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  1. This properly confused me for a moment because I first thought of the other Margaret Hamilton and wondered why she'd be pictured wearing a big hat, lol

  2. He's younger and taller than Murphy, and he's gonna get even better at shithousing when he takes on board the tactics Eddie's adopted from Diego Simeone, what's not to love?

  3. Gaslighting isn’t a new term. It’s misuse is new though. As far as I’m concerned gaslighting is very specifically the process of altering someone’s perception of reality for controlling reasons such that they no longer trust their own minds.

  4. It's not misuse, it's from the title of a 1930s play (subsequently made into a film) about a husband who tries to trick his wife into thinking she's insane

  5. Nah, people weigh themselves in kilos but measure their height in feet and inches

  6. The investigation would be the consequence but noted

  7. The Vatican's investigation isn't into Canon Michael McCoy's historic child abuse, ffs

  8. 😂 I never stated there was even an investigation, I just responded to your statement and said that I believe an investigation would be a consequence of an allegation. No need to get so worked up. People are allowed to behave and react differently. Enjoy your night!

  9. The word "investigation" is right there in the headline of the article you linked, lol

  10. Minimum focus distance on my 18-200mm 'everyday' lens is quite different from my other lenses:

  11. I knew light would be a problem for me, so I used my 35mm f1.8mm lens because my other lenses don't go to such a wide aperture (and therefore don't let as much light in!)

  12. Good bait for catching crabs on the end of a line, the bigger the sprout the bigger the crab

  13. If your girlfriend is Indian (i.e. not an official British citizen or resident), the only place that can issue a Schengen visa is the embassy/consulate of the country that will be her main destination, or the country that will be her point of entry if you're travelling around

  14. Because it’s not actually under a hot counter, so when it comes out the oven it’s going to get cold , you have to get there at the right time!

  15. I hope I got it right! Haha. Let's see what the experts have to say about it :)) Thank you very much!

  16. I think leazes Park has some sort of protected/listed status - hopefully someone more in the know can jump in.

  17. There's something comforting and homely about a radgie from Wallsend going acka at the ticket inspectors on the Metro, imo

  18. There's a small village not too far from my hometown called Compton.

  19. Back when there were millions of starlings around the central station to shit on you in the evenings. It wasn’t worth it for the murmurations either.

  20. Totally off topic question but would you know how they managed to reduce their numbers?

  21. There's been a huge decline in the population of starlings since then, e.g. see this from the BBC in 2012:

  22. When I moved here in the early 90s, starlings would gather on top of Emerson Chambers (the Waterstone's building, it was Dillon's then iirc) and the murmurations around the Monument are one of the things that made me fall in love with Newcastle

  23. Any time I wake up during the night. Can't be arsed with standing up. Keep my eyes closed as much as I can to return to sleep quicker.

  24. My 4am pee is pretty much the only time I stand up, if I sat down I'd fall back to sleep on the loo

  25. Nice reference to the dolly zoom, it made me reflect that cinema is a more important visual influence on me than photography

  26. Live coverage of the SAS storming the Iranian embassy.

  27. Not sure this counts as most poignant, but it's definitely an iconic TV moment

  28. Depending how long you're staying, it may be cheaper to buy a season ticket for the Metro (they do a weekly version) or a Network One travel ticket if you also want to use buses

  29. I love that bridge photo. Very cool how the arc of the bridge is echoed in the building shapes you framed in the bridge. I wish the sky added more drama or that whatever smudges (rain?) on your lens were eliminated.

  30. Thanks for the feedback, I love this photo too, but I have the same criticisms.

  31. Yeah exactly. I mean I suppose an entire eclair shop might be overkill but kinda haha. There is a shop for bagels which is doing fine (at least until the manager didn't pay his employees scandal)

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