1. Was she though? She was overlooked most of her teens as Viserys waited for his son. Then he randomly made her heir out of no where but did not spend time to actually train and guide her opting to focus more on marrying her childhood friend instead.

  2. In harrenhal no less, one of if not the largest castle in Westeros lol

  3. Coby White averaged 4.8 assists in 2020. 5 assists is ok, but i wouldn’t use the adjective “facilitator” for Dragic

  4. Doing it 1 year can be a fluke. Doing it for 14 years is a little different...

  5. My point is that averaging 5 assists does not make someone a “facilitator”, not saying 5 assists is terrible or anything. Lonzo, CP3, Rondo, Nash were facilitators. Dragic was always more of a scoring guard.

  6. I mean you listed 3 of the best point guards in our generation lol. Relative to what we are paying and as a backup PG, goran is a good enough facilitator. He was just never really used that way when he was on certain teams. He’s had seasons where he averaged 7+ assists a game. He can do it, just a matter of what we need him to do

  7. ngl, I’d love to see a strong Duncan comeback year

  8. I left a comment the other day that we have to be prepared that when he does eventually return, he may not be the same player he used to be and I got downvoted to hell. I still think we have to be prepared for that.

  9. I got downvoted to hell for saying im very concerned about signing him specifically due to his injury record lol

  10. he's gonna be our Pwlll of last year, not deemed out for the season but wont play for the season, so we won't get the (now) $10mil for a disabled player exception.

  11. Why can't we just write him off now so we can get the exception lol

  12. It’s a bit bitter sweet. I was quite against signing Lonzo specifically because of his injury issues. This injury is even worse than I can imagine since no one knows wtf is going on. He would’ve been so good if healthy.

  13. Does he know what it takes to shoot 18 times per game lmao? He better have really developed his scoring game over the past few months. For reference, Dirk shot 17 shots per game in his MVP season.

  14. Dirk likely went to the line a lot more though so his 17 shots are probably going to be different from Bam's 18 shots per game

  15. It should be considering the top end talent that England has/had.

  16. Competent? The Pelicans left him wide open and it paid off 5/6 games. His best contribution was selling a Flagrant 1 as a Flagrant 2.

  17. Bucks tried it when he was on the Heat and it killed them as well. Theres bound to be high variance with something like 3 point shooting.

  18. I respect it but we all know he cares about starting

  19. Any player would but this was the best possible answer from him

  20. It made me uncomfortable like they wouldn't have shown 15-year-old Rhaenyra's butt while she masturbates. I'm okay with male nudity, but this guy is playing a young teenager. I mean I get that the scene is supposed to make you uncomfortable, but my mind just went to how old is this actor and how old is this body double and why are we seeing a young character do this.

  21. Didn’t we get a full rhaenyra sex scene just 2 episodes ago…?

  22. I still believe in Lonzo for the two weeks a season he’s healthy.

  23. To be fair, when he's healthy...he is awesome and the exact type of player any team would want. It's just that he's injured all the time....the skill assessment is still accurate

  24. I've lost contact with my grandma whos staying at one of the airport hotels. Can anyone tell me whats the situation near the Charlottetown airport? I tried calling some of the hotels and none of the calls are getting through either and doesn't seem like wifi works there right now?

  25. A lot of infrastructure has been damaged or has been running on battery or backup power. Cell services have been very intermittent unfortunately

  26. A kind hearted local drove my grandma to the library so we got connected! East coasters truly are the friendliest folks around haha

  27. He’s a journeyman annoying hustle guy and that’s about it.

  28. We could use a few more hustle guys on this team that completely lacked toughness and grit last season

  29. Yes, journeyman hustle guy for top bench scorer while your starting PG could be out indefinitely… 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  30. Lonzo and Coby are significantly different players and Coby doesn't come CLOSE to replicating what Lonzo brings from a floor spacing standpoint and defence (especially defence). Coby is not a point guard, that much is clear. We've tried it and it doesn't work. We are also guard heavy and have guys including Ayo, Dragic and Caruso that can all take up minutes at point guard. Coby scored 12.7 points off the bench last season on 43% shooting...someone will and can replicate that. Dragic for example

  31. I agree with what you’re saying but just saying if we look around the league we will find other examples of inter-staff relations. Didn’t spolestra end up marrying one of the heat cheerleaders?

  32. True although for example if giannis were to do the same thing… I doubt he gets suspended for a season. So where is the line here?

  33. but there's still the location factor. Miami may be the 2nd best city for rich people in the country, possibly #1 because of florida's tax laws. That's a massive advantage that no other "small market" team has

  34. Big market denotes media markets and not so much location for players. It’s about business and not how attractive it is to players

  35. He’s one of the 8 youngest coaches ever. Will Hardy has never coached yet either.

  36. I think Ty Lue being an NBA player makes a huge difference when compared to Mazzulla. I'm more curious why didnt Brad Stevens assume the position himself...

  37. Niggas in this sub would have you believe otherwise overblowing the couple of concerns as if we fucked to lose lmaooo

  38. I mean anything that isn’t competing for a championship should be considered a loss for this team though…

  39. Bam and Lowry seem about right. I think Butler should be top 10 and Herro around 50

  40. Top 15 is fair for Jimmy. Trae and fucking KAT over Jimmy is criminal….

  41. At least one can argue harden might have had an off year but there is no argument for trae and KAT over jimmy

  42. In seven years KAT has had, four head coaches, six heads of basketball operations, and 68 teammates (I believe a majority of which are no longer in the NBA)

  43. I agree but hard to rank him as if he’s already there when as you mentioned this season is the year he proves it

  44. Click bait might be part of it but I do think Butler’s ranking makes sense from what seems to be the perspective of the article writers.

  45. Harden is 11th though…when he had a really disappointing season last year.

  46. Yeah still scratching my head on how this “final”move is the first move…

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