1. A caloric deficit is the only thing that will work.

  2. Are you an elite level weightlifter looking to go to world's/Olympics?

  3. You'll be grand then. Enjoy your holidays and don't worry about it

  4. Similar physique? Yes with that level of strength? No

  5. Google calorie deficit/ surplus. That is how you lose/ gain weight

  6. Delete when your finished or pay for more storage

  7. Thanks. I want to keep them and it’s the physical storage on my phone so can’t pay for more. Am asking what options people use when their phone storage is full in order to keep and see progress over time

  8. Google photos/ drive or onedrive or I cloud is your best shout then

  9. If it's anything like Hungary. As early as possible and that probably still won't be early enough

  10. It doesn't matter. Train hard. Eat your veggies and have some fun

  11. You just need to make sure you buy his special supplements too.

  12. Perfectly normal for so many healthy athletes around the world to be getting blood clots. I won't dare speculate what might be causing this.......

  13. In injury in her bicep like in the post. Or are you one of those people.....

  14. It honestly doesn't matter which program you do. Work hard, eat your veggies and have some fun.

  15. People love to say this, but different programs are catered to different goals. I mean between two different camps equivalent programming (say PRVN compete and mayhem competitor) there may not be a huge difference. But saying a program designed to be done in hour is the same as a program designed to take twice as long seems a bit short sighted.

  16. Unless your getting up to quarterfinals level it really doesn't matter.

  17. Maybe ask mods to add link to sidebar? That way you can save yourself time from reposting topic.

  18. Yeah and everyone else doesn't have to put up with them spamming it every day

  19. Still not seeing anyone from the top. Ohlsen posted his results this morning on IG as being negative. All the ones we’re seeing are those at the bottom trying to get in.

  20. Or the lads and ladies at the top are smarter and don't get caught.

  21. Mike Catris has posted a statement denying using (although also points out taking a cocktail of prescription drugs to help with an Achilles tear) - his post reeks of self sympathy which you could be forgiven for falling for.

  22. It is technically allowed however the one in the video looks a lot like two jerk attempts which is not allowed.

  23. Drop Eleiko an email. I'm sure they would be more than happy to help

  24. When I was there the roster changed 2/4 times a week because someone had handed in their notice

  25. Jesus.. Making me rethink going there again. Love the brioche there, but it ain't worth staff getting treated like that.

  26. When they're fresh the brioche are top notch 👌

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