1. You can drop half courses without penalty until Nov 16. I say you drop it and take the same/equivalent course next semester or in the summer.

  2. Alright thx I hope I'm not too late to drop it. And thank you for your help idk what I would've done if I failed eng

  3. A lot of people failed physics 1 last year and software is super easy to get into just make sure you do well in es 1036

  4. Looks yummy😋 Especially that extra food left on the plate I hole u enjoyed it😋

  5. Im going into business as well and im getting the acer swift x 14” (amd version). It’s a windows laptop which is good for business for things like excel and stuff like that, it has a good cpu, decent ram, good storage plus it has a rtx 3050 and I do wanna do some light gaming on it so for me it’s perfect. It is 1300 which is pricey but I’ll be using it for 4+ years so to me it’s worth it

  6. I found a G5 gugabyte with a Intel 11400h and a 3060 for around 1150$ at Canada computers

  7. Received an offer from Ontario Tech for their nursing program. 101 applicant. Avg: 91%

  8. Interesting. I applied back in January but I received an offer from them in May.

  9. If u can hold a fork you go to York If u weight a ton go to Carleton

  10. It's mega competitive. I currently have a 98 average and still no acceptance. Tbh just give up at this point.

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