1. Get the 3.4oz since you’re getting it for a great deal

  2. My console is up to date and it’s still showing 0 friends

  3. At least I still have my Activision friends

  4. Anybody having issues with their friends list not showing up???

  5. I chose Layton Exclusif as my complimentary. Which one would have you guys gone with?

  6. Maybe one more time before the holidays

  7. I’m playing perfectly fine on official servers

  8. I live in central Florida which target!?

  9. If you go on the target website and choose the pickup option it will tell you the availability at the targets near you. The one i went to said it had limited stock and sure enough they had it

  10. I bought the last one in Kissimmee, thanks again!

  11. I’m sure they will ship out sooner once they get an exact release date.

  12. Honestly, I would keep checking Reddit and Lego’s website everyday for any updates. That’s how I got lucky with the Target drop.

  13. Ask for a credit for the damaged box

  14. Where did you get the stands from?


  16. There not taking pre orders anymore

  17. I hope our AT-TE’s don’t arrive like this 🤞

  18. Worst case scenario I’ll return it back to Amazon if I find it sooner somewhere else.

  19. More than likely someone found that exact same tire spawned on a broken down car near by. Next time remove battery, spark plug, and radiator lol

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