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  1. Ceasar clowns devil fruit could be absolutely hax. Combine bleach with vinegar and just leave

  2. I'm pretty sure the Thousand Sunny has a death star laser built into it AND it can friggin fly AND it has a bunch of vehicles inside of it that can turn into a transformer.

  3. We’ll it can’t really fly, just project itself at high speeds. But yeah sunny wins

  4. Whole cake is the only arc I skipped because it got boring after a while. I watched the katakuri fight though

  5. I feel u dude. I'm looking to go for an OP as well. I'm not trying to get called out for wearing a patek or AP. Also, I personally like the subtleness of the OP.

  6. My neighbors dog kept shitting in our yard, so I took a poop scooper and smeared the dogs shit all over their porch. I wanted all the smoke that day.

  7. Copy copy fruit-copy anyones df powers Carbon carbon fruit- manipulate carbon in all objects

  8. Oda explained in an SBS a while ago that Devil Fruit abilities work around clothes. Like how Akainu and Ace are never naked due to what they produce or how Lucci’s suit changes to fit him when he transforms. I can’t remember what volume though.

  9. Game developers focus too much on graphics and sales ,so they keep remaking the same shit instead of creating something fresh. 90s was peak gaming for me because you could go into a store and just buy something that looked cool and have a blast with it. Nowadays, people buy things based solely on reviews. Capcom is who comes to mind. It's become the SF and RE company at this point

  10. It always starts with "I've read everything in the about page" and then "I have no idea what those letters mean"

  11. Why even comment if you have to be negative? I already didn't want to post this because I knew there would be someone with a condescending remark. Obviously I read it multiple times and still don't understand.

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