1. That’s what I’m currently using. It’s not bad. I also like the orange color

  2. Do you guys really sleep just on the switchback and nothing else?

  3. You gotten a wide variety of answers… personally I wouldn’t think you would need a different backpack - I wouldn’t purchase one before trying the current backpack with the hammock and quilts first. I use a 3/4 length UQ so it so quite a bit less bulk… but really do it to shave some ounces.

  4. What do you do for your legs with a 3/4 length underquilt?

  5. I use a 50L pack. It works great. Summer and winter. My 40deg 950fp and 0deg 850fp quilts fit fine. Winter definitely is bulkier. I wouldn't blame someone if they wanted a 60-65L pack for cold temps (below freezing and beyond). But if you're staying in the summer or shoulder seasons, 50 is fine. Like I said I use my 50 even for Winter

  6. I did a short one night backpacking trip (6 miles each day) in my adidas pulseboost running shoes and I developed a deep pain in my extensor tendon in my foot that lasted for a week or two afterwards. I think it may have been because they are the type of shoes that are tighter around the ankles because I have never had an issue with that before. Something to remember.

  7. Oops - misread as XLC. If OP is say 5’10+ and is in a 10’ hammock should certainly try 11’. But without more info it is just as likely to be technique

  8. I am 6'3 225 pounds. The blackbird I have is my dads and I think it is the original blackbird, not the XLC. That may be the issue as to why I have not slept great in it.

  9. Lame dude. Just read the thing and come back w questions. You just keep asking the equivalent of “name the brand you bought” (for tarp, quilt, hammock…).

  10. Omg I’m so sorry daddy I’ll try harder for you next time😩

  11. I’ve had my A300 since 2013 and I’ve never had any issues. It’s a tank. That is also an issue however. Didn’t realize how big and heavy it was until I got older and held other 12 gauges

  12. Realize that the eno hammocks are very short hammocks and the quilts matched up to them so you will have to make adjustments to get them to fit correctly on regular-sized hammocks. Most likely that's why they noted it as customers having issues with fitting anything else properly.

  13. Thanks for the info! I was checking out your website and it looks like the jarbidge UQ doesn’t synch tight on the ends so wouldn’t wind just go right under your back?

  14. I have not had Eno but stay away from Wise owl under quilt. They are not rated well temperature wise nor wide enough for asymmetrical lay.

  15. “I will be locked in eye contact with my son as he plows my cyber-soil”

  16. “Three people died they’re saying it’s my fault it’s total crap anyway…”

  17. Nah, find a new hobby other than burning wood. It’s too dry and too easy for even well intentioned fires to go out of control.

  18. If you know what you're doing its not hard to control a small campfire. Don't discourage campfires, encourage learning how to care for fires.

  19. Haven’t tested it out yet but I made a DIY top quilt out of a Walmart “Kijaro” down camp blanket. I figured it would work down to the fifties.

  20. Checkout the lakes off of bowman lake road. There isn’t a ton of elevation gain and there are a ton of lakes to go to in the area (Lindsey lakes, Carr lake, Penner lake, etc). You also don’t need a permit to backpack there which is super nice.

  21. Go check out the Merrell Hydro Mocs. I have a pair I use for around camp but they are also meant to be water shoes and are extremely lightweight. Kinda an upgrade from crocs I guess.

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