1. Honestly, yeah. First Minions was a fun time and this looks to be even better. Sue me!

  2. Awful, worthless movie. A blockbuster the same way Kraft singles are cheese.

  3. Really hope Dementus wears a top hat and tux throughout and hosts a comedy radio show in between motor pillages.

  4. First saw A.I. during my “sPiElBeRg Is A hAcK lol!!!!!” phase as a young’un and got nothing out of it but then watched it again as I was first listening to the show and it completely leveled me. Like, “ugly-cried for several minutes after it was over” leveled.

  5. Is this the ultimate blank check? This episode is the craziest hour of scripted television of all time.

  6. I mean…you could make a convincing argument! Watching Episode 8 and watching the finale live were the best TV viewing experiences of my life.

  7. Was going to post something about it a couple days ago, but figured it would be so much better if people found it for themselves.

  8. Yeah! Bummed that never happened. Heard he’s basically done directing and works in video art now.

  9. I feel like the music is trying to sell a very different tone from the footage. Vaguely curious what the movie actually feels like... though probably not enough to watch. Jon Bernthal basically always great, though, so... maybe?

  10. Didn’t see it at Sundance but have heard from people who have that it’s a very slippery tone and a pretty hard sell. Dunham, for all her faults, is always an interesting artist and to do this and the Catherine, Called Birdy movie as her post-Girls followups is a left-field move I’m into.

  11. Is this a safe space to admit that Bryan Cranston hasn’t been particularly compelling and is often straight-up terrible in most of his projects this decade besides the Breaking Badiverse? The last good performance he gave that actually met the tempo of the movie was probably…Isle of Dogs?

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