To protect the children, let’s make churches adults-only venues

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  1. I wouldn't move somewhere just because cannabis was legal or illegal there. Regarding California,

  2. Another post of yours asserts "Asst Prof, Psychology, SLAC". Rules in the right column assert, "Conduct Do not personally attack other users. Please just keep it civil."

  3. Trying to assess the mental acuity of a user and see if they simply are not well developed enough to understand the basics of the legal system is not a personal attack; it’s kindness. You teach things differently to a twelve year old.

  4. You have nothing of value to teach me. Please resign from your moderator roles.

  5. Yes, religion should be adults only, but I doubt Gov. Sanders would agree.

  6. It's nice to see someone in office say it outloud.

  7. I read news headlines everyday, probably like most folks. This is the first I've read of these shootings in Georgia.

  8. Lets just call it Florida 451 in honor of Ray Bradbury

  9. Calling Diamond Ranch Academy a "boarding school" is like calling Juvenile Hall the Ritz Carlton.

  10. Has that ever really been the case in the United States? For ALL people? I think we in America like to say these high-minded ideals but we never actually behave according to those ideals. And I say this as an immigrant who was attracted to this country but such sayings as the one above.

  11. In the narrow case of unanimous juries I believe it does. The saying itself is not of U.S. origin, but rather of England.

  12. This seems to be a bipartisan issue. Maybe there's just too much paperwork in the Executive Branch.

  13. I guess it sucks to be an average Russian citizen right now.

  14. Where do you live where this isn’t the case? I can currently walk into any pharmacy that offers a flu shot and get a COVID shot too. You used to have to just make an online appt to secure a spot when the vaccines just came out. But that hasn’t been the case in a year or more.

  15. California. Perhaps I need to check again.

  16. Ban children from religious schools due to their parents sexuality, even though religious institutions would withhold sexuality information from kids? Seems like religious hypocrisy.

  17. Man I went to Costco and two dozen orgranic brown eggs were still about 7.80.

  18. 24 pack was $8.39 back in early December. According to last Friday's USDA Egg Markets Overview, national egg prices have declined by about a fifth from their recent peak.

  19. Imagine a world where only the poor pay taxes. The GOP, working to make that dream a reality.

  20. You….realize they got over a months back pay plus bonuses and an extra week or two for every year worked. That’s two weeks notice on steroids and pcp.

  21. I'm an advocate of honesty, not cultural lies. There's nothing in this article about severance or bonus. I just read it a second time. Can you please provide a quote from this article backing up your assertion? It's certainly possible I missed it.

  22. Oh I was way off base they got triple what I thought lol

  23. It's not from this article. You're fired! LOL.

  24. Does the U.S. flag now represent "one nation under god" as the pledge of allegiance claims?

  25. I think you mean the fundamentalist statehouse of Indiana.

  26. Christians have been fighting with each other for a long time.

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