  11. One thing I noticed in most WW2 movies that contain Nazi Germany as it's setting and so on is that the general public in the background scenes look just like us today society wise. I have always been curious if that's true that they lived their lives normally or of they were really concerned and deeply oppressed. Like did most know what was actually going on or did Hitler really out on such a good show for his civilians (that weren't Jewish of course).

  12. If you have access to Netflix, try watching Hitler's Circle of Evil and it will answer some of those questions. Hitler and his regime didn't just go from 0 to 100.

  13. Yeah, they put stuff that's in the shop in the mystery box all the time. It's annoying, even if you get it for free. But hey, that's part of the mystery??

  14. Here's a simpler answer. Avakin Life is dying. Most people on there, I doubt are even real. They don't talk to you when you try to talk to them. I think Avakin Life is actually dying.

  15. But why is the nose so defined? Avas doesn’t look like that😂

  16. Usually BAD contour will make the nose so defined, in this case it works. Still, the photo actually looks softened in some areas to me and then sharpened.

  17. It reminds me of sloppy joe. I don't like my food to look pre-digested. lol

  18. It is, admittedly, an acquired taste. A taste you acquire while drunk.

  19. Hmmm, as I suspected, a neither rational nor objective response. Thanks for clearing that up. 👍🏽

  20. taunt happens in anime ur not being abused control ur emotions

  21. I am as cool as a cucumber, actually. I never personally said anything about feeling abused, but I did say that the devs have responded to players' dissent by mocking them with their releases as they have done in the past.

  22. 3x rep on Tuner activities. Anyone know if that includes going AFK at the car meet? Haha.

  23. Same. No kids and big time gamer. I was actually considering replaying the Persona 5 🙃 I love the vibe in LeBlanc and the there are TONS of mini games ... It's so immersive.

  24. Instead of replaying, I am playing Persona 5 Strikers. It's faster paced as it's an action RPG but still seems to have the heart and soul.

  25. Do you like the Yakuza series at all? It tends to have a lot of mini games and cool things.

  26. I started Yakuza 0 and got really into it but then I started playing something else and now it's been years. I'm sure I've forgotten the combat system. Same thing happened to me with Sleeping Dogs.

  27. They never had to release unfinished scenes for events before. 🤔

  28. Or positieve feedback, and addingg more cool stuff🤷‍♀️

  29. Not when there's a deadline. I hope you don't go through life this way.

  30. How can we find positivity in the game and enjoy playing when we only find the negative things about it? There's no such thing as perfect game. Avakin High may not be an event but it can be a distraction from what's happening in Avakin today, dead servers and negative players always complaining everywhere. I complain about some things too but that's part of game dev, devs get feedbacks from the players be it positive or negative as long as they learn and improve things. Everyone's financial statuses got affected by the pandemic not only the cosumers/costumers' but all companies as well. If you think the event is lame and every new releases are expensive then don't spend money on it or just stop playing the game. Plain and simple. I myself dont agree with how the prices increased in the game but I'm happy they're working hard improving and updating the game environment.

  31. Why, that's simple! It's not a conundrum! They had a winning formula just a few years ago. You seem to act as if this is a fledgling company.

  32. Maybe make it a requirement to enter the room like some other events we do? It's an additional marketing strategy for players to work hard and earn coins to buy it you know. Also teaches people a little about discipline when in the game.

  33. Huh? Teaching discipline? Let me guess, you were the instructor...

  34. I don't even think teenagers want to pretend like they're in school during the summer. I'm uncertain who the target audience is... 🤔

  35. You mean it's a devaluation from the unrealistically high number they arbitrarily attributed to the mansion?

  36. Shiny black items always looked washed out. It's a bright scene; they weren't going to glow in the dark. lol

  37. Wow 💀 i remember they did it once with the depressing poses too

  38. And the impatient set. Sore memory pose. But that the two new taunting poses cost crowns was definitely obvious a potshot at the people who are against new releases costing crowns.

  39. I just don't want the developers to get any more ideas and become even more stingier with us. They don't need to know about extra accounts and gifting accounts. Remember the gifting limit? Does anyone know if that's still in place? I'm surprised they made Crowns giftable though, I wish they didn't, cuz then we wouldnt be getting all these beggars whining around

  40. If anything, they like when you create multiple accounts because it inflates the number of active users. They're aware and it's not even discouraged.

  41. By the way that made me laugh I don't mean to gloss over that, lol. I guess we can do some art projects with them or something.

  42. Maybe a more mysterious box where you have matryoshka doll-esque boxes and the alternate between the paperweight coins and equally useless gems in successively smaller boxes until you reach the final box, where it's either a few gems or a few coins... 😪

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